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A Staycation at the Montague on the Gardens, London

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A Staycation at the Montague on the Gardens, London

Posted on 28 August 2014 by Chris Ford

Despite the name of this blog, it’s not often that we get the chance to partake of activities that a gentleman might traditionally enjoy.


So when I was offered the opportunity to spend a staycation in London at the fancy-sounding Montague on the Gardens hotel, I was rather excited.

I had heard of The Montague before in cigar circles (yes, there is such a thing). Complete with its own cigar terrace, it’s known as a cigar-friendly venue, so I swiftly packed my travel humidor with some fine Habanos and was on my way.

We were off to a great start when the friendly receptionist explained that I’d been upgraded to a Deluxe King room. As someone more used to being on a Travel Lodge budget, needless to say I was impressed. The room (well two rooms really) was decorated in a fun yet high-end way something in between traditional and modern. The first room featured a shower room, desk along with sofa and TV area going through to the next room was the bed and a second bathroom.


Another classy touch was a box of posh biscuits and a handwritten card from the manager, hoping we had a great stay. We intended to do just that.

Bt-GfQ0CYAA6I9O.jpg large

First up was afternoon tea, which was held in the hotel’s conservatory. I’d never been before, though my companion had been to The Ritz for afternoon tea and was keen to see how Montague would compare.

We started by choosing which tea, but not from a menu, Instead our server brought us a chest of teas to smell as she talked us through the different varieties. Once we’d sniffed out our selection, the food arrived…

Bt-GfTFCAAAotSU.jpg large

Finger sandwiches, scones and colourful cakes stacked high on a cake stand, it looked great. We stopped to admire it, but just for a moment. This food wasn’t going to eat itself. We found everything to be delicious, with special mention going to the smoked salmon sandwiches (we had seconds… then thirds!), the warm scones and the mini fruit tarts.

Afternoon tea at Montague is a relaxed affair. You can linger for as long as you want to (unlike The Ritz) and it’s good value for money too at £25.00 per head but still top quality. I think it’s safe to say that my first afternoon tea won’t be my last.

After tea, we didn’t know if we’d ever have room to eat again. But after luxuriating in our swanky room for a while, we finally felt ready to venture out for dinner. Montague on the Gardens is in Bloomsbury so there’s tons of choices, but we ended up at Steak and Lobster, Bloomsbury Street.


We didn’t need to ponder the menu for long. As you’d expect from the name, you can either choose steak, or lobster. We went for one of each and both came with unlimited fries! I have eaten steak in many places both premium and budget, to be honest I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. But honestly, it was the best steak I’ve had in a long time, perfectly cooked and packed with flavour. My companion said the lobster was equally as impressive.


Back at the hotel, I was ready for my cigar. But in the summer months, the terrace is used as a restaurant, so was out of bounds for smoking until 10pm. Still, it was hard to be disappointed for long. The top-notch staff at the Montague couldn’t do enough for us, and opened up a beautiful terrace where we could sit and enjoy a drink and a smoke before bedtime (in the unbelievably comfy kingsize). Zzz.


Before check out in the morning, we had breakfast in the hotel (more food!). It was steep at almost £20 per person, but was as top quality as you’d expect of a hotel of this calibre, and there was lots of choice.

Then, our staycation was over and it was time to go home. Getting the tube home, I was back to being a pleb. But I’ll have to look into this gentleman lark more often. I found out how the other half live and now I think I’ve got a taste for it.


This trip was sponsored by Cars are the Stars, our trips theme was Herbie the Love bug ( hence the romantic hotel and dinner) for more info or if you just fancy one of those Meerkats! head over here


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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork with Flava It

Posted on 20 August 2014 by Chris Ford

Recently new meat seasoning brand Flava It contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their seasonings and post the results, as one not to turn down the chance to eat some meat I of course said yes!


Flava it sent me an assortment of their seasonings but suggested I make their ‘Barbecue shredded beef bun’ which I was all for doing but couldnt no matter where I looked find the required Beef Brisket, everywhere I went was sold out ( the butchers blamed Jamie Oliver but I don’t think its his fault!) so I thought I would go and do my own thing and bought some pork shoulder to make some pulled pork.


If you have a slow Cooker pulled pork is dead simple, heres how I did mine :

1. Open one packet of Flava It Louisiana BBQ seasoning and rub the spice mixture all over the pork.

2. roughly chop an Onion and place at bottom of the slow cooker

3. dissolve one (or two if a large pork shoulder) into hot water and pour into slow cooker.

4. Place pork in slow cooker and cooker on slow for 10 hours.



and well that’s it, dead simple, once the pork is out the fat will just slide off and you can transfer the meat into a bowl to shread with two forks and serve. The Flav It seasoning added a lovely spice to the meat whist not over powering it at all. I plan to experiment further with the Flava it range next time maybe with some chicken.

If you fancy trying some of the Flava It seasoning you can currently head over to and pick up a free sample to give this a go yourself.


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The Rise of TV Themed Stags Dos

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The Rise of TV Themed Stags Dos

Posted on 18 August 2014 by Chris Ford

Forget awkward lamppost encounters and terrible decisions with electric razors, the modern man’s stag do is now far more likely to imitate his favourite TV show. Whether it’s an action-packed weekend paying homage to Jack Bauer or spending a night in a zombie infested bunker á la Rick Grimes, there is a growing trend for TV themed weekends. Here’s our favourite rundown of TV inspired weekend ideas:

Zombie Bootcamp (Walking Dead) 2
The Walking Dead
With series five starting in October, there’s a palpable Walking Dead fever in the air. Horror activities have enjoyed a massive boom this decade, with ‘Zombie Actor’ now a recognised profession that’s in surprisingly high demand. There are zombie races, where terrifying looking actors chase you through fields at night; zombie battles are a regular occurrence in Greenwich and entrepreneurs have overtaken abandoned warehouses and malls to create completely immersive horror activities. Zombie Boot Camp gives a full background and plot to people who take part, with convincing spoof news dating back to 2010 about virus outbreaks and Government call to arms. The experience even includes an overnight stay in military accommodation! To keep even the alcohol consumption zombie themed, there’s a genuine ‘Walker’ beer available from Dock Street Brewery that’s made with smoked goats’ brains.

Ice Bar London (Game of Thrones)

Game of Thrones
If the ‘Bedding’ wedding ritual is anything to go by, we dread to think of the hijinks involved in a Game of Thrones stag do ceremony, especially if Tyrion Lannister and Littlefinger were involved (and you know they would be). However in real life, Game of Thrones inspired stag activities include escapades beyond the wall with tours of the Icelandic film set locations. You can recreate the atmosphere in London though with a trip to the London Ice Bar or imagine yourself scaling the wall like Jon Snow himself with an abseiling adventure in Edinburgh or the Brecon Beacons.

Playboy Weekend (Geordie Shore)

Geordie Shore
Love or hate the reality show, the antics of the Geordie Shore cast have played no small part in the rejuvenation of tourism in Newcastle. Newcastle is now deemed to be one of the most popular UK cities for a stag break thanks to the program showcasing the free-spirited and unpretentious Geordie nightlife. You can easily experience a night out that would make Gaz and the rest of the Buck Squad proud with ready-made city break bundles like the Big Geordie Shore Playboy Weekend, which includes two nights’ accommodation, a party bus, brewery tour, nude life drawing class and a night out with Newcastle’s finest Bunny Girls!

Shooting Days (24)

24: Live Another Day
Time to get serious; Jack Bauer has no time for Bunny Girls. The latest instalment of 24, Live Another Day, was set in London and included action of epic proportions (Wembley Stadium was destroyed with hijacked missiles and Bauer had no less than 39 on-screen kills throughout the series!) There are plenty of ways to recreate some of the heart-racing stunts on a 24 themed weekend in London, from leaping tall buildings with a Free Running session to speeding down the Thames on an RIB boat tour. If you want to get as trigger happy as Jack does, head over to Riga, Krakow or Tallin for a whole number of high octane experiences, from handgun and AK47 shooting packages through to SWAT training and tandem parachute jumps, (all available through Maximise).

Las Vegas Pool Party (Entourage)

Get your bromance on with an Entourage themed break in Los Angeles. For guys looking to tread the same steps as Vincent Chase, a trip to LA is hard to beat – you can visit the Paramount and Warner Bros. studios, parade down Santa Monica beach and party at the Crazy Girls Stripclub where the guys went to make Drama feel better in season one. You can even eat at the same restaurants as the Entourage men with the Entourage Restaurant Map which pinpoints every LA venue used in the show, from Harold & Belle’s on W. Jefferson Blvd where Turtle and Jamie-Lynn get Jambalaya, to the Village Pizzeria in Beverley Hills where Eric gets messed about by Seth Green. For some real Entourage glamour, head over to Las Vegas where stag groups can easily book in a helicopter tour before getting VIP entry to the clubs and cooling down at exclusive pool parties.

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Interview – Crime Expert Tom Prior

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Interview – Crime Expert Tom Prior

Posted on 14 August 2014 by Chris Ford


Boardwalk Empire’s forth season is out on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday, throughout the previous seasons, Al Capone has been one of the key characters, but in season 4 he steals the show which is why I thought Id have a chat with Tom Prior,who is an expert on high profile American Gangsters, with Al Capone being his forte.

Tom Prior

How historically accurate would you say Boardwalk Empire is with its portrayal of people like Al Capone?

Like most Hollywood productions there is always some artistic licence taken but Boardwalk , particularly season 4, has kept close to the facts when portraying Capone in his rise to power beginning with the killing of Dean O’Banion. Meyer Lansky and Luciano are also well portrayed as the scene is being set for future series when all the gangsters come together to form an organisation called the Seven Group.

What do you think of the choice of Stephen Graham playing Capone?

I may be a little bit biased here but fellow Scouser Stephen Graham does a very good job in playing Capone. He has the same build as Al; the round pudgy face and same height. He capture’s Capone’s intelligence and temper(which may have been down to the first symptoms of paresis beginning to surface) and his accent can’t be faulted.

He reminds me much of Rod Steiger who played the Big Fellow in the 1959 picture entitled Al Capone. Steiger too gave Al many layers of character that looking at it now sometimes captures a future Tony Soprano.

Robert DeNiro (The Untouchables) took his portrayal over the top and both Jason Robards(The St Valentine’s Day Massacre,1967) and Ben Gazzara (Capone, 1975) although both quite good, lacked Capone’s Italian ancestry and likeness.

Capone tried to paint himself as a bit of a Robin Hood figure, opening soup kitchens for the poor etc, do you think think that was a genuine desire to help the less fortunate or a early form on PR on his part?

Most definitely an early form of PR. One of Capone’s early biographers subtitled his book ‘the biography of a self made man’. Capone was the first gangster to court publicity and use it to his advantage.

New York gangster Dutch Shultz used the same tactic some years later when facing trial for tax evasion . He had his trial moved to an upstate farming town were Shultz turned local benefactor and the rural jury returned a not guilty verdict.

Being an expert on American Gangsters who would you say was the most ruthless of them all?

Capone must be a contender for the most ruthless gangster. He gave his enemies a very low life expectancy but to me it is actually a Sicilian mobster Salvatore “The Beast” Riina who was so ruthless that not only women and children were his victims but judges, police and politicians were too . He waged war on the entire Italian state – and nearly won.

Do you believe the mafia or similar organisations as they were portrayed in programs like The Sopranos still function today?

The American Mafia were pretty much decimated by the FBI during the eighties but after 9/11 the attention was turned to anti-terrorism leaving a void that has allowed, not only the Mafia to re-emerge but also the Colombian and Mexican cartels expand their networks.

In the UK I would guess our most famous gangster were The Kray Twins they are somewhat seen as Robin Hood figures by some much like Al Capone was, why do you think people admire criminals?

I think most of us admire their power and prestige and are fascinated by their lives while being equally appalled at the crimes they commit. Perhaps it is best summed up by Tony Montana
(Scarface,1983). “…you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money you get the power. Then when you get the power you get the women.”

Whats your favourite gangster movie? And why?

There are some great contenders for the best gangster movie. Joe Peci in GoodFellas stole the show with his portrayal of psychotic mobster Tommy DeVito. The scene were Henry Hill takes his wife through the back entrance of the Copacabana nightclub to the top tables were the power and prestige of the wiseguys is displayed for all to see was stunning.
But in the vastly underrated Donnie Brasco(1997) we see the real lives of the wiseguys lounging around doing nothing and hoping that some easy money will come their way. Al Pacino can be seen stealing dimes from a parking meter that shows the reality of the gangster life.

But it is The Godfather(1972) that wins it for me. I can still remember going to see it in the cinema and the whole audience practically jumped when a nurse bursts in as Michael Corleone tries to move his father from assassins coming to kill him in the hospital.
I recently watched it again on C4 and the lighting and cinematography coupled with the acting and storyline make it the greatest of them all.

A bit about Tom Prior…

Tom Prior has been a contributor for Britain’s True Detective, Master Detective and True Crime magazines for over 25 years, specialising in American organised crime and Depression era gangsters.

He has written articles on many high profile gangsters such as Al Capone, John Gotti, Bonnie and Clyde, and John Dillinger, and is currently working on an article about Capone’s life in Alcatraz and how the gang boss suffered from the mental and physical ravages of advanced syphilis that caused his early death at 48.

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Meantime Brewing Company Creates Pop-Up Bar

Posted on 13 August 2014 by Chris Ford

London craft brewer Meantime Brewing Company, has launched a brand new pop-up concept, located on Greenwich Peninsula Square right by the O2.


The two-storey ‘BeerBox’ has been constructed from customised shipping containers. The bar will serve Meantime’s core range of beers, as well as the most recent limited editions and seasonal brews( when I was there last week they had the Short List Fools Gold on tap). In addition, the BeerBox will also be home to the exclusive Peninsula Pale Ale which will be dispensed using the company’s state of the art Brewery Fresh tank beer concept.

The BeerBox will be open all year round and with an open top roof terrace above bar level, it’s the perfect place for chilling in the sunshine.


The BeerBox opened on last week with a energetic performance from US rockers We Are Scientists, a band I had actually forgot about but now after their excellent performance I dug out my old CD of ‘With Love and Squalor’ and I highly recommend you give them a go.


Im not sure how Beer Box will fare in the colder month but while the weathers still nice its a great spot to catch a pre gig beer at the O2 in the sun.

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Posted on 11 August 2014 by Chris Ford


I have personally been waiting for this set for years, The Sopranos a iconic groundbreaking show that tackled everything from cheating, armed robbery to depression I love this show and its fantastic new that the series is finally being given the full HD Blu Ray treatment it deserves.

The Sopranos: The Complete Series Blu-ray is also loaded with more than 5 hours of bonus material including a new and exclusive feature exploring how The Sopranos came to be and how it transformed the television landscape. “Defining a Television Landmark”, which runs approximately 45 minutes, features all-new interviews with the cast and crew – including series creator David Chase, the late James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano), Academy Award® winning director Steven Soderbergh, Emmy® Award winner Jeff Daniels and Golden Globe winner Steve Buscemi — discussing the impact and influence of the groundbreaking series, with brand new archival footage. Additional bonus material includes lost scenes, two round table dinners with cast and crew, 25 audio commentaries and much more as seen on the DVD collection.

So far this is what we know about what the boxset will contain :



Release Date: 8th September 2014

Credit: HBO Home Entertainment

Certificate: 15

Genre: Crime drama series

Price: £129.99

No. of Discs 28 (86 episodes)

SPECIAL FEATURES (All TBC at present):


• New Content: Defining A Television Landmark (45:29)

• Supper with The Sopranos Part I (36:50)

• Supper with The Sopranos Part II (38:02)

• Lost Scenes (12 in total)

• Alec Baldwin Interviews David Chase: “Cut to the Chase” (21:13)

• Alec Baldwin Interviews David Chase: “Anatomy of the Mob” (22:02)

• Returning Content: 77 minute interview with David Chase

All I can say is wow roll on the 8th September when this is released Ive preordered mine allready get over to Amazon and do the same here.


Stickerbomb Skulls – Book Review

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Stickerbomb Skulls – Book Review

Posted on 06 August 2014 by Chris Ford

Stickerbomb Skulls_3D

Stickerbomb Skulls is the latest book in the Stickerbomb series, featuring peelable art illustrations of skulls by a mix of international artists. Skulls are a highly stylised and extremely popular visual icon that are used extensively in the worlds of fashion, jewellery, graphic design, music, street art and tattoos.

Stickerbomb Skulls_Spread_1

When I was asked to review this book I couldn’t believe my luck. I collect skulls and love street art, so reviewing a book about skull stickers done by some great artists was a gift

Stickerbomb Skulls_Spread_2

From the cover to the stickers, this book oozes quality. Top quality production and materials make this a sure fire collectors item. The stickers can be removed from the sheets , or actually pushed out keeping the back intact enabling you to take them with you to tag or bomb

Stickerbomb Skulls_Spread_3

Some of the images are pure works of art ,some comedic others quite serious studies. Skulls are used in modern culture extensively today so this book will appeal to not only skull and sticker collectors , but to followers of design , especially those interested in street and contemporary art

Stickerbomb Skulls_Spread_6

With sticker collecting being at a high , this book can really do no wrong

From it’s perfect size and format , to it’s high quality production , I implore anyone interested in this culture to buy this book

Stickerbomb Skulls is available now from Amazon currently at £11.16

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Man Clubs – Cornerstone Shaving

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Man Clubs – Cornerstone Shaving

Posted on 05 August 2014 by Chris Ford

In our second in a series looking at monthly clubs with a male focus we take a look at grooming clubs, specifically shaving.


This to me is a no brainer,how often do you find you have run out of shaving gel or your blade is blunt? happens to me all the time!

Cornerstone offer a shaving club which you can completely customized to suit your shaving habits (as we are all a bit different)

First of all they ask you the frequency of your shaving, Daily, Now and then, or Not Often.


You then get to select what you would like included in each package,razors, Pre Shave Face Scrub a shaving gel and a post shave balm.


Your first package will include a razor handle , the blades were created especially for Cornerstone by one of the world’s leading razor manufacturers and feature 5 blades with an aloe vera strip. The Cornerstone razor blades feature a ‘gothic arch’ – the product of a unique method of precision grinding that makes them sharper for longer.


Ive been using the Cornerstone products for just over a month now and there is certainly a big improvement in my shave, the finish is a lot smoother and the shave scrub smells lovely!

for more information head over to

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Director Adam Wimpenny – Interview

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Director Adam Wimpenny – Interview

Posted on 04 August 2014 by Chris Ford


This week sees the release of ‘Blackwood’ a classic English ghost story with a bit of an update. With a very strong cast including Russell Tovey Ed Stoppard and Paul Kaye Blackwood prooves to be a very enjoyable take on the Ghost Story including much that wasnt expected.

Last week I caught up with Blackwood director Adam Wimpenny and asked him a few questions about Blackwood:


If you had to summarize the film in one line what would it be?

Blackwood is a modern take on the classic English ghost story, with a twist.

What drew you to make Blackwood as your first feature film ?

I always wanted to make a ghost story, as a kid I grew up in a big, old, drafty farm-house on the Yorkshire moors so I think it always got my over-active imagination thinking there were things living in the attic. I’m a huge fan of suspense and tension movies and they’re a lot of fun to direct, so Blackwood seemed like a perfect first film.

How did the script translate to film? Were there difficult aspects to capture?

There were certainly a number of ambitious aspect to the script. Joe the writer had put into the script a a number of scenes that required some dangerous stunts and special effects including huge storm scene. As a director you get excited by these things on the page but on the day of shooting you wonder how on earth you’re going to pull these things off, especially when you’re working to a tight budget. I remember standing around in a freezing cold forrest with all these poor actors being dowsed in ice cold water for hours on end. I had to make a lot of apologies at the end of that filming day!

Blackwood has a very talented cast, you have worked with Russel Tovey and Paul Kaye before, were they obvious choices to you?

I’d directed Paul in a TV comedy series called Strutter and I’d made a short film with Russell called ROAR. Both of them had been fantastic to work with and I was really keen to get them involved with Blackwood. In the script the antagonists are Jack and Patrick, a local groundsman and a priest, and I thought they’d make a great double act together. I was really drawn to the idea of counter casting two actors known mostly for their comedy as these dark, sinister characters and they really deliver.

The strongest part of the film for me is the final 30mins, things unravel, they aren’t as they seemed, was that part of the story difficult to tell without giving things away in the lead up to it?

We really wanted to make a film that rewarded a repeat viewing. All the films on my DVD shelf are movies that have intricate twisty-turny plotting. There’s something satisfying about playing with the audiences perception and point of view in a movie, and as long as you don’t cheat and play by the rules then I think the audience enjoys being led down the garden path by film makers. However, trying to make sure the story is water tight and everything stacks up always involves a lot of head scratching and when you’re shooting the film all out of sequence as you frequently do in film making, it can become a real headache!

Was it difficult to get a film like Blackwood a cinema release especially in the summer up against lots of US blockbusters ?

Releasing a film is never easy, there’s a lot of films out there and it’s difficult to get heard above the noise of the big ten pole block busters. However, people who have seen the film have been very supportive and some of the major cinema chains have taken us under wing. We’ve resorted to using some novel marketing strategies too. Joe the writer is one of the worlds leading street artists and he created a huge piece of glowing 3D street art that was photographed in Canary Wharf last week to promote the film. The piece has gone viral and captured peoples imaginations so you have to do some left field thinking to get the people
talking about it.

Would you say the British film industry is in a good place at the moment?

I certainly think there’s a great deal of talent here and there are many opportunities for film makers although I wish there was more UK money available to support new emerging UK talent. A great number of Hollywood projects are coming to the UK to use our studios, cast and crew so we’re doing something right but I’d love to see us making more ambitious genre movies that can appeal to an international audience whilst retaining our British sensibilities.

You have previously worked on a lot of TV, The Real Hustle stands out for me as a bit of a classic and I imagine was a lot of fun to work on, did things ever go wrong? Were the ‘Hustlers’ rumbled much?

That was a great show to work on. Every day was a rush as it was always touch-and-go as to whether we’d get busted. Quite often I’d spend half a day setting up a location with hidden cameras and rehearsing with Alex, Paul and Jess but when it came to pulling off the scam all I could do was go hide in my covert van, sit back and watch things unfold. It felt like being in some MI6 sting operation. Amazingly I can’t remember one time we got busted which goes to show how easily people can be seduced with a smile and a bit of charm. The biggest problem became other people recognising us during a sting. Often you’d here some kids yelling ‘Oi! Real hustle!!’ which didn’t help. The guys started waring comedy moustaches for a few weeks but they looked so silly they didn’t last.

Whats next for you, any more films in the pipeline?

Working with the same team again I’m in the process of setting up our next film. It’s a conspiracy thriller and we’re talking about shooting it in Singapore. It’s a great script with lots of atmosphere and suspense again so if it goes the distance it’ll be a fantastic project to direct.

Thank you for your time and good luck with Blackwood

Blackwood is out in cinemas now and I highly recommended you check it out.

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Posted on 04 August 2014 by Chris Ford

Well nearly free, you will have to work for them slightly, but if you live in London and like Burritos then please read on…


Chipotle Mexican Grill, with six restaurants across London, is giving away 14,000 free burritos over seven days starting 5 August, a daily 24- hour website will be revealed via Chipotle’s UK social media. The first 2,000 people to visit the 24-hour website and provide their email address will be able to download a unique voucher onto their phone – or print it off – to claim one of the delicious burritos, absolutely free, at any Chipotle restaurant in London, valid for 14 days from issue date.


Once 2,000 burritos have been claimed on a single day, Londoners will have to wait until the next day when a new 24-hour website is revealed and 2,000 more burritos are up for grabs.

The 24-hour websites will appear each day between 5-11 August via Chipotle UK’s social media channels: Twitter (@ChipotleUK), Facebook (Facebook/ChipotleUK) and Instagram (ChipotleUK). Participants can also follow #BurritoWatch for more information and to find the daily 24-hour websites.


To make it more ‘fun’ they say each 24-hour website URL will be presented in a ‘speed reading’ format – where individual words making up the website will flash up momentarily.

So go get those Burritos men! , and ya know share the love if you figure out the URL we like Burritos here in the GGs office too you know…



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