We are happy to receive relevant press releases & product samples, on the clear understanding that not everything received will make it into copy and if it does what gets written will be their unbiased opinion.  Gentlemen’s Goods reserves the right not to post a review.


Gentlemen’s Goods is open to running competitions & giveaways, so if you wish to offer a product or item that will appeal to our audience please contact us.


Gentlemen’s Goods is primarily a collection of reviews, advice, hints and tips relating to products and retailers from around the world that the site editors believe their readers will enjoy; many of the items featured have discounts or special offers attached.  Gentlemen’s Goods has affiliate marketing (AM) arrangements in place with some of the companies whose products are mentioned. Before you go thinking that products are chosen based solely on fiscal incentive, practically every on-line store in existence has an AM arrangement, so our recommendations are based solely on our personal opinions.  If we don’t personally like a product or company there is zero chance of it appearing anywhere on Gentlemen’s Goods.

The majority of AM activity on Gentlemen’s Goods will be by way of deep-linking within posts i.e. we will not litter the site with flashing banners and Google Ads.  What this does mean however is that some links mentioned within the posts will sometimes, but not always, be to companies with whom Gentlemen’s Goods has a very small commission based agreement. This arrangement has zero effect on the unbiased editorial opinion and there is no additional cost to consumers, as all commission costs are born by the retailers.  Any commission Gentlemen’s Goods makes is put towards the cost of hosting and maintaining the website.