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How To : Cook the Perfect Steak

Posted on 18 October 2010 by Chris Ford

I recently had the chance to ask BBC chef Simon Rimmer how to cook the perfect steak and these were his top tips:

Selection – Pick some good-quality meat – something that’s aged for at least 21 days if you can. That means that even if you cook it rare, the blood doesn’t seep out.

Temperature – Take the steak out the fridge ahead of time and bring the meat up to room temperature.

Seasoning – Rub a little olive oil into the meat and then season, don’t oil the pan

Heat – Get the pan really hot; use a griddle pan if you can to get those charred lines on the meat.

Turning – You only want to turn your steak once, any more will ruin it. Different cuts take different times depending on how rare you like your steak.

Is it ready? – Don’t be tempted to cut into the steak to check its cooked, try and get a feel for how you like your steak cooked as cutting draws the moisture and flavour our of the meat.

If you are looking for a source of quality meat may I suggest the rather excellent Donald Russell who will deliver steaks straight to your door

2 Comments For This Post

  1. Niall Says:

    I was once told that to cook a steak you must have the pan ‘smoking hot’, would you agree with this?

  2. Mr Black Says:

    Well Niall I have always taken Delia smith’s advice when it comes to steaks, she says have the pan “as hot as you dare” which to me is full whack!

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