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Attimo pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

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Attimo pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

Posted on 26 July 2011 by Chris Ford

This latest fragrance  from Salvatore  Ferragamo is a woody-oriental scent that is fresh and sensual in equal parts. It opens with fresh notes of Marjoram, Cardamon and Mandarin,  you are hit by a  warm spice of  Saffron and a modern touch of Pimento. Whilst the woody, smoky dry down of Patchouli and Vetiver feels like a real mans scent.

I can imagine this is the sort of scent Don Drapper from Mad Men would splash onto this neck before a night out in a high end supper club, this is one to impress and be noticed.


40 ml Eau de Toilette Spray £36
60 ml Eau de Toilette Spray £47
100 ml Eau de Toilette Spray £64
150ml Shampoo&Shower Gel £21
75ml Deodorant Stick £21
100ml After Shave Lotion £42
Worldwide pre-launch Harrods July 2011
UK launch nationwide September 2011

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The Perfect Shave By Jason Shankey

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The Perfect Shave By Jason Shankey

Posted on 14 July 2011 by Chris Ford

Belfast based Male Grooming expert Jason Shankey, who launched his unique range of hair and skincare products into the Urban Retreat at Harrods this year, has now gone one step further by promising men a completely pain-free shave.

The Perfect Shave comprises Shankey’s three shaving products and his expert guide to shaving, all packaged together in a gorgeous, masculine box.

Shankey, who is a regular contributor to magazines such as Men’s Health and FHM, and TV shows including 10 years younger, told us “97% of men suffer from pain, irritation and redness due to shaving, and my unique ‘Perfect Shave’ recipe utilises our three hero products which target men’s underlying shaving problems, facilitating a quick, painless and easy to follow daily routine.

His range of products were developed over a number of years using a hands-on approach, and contain a fascinating list of ingredients which claim to help men’s skin to look clearer, healthier and younger. In Northern Ireland, it is available exclusively in his salons and at House of Fraser Belfast.

From hair growth inhibitors to super exfoliants, his range guarantees a pain-free shave by targeting both the natural and man made processes which cause skin to look red and aggravated, resulting in baby smooth skin with no visible signs of redness.

“By slowing down the beard regrowth, men don’t need to shave as often. And shaving less often means less scraping of the skin, resulting in better looking skin”, he said.


The Perfect Shave gift box is £48  More details about his products can be found on the company’s website:

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Beats by Dre Pro Headphones

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Beats by Dre Pro Headphones

Posted on 05 July 2011 by Chris Ford

Beats By Dre are a range of headphones produced by high end cable manufacturer Monster, as the name may suggest they are also endorsed by the rapper Dr Dre.

When I was asked to review the new Beats Pro headphones I have to admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea, I’m not a rap fan really and with these aimed and designed supposedly for rap music I couldn’t see how much I would enjoy these imagining bass heavy distorting on my indie guitar based music.


Well from the moment I plugged them I was sold, the headphones produced a crisp clear sound on every piece of music I threw at them, instrument separation truly amazed me and I have honestly been rediscovering some of my favourite music.

The build quality is fantastic, the frame is made from a thick metal alloy that could stand up to the toughest situations, there’s no plastic to snap here. Even the cord is thick and durable like nothing I have seen before, I truly am very impressed.

So Im impressed witht he sound, Im impressed with the build quality, what lets these headphones down slightly is the price with a RRP of £349.00  Id say a good £100 of that must be going into Dr Dre’s pocket.  Still well worth a look and if you have the cash why not?

Amazon currently have the Black version onsale for £275 which may be worth a look here


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