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How to Become a Modern Gentleman: Some Tips from James Bond

Posted on 31 May 2016 by Chris Ford


Bond, James Bond 5” (CC BY 2.0) by  Peter Jackson’s SL – Raw and fresh 

Don’t wear this, make sure you say that and this person is a flavour of the month: knowing how to cut it as a modern man is never easy. Like the time and tides, fashion is ever changing so it’s often handy to look towards a rock, a statue of style that doesn’t blow with the winds of change in order to learn how to become the epitome of modernity.

Although we could point to dozens of popular figures, few that have their games as on point as James Bond. While he might be a fictional creation, Bond was, is and always will be the perfect mixture of style, class and danger to be the perfect role model for all modern men.

Whether it’s the rugged Daniel Craig or the suave Sean Connery, every incarnation of 007 has something to offer. So, with that in mind, we’ve picked out some of Bond’s best features in order to create a blueprint for becoming the perfect modern gentleman.

Always Wear a Suit


Minimalist poster” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  bionicteaching 

If there’s one thing Bond does well it’s wear a suit. Daniel Craig has rocked an array of Armani suits during his stint as Bond, Sean Connery was a master of the tuxedo as was Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby was always a little different.

Essentially, to be a modern gentleman you need to dress like one and that means investing in a decent suit. Jany Temime, the costume designer for the latest Bond movies, advocates the single breasted suit with a classic cut.

While many of us can’t afford the same sort of luxury tailoring that Bond enjoys, you can always work with what you’ve got. Having a single breasted suit gives you the ability to dress it up or down and doesn’t look “shabby” when opened.

If you can get it tailored, then it will also offer style and comfort according to Temime. So whatever you can afford, make sure it’s single breasted and, if possible, have it tailored to suit your shape.

Don’t be Afraid to Gamble


Roulette” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  ChodHound 

Aside from fighting crime and seducing women, Bond loves nothing more than a night in a casino. Whether he’s playing poker or one of his favourites, roulette, Bond enjoys taking on the odds and putting his chips where his mouth is.

While you don’t have to become a professional gambler to be like Bond, you should try out some games in order to adopt a “gambling” mindset which, in simple terms, is a mindset that breeds ultimate confidence. Being risk averse in life will hold you back, so playing games such as roulette will allow you to break those shackles and take more chances.

Visiting the high roller suites like Bond is beyond most people’s bankrolls, so the perfect way to test the waters is to go online. Today, you can visit a platform like Smart Live Casino and actually compete against real dealers through a combination of webcams and specially designed tables.

Whether it’s Auto Roulette, Japanese Roulette or Live Roulette, you can ante-up from as little as £0.10, chat to real croupiers and enjoy the same rush that Bond enjoys. Spinning through a few rounds of roulette will help you liberate your mind and assume the same mindset that fuels Bond’s confidence in all situations.

Treat Women with Respect

Beyond wearing a smart suit and building up your confidence, the final tip for becoming a modern gentleman like James Bond is to always treat women with respect.

Although he might have his fair share of female companions, he never once utters a bad word either to or in the presence of women. Perhaps the most obvious example of this respect for women can be seen when Bond (Craig) interacts with M (Dame Judi Dench).

In one of the final scenes from Skyfall (see video above) we see M take her final breath as Bond gently cradles her in his arms before weeping into her shoulder. This touching moment was the end of an intimate relationship between the two characters and showed the amount of feelings Bond had towards M.

Although their relationship was often fractious, M was the only character who could really put 007 in his place and that came from his respect for her as an authoritative figure, but also as a person. So, if you want to be a modern gentleman, always make sure that your manners are as sharp as the suit you’re wearing.

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How to Become a Business Success: Three Lessons from the Best

How to Become a Business Success: Three Lessons from the Best

Posted on 31 May 2016 by Chris Ford


Business” (CC BY 2.0) by  christophe.benoit74 

The business world is a tough place to thrive at the best of times, but in the current climate, with economies around the world still struggling, it’s even harder to make it.

Of course, if starting your own business and making money was easy then everyone would be doing it. However, if you follow a few simple principles, you should be able to turn an idea into an income.

Everyone has their own ideas on what it takes to be a success in business, so it can be hard to know who to listen to when people start offering their advice. Here at Gentlemen’s Goods, we like to listen to the experts, which is why we’ve taken ideas from three of the world’s top businessmen.

Aside from having billions in the bank, these entrepreneurs embody three important characteristics you need to possess if you want to run a successful enterprise.

Mike Ashley’s Got Some Gamble


Glücksspiel” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  maltehempel_de 

The billionaire owner of Newcastle United, Mike Ashley, made the bulk of his £2 billion+ fortune through the cut-price sports apparel store Sports Direct and has been described as Britain’s answer to Howard Hughes.

Despite a reluctance to appear in the spotlight, Ashley isn’t afraid to take a risk. In fact, when he’s not in the boardroom, he can often be found at a roulette table. One of Ashley’s favourite hobbies is playing roulette and, according to online casino and bingo operator bgo, he’s a big winner.

As detailed in the official bgo betting blog, Ashley banked £1.3 million in a single session back in 2008. Taking on the odds inside London’s exclusive Fifty Casino, Ashley reportedly placed a single bet, scooped a seven-figure win and left. This combination of fearlessness and discipline not only makes Ashley a successful gambler, but a successful businessman.

Indeed, knowing when to take a risk and when to steady the ship is hugely important in business. Ashley started his first shop in 1982 with a £10,000 loan from his parents. Had he not been willing to take a gamble with this initial investment, he’d have never expanded his business to the 400 stores he now has across the UK.  


Teddy Sagi Had the Foresight


Binoculars” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  iantmcfarland 


Another skill every modern entrepreneur needs to master is the Internet. Like it or not, almost every successful businessperson’s empire now has a presence in the virtual sphere.

However, this also presents a problem in that you need to be radically different or extremely early to the party if you want to succeed. Teddy Sagi, an Israeli businessman, is the embodiment of both these ideals.

Back in 1999, when online betting technology was in its infancy, Sagi founded Playtech. Set up to create igaming software that would eventually power hundreds of online sites, Playtech successfully cashed-in on the world’s love of betting, becoming a £550 million+ company.

In fact, when you trawl through the wave of online casinos currently in operation, Sagi’s influence is evident everywhere. Whether you’re looking to play the Fantastic Four slot game on Titanbet Casino or Gladiator on Gala Casino, Playtech’s software is renowned in the industry and that’s thanks, in part, to Sagi’s vision.

Sensing an opportunity and, more importantly, seizing that opportunity is crucial in business. Sagi could see that a revolution was brewing in the igaming industry back in 1999 and he jumped on it. If you want to do the same, you need to monitor current trends, assess what the younger generation enjoys and then find a way to tap into that market.

Steve Jobs Knew it All


Steve Jobs” (CC BY 2.0) by  Marthinshl 

His personality might have been slightly divisive at times, but there is one strategy Steve Jobs used to his advantage when he first founded Apple. Instead of relying on the opinions of ‘experts’ and conducting market research, Jobs preferred to listen to his own intuition.

In 1985, Jobs told Playboy that he built the Mac for himself and that “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” This is a controversial strategy, but it’s one that will make you a market leader if it works. Jobs knew he was on to something with Apple and, by not letting anyone divert him from his vision, he managed to create one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

If you want to succeed in business then you need to have the same confidence and conviction in your idea or product as Jobs had. Don’t let people put you off and don’t ever give up.

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Posted on 31 May 2016 by Chris Ford

The Moretti Gran Tour – the festival celebrating authentic Italian cuisine and culture is returning to the capital this summer, except this year it’s bigger and better. Visitors to the pop-up in Brick Lane, East London will as always be invited to experience a culinary tour of Italy’s regions, with ten street food vendors serving traditional Italian delights from midday until late.


New additions to the food festival include a fresh Italian food market stocked with regional produce and a personalised dining experience where you’ll learn the intricacies of Italian cooking as dishes are cooked in front of you.


We had an absolute blast in the previous years and this year is even better as you dont even need a ticket, just head down to the festival and get involved in some of Italy’s best!



Tuscan Butchery Masterclass

An exciting new addition to the Moretti Gran Tour is an exclusive recreation of a traditional Tuscan Butcher shop experience, hosted by critically acclaimed Peckham-based Forza Win. The experience is designed to teach guests about the basics of butchery, the craft of cooking and the enjoyment of eating, all paired with a Birra Moretti. Each session can be booked either online at or at the event.

Pasta Making Masterclass

Those visitors looking for a more hands-on experience at this year’s Moretti Gran Tour are invited to attend a Pasta Making Masterclass. Each day, Brighton’s CinCin will teach guests how to recreate one of four pasta dishes from scratch whilst enjoying a Birra Moretti paired to that dish. Each session can be booked either online at or at the event.

Another new instalment this year is a traditional Italian market where inspired guests can purchase the very best fresh Italian ingredients in order to relive the aromas and flavours of the Moretti Gran Tour at home.


The Moretti Gran Tour is taking place at Brick Lane Yard at the Old Truman Brewery (On the corner of Buxton Street & Brick Lane), London, E1 5EG from Tuesday 19th July to Sunday 24th July.

The event is open from 11am to 10.30pm, with the exception of the launch night on Tuesday 19th when the doors will open to the public at 8pm. The Gran Tour is non-ticketed and entry is completely free. 





A Chat with DJ BBQ

A Chat with DJ BBQ

Posted on 26 May 2016 by Chris Ford

Hellmann’s has teamed up with YouTube star and grilling fanatic, DJ BBQ to travel the world in search of the tastiest grilled food ever to be touched by fire, resulting in a four-part series called Finding GrilltopiaThis summer-long search for Grilltopia marks the launch of a new range of Hellmann’s premium BBQ and Hot sauces, each inspired by exotic flavours from around the world, which join their Classic Real Mayonnaise and Mayonnaise with Olive Oil.

We recently spoke to DJ BBQ about grilling and how best to go about it :


What do you enjoy most about barbecuing food? What got you started?

My father got me into cooking BBQ food at a young age.  He was a single parent raising two young kids and he was best at cooking when he was outdoors on a grill.  So from the age of 6 he taught me how to grill.  Grilling over live fire is primal, it’s how we are meant to cook food.  There’s flavour in wood and fresh charcoal, there’s no flavour in gas.

Do you find British BBQ culture differs from American?

I find the British BBQ scene one of the best in the world.  I go to the British BBQ champs every year at Grillstock in Bristol and the crew is the most welcoming bunch of people I know.  We all belong to a BBQ forum on Facebook and it’s so accepting to beginners, everyone wants to help everyone get better at cooking BBQ.  Check out Country Wood Smoke- British BBQ if you are on Facebook.  Join our crew, feel free to ask any questions.

Is there any point in gas when barbecuing? or is it all about the charcoal and wood ?

Listen, I grew up with cooking on a gas grill.  It’s easy, it’s there, it’s on when you need it.  But there’s no flavour with cooking on gas.  I prefer lumpwood made from sustainable woodlands.  Check out what Oxford Charcoal company are doing, they make great charcoal.

For the beginner outdoor cook trying to move away from the Brit tradition of frozen burgers and sausages where do we start? 

Start with making your own burger.  Ask your butcher for different types of minced meat and add some aged beef fat to the mix – 20% is perfect.  Fat is flavour so don’t be afraid to add it, supercharge your burger and add some bone marrow.  
Try cooking a big joint on your outdoor cooker.  A leg of lamb, chicken, slab of ribs.  Just set your grill up for indirect cooking.  Then put that lid on and turn your grill into an outdoor oven.

What’s your favourite thing to cook?

I love grilling a ribeye!  There’s also a steak which isn’t popular which is crazy as it’s the second most tender muscle on the cow – the teres major.  It’s near the flat iron on the shoulder and tastes awesome.  I also love grilling veggies and fruit – they all taste better on a grill.

How did you end up getting involved with Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube project?

I DJ’d a party for his 15 minute meal book launch.  We got on.  His production company knew about me and had already shot a pilot but my background in TV consisted of being a youth Extreme sports presenter.  Luckily, Food tube signed me up and now I have over 250 recipe videos on line.

You are partnered with Hellmann’s to discover ‘Grilltopia’ – the ultimate grilling experience, have you found ‘Grilltopia’ yet?

I’m always searching for Grilltopia.  I have found many wonderful ways of cooking over live fire but there are still many more out there.

What’s special about the Hellmanns range of sauces?

They taste good!  Hellmans makes the best Mayonnaise out there and they’ve turned their hand to a super delicious range of sauces.  Here’s a tip, when glazing your chicken with BBQ sauce, wait till the end of the cook to add the sauce.  BBQ sauce has sugar in it and sugar burns when it gets too hot.  That’s why people tend to burn the heck out of their chicken.
Here’s a great recipe for you:
Alabama white sauce
Cup of Hellmans Mayo
Cup of cider vinegar
Lemon juice
Worcestershire sauce
Cracked pepper
Make sure it’s quite liquidy, it shouldn’t be too thick.  Great on poultry and pork.

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Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Posted on 26 May 2016 by Chris Ford

A Few years ago  I had the chance to try all the varieties of Jack Daniels side by side while the differences were explained by Jack Daniels master distiller Jeff Arnett, through that amazing experience I came to the conclusion that Jack Daniels Single Barrel was my Jack of choice.


With that in mind if you are thinking of buying your dad a drop of whiskey for Father’s day why not go for Jack Daniels Single barrel and celebrate the man who helped shape the person you are today.

A little more about Jack Daniels Single Barrel…..

208374_US - Single Barrel Select - Front Facing on White - 750 mL_preview

Not just any Jack Daniel’s barrel is granted the status of Single Barrel. Only one out of every 100 barrels is set aside by the Jack Daniel’s Master Tasting Panel to mature in the highest reaches of its barrel houses. These areas of the barrel houses present dramatic temperature changes, creating a truly unique whiskey.

This one-of-a-kind whiskey has a rich, robust flavour, accompanied with notes of toasted oak, vanilla and caramel. Each bottle is hand-bottled and labelled with a unique rick number and bottling date. With no two barrels the same.

Share this special whiskey with your dad on Father’s Day and gift a truly unique experience.

For more information on Jack Daniels Single Barrel and to purchase head over to

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Captain America – Civil War  –  MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!!

Captain America – Civil War – MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!!

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Chris Ford

The latest Captain America film is now out in cinemas and I have to say I think it’s the best Marvel film yet, non-stop action mixed with a political thriller, totally awesome!

To celebrate the cinema release of Civil War have very kindly given us this massive and I mean massive list of Captain America – Civil War goodies to give away and have said we can do so however we want, so guess what ? Its Civil War time!!!!


Who’s Side are you on?
It’s time to pick a side, just email us at telling us who’s side you are on Cap or Iron Mans and what prizes caught your eye, don’t be shy maybe it’s the whole lot? Maybe it’s just the tshirt? Let us know but you better have a good reason for your choice! Our favorites will be picked after the closing date of 31st of May 2016 and the decision of the Gentlemens Goods team is final, good luck!


here’s the massive list of items we have to giveaway :


Captain America Special Collector Edition Action Figure 461013873157 £19.95
Black Panther Special Collector Edition Action Figure 461013873232 £19.95
Winter Soldier Special Collector Edition Action Figure 461013873492 £19.95
Black Widow Special Collector Edition Action Figure 461014214607 £19.95
Captain America and Iron Man Limited Edition Figurine 465054200095 £150.00
Marvel Comic Mug, Black 416024277814 £8.95
Captain America: Civil War Bottle For Adults 465024025932 £7.95
Captain America And Iron Man Mug, Captain America: Civil War 465034025694 £8.95
Captain America: Civil War Mug 465034025854 £8.95
Teams Mug, Captain America: Civil War 465034176747 £8.95
Captain America And Iron Man Men’s T-Shirt, Captain America: Civil War 5620048200008 £14.95
Marvel Comic Men’s T-Shirt 456204126914 £14.95
Avengers Travel Mug 465034046156 £8.95
Captain America: Civil War Lithographs, Set of 5 465054025285 £20.00
Captain America: Civil War Pencil Case 466033964724 £7.99
Captain America: Civil War Shopper Bag 466013932637 £3.00
Captain America Civil War Journal 466043929010 £9.95
Captain America: Civil War Mobile Phone Clip Case 466044012230 £12.95
Captain America: Civil War Pop! Vinyl Figures by Funko, Set of 5 465054396293 £50.00
Cinema Vouchers n/a £30.00
Marvel Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle 416034289043 £7.95


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