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WIN!!!  two Cases of Equator alcohol free Beer up for grabs

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WIN!!! two Cases of Equator alcohol free Beer up for grabs

Posted on 20 February 2013 by Chris Ford

So you may have followed my recent posts involving #DryJan with the help of Equator alcohol free beer , its a great alternative to real beer good for the waist line too being 0% calories.


The kind people at Equator have given me two cases of the stuff to give away to one lucky reader so you too can experience the great taste of Equator and why not go dry for a month yourself? its really not that hard well at least for me it wasn’t!


anyway to win the two cases all you have to do is email us at and tell  us how many calories would be in the two cases of Equator


Closing date is 1st March so get those answers in quick!

for more info on Equator you can connect with them  via face book and Twitter :




Ive just drawn the winner and congratulations to Anthony Horsfall from Yorkshire,  your two cases of Equator will be with you very soon


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The Conclusion to #DryJan with the help of Equator

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The Conclusion to #DryJan with the help of Equator

Posted on 04 February 2013 by Chris Ford

So if you read my previous post you will know I have been taking part in #Dry Jan which means abstaining from any alcohol for the month of January, this I think for some is a great way to recover from the excesses of the Christmas and New year partying and I know I for one put on a extra few pounds so with the help of Equator Beer which is zero calorie and zero alcohol I have been continuing with #Dry Jan.

My Conclusion?  well at first I found it hard when out with friends in pubs and bars and they were drinking or they would try and pressure me into joining in but after a week or so I got used to it and they got used to me not drinking.  One thing I did notice was not many bars carry non alcoholic beers most force you to stick to soft drinks so that does make it more difficult but all in all its been worth while, Ive actually lost an inch round my waist which is amazing considering all I did was cut out beer!


Would I do it again?  sure I would actually Im not in any major rush to start drinking again now that I’m in a routine of not, especially with the benefits on my waistline!


For more info on Equator check out their Facebook and Twitter links below


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