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Review – The Limehouse Golem

Posted on 20 December 2017 by Chris Ford

Last week we were invited to a preview screening of the Bill Nighy film The Limehouse Golem. Living very close to Limehouse I was really interested to see how the film portrays the area and what it was like all those years ago.

Before the screening we had a walk around Limehouse itself. Of course, much has changed from the 19th century London when the film is set.

What was once a busy dock with sail making, ship builders and rope makers, the area is now home to the rich and their yachts, and Gordon Ramsay restaurants.

Even so, walking the streets of Limehouse, there is enough remaining to transport you back and imagine the way the area once was.

Limehouse Basin opened in 1820 as the Regent’s Canal Dock. This was an important connection between the Thames and the canal system, where cargo could be transferred from larger ships to the canal boats to transport goods around the country.

The film itself  wasn’t actually filmed in the Limehouse area but rather a purpose built set. Huge credit must be given to the film’s producers on this front. Watching the film, I was instantly transported back to the streets I’d walked hours earlier with no idea it wasn’t the real thing.

The film tells the tale of Nighy’s Inspector Kildare and his quest to not only bring the Limehouse Golem killer to justice but also turns into a fight against the clock to prove the innocence of what he strongly believes is an innocent Elizabeth Cree who is about to be unjustly hanged for the murders.

Kildare has been somewhat setup to fail here, put on what is perceived to be a unsolvable case by his superiors as he has been tainted as “not the marrying kind” they see this a way of embarrassing the Inspector.

Nighy is on great form in this and somewhat against type of the sort of character you maybe usually associate him. The real star for me in the Limehouse Golem however was the wonderful Douglas Booth who does a fantastic turn as the drag performer Dan Leno.  In fact one tradition that Limehouse hasn’t lost are those drag acts with pubs like The Old Ship on Barnes Street stillholding performances at weekends – not that you would know it when you are in there for a pint on a cold December afternoon!

Much of the film is told in the form of flashbacks which I’m not usually a fan of but in this context works surprisingly well, especially as Kildare ponders possible killers and we are made to wonder who the killer is as we see how they would have committed the crime via Kildare imagination.

The Limehouse Golem is well worth a watch when it comes out on DVD this Boxing Day.

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Nokia Steel HR – More than just a pretty face

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Nokia Steel HR – More than just a pretty face

Posted on 19 December 2017 by Chris Ford

My phone, my iPad, Bluetooth headphones, electric toothbrush, and Bluetooth speaker.  The last thing I needed in my life was another gadget that needed charging every day.  But I did want a fitness watch. And that’s just one of the reasons I love the Nokia Steel HR, with its battery life that lasts 25 days on a single charge. Then just an hour or so in its dock and it’s fully charged and ready to go again. But the super battery is not the only killer feature of this nifty bit of kit.

Another thing that makes the Nokia Steel HR stand out from its competitors is the simple, smart design. It’s subtle and sleek, easy to wear with any outfit. And for a more high-end look you can even purchase leather straps to replace the silicon ones it comes with. It could easily be mistaken for an analogue watch, apart from two small circles – which make it more than just a pretty face.


The lower circle shows at a glance how far you’ve got towards your daily steps goal – set on the accompanying app. The top circle is the techy bit – a screen activated by pushing a button the side – which shows the date, time, heart rate, number of steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned as well as alarm set and the remaining battery life in turn.

The watch will light up and vibrate with notifications such as texts, calls or reminders from your phone. It’s handy to peek at who is getting in touch before digging your phone out your bag or excusing yourself from a meeting only to answer a call that turns out to be from a company asking if you’ve had an accident that’s not your fault.


The heart rate monitor kicks in sporadically throughout the day, giving you an average of your day. But by pressing the side button and holding it down you activate the heart rate monitor to track you constantly – which is great to get a more accurate reading while exercising. It also sends the info of your workout to partner apps, like MyFitnessPal or Apple Health so calories burned can be taken into account. The Nokia Health Mate app itself is simple to use and attractive.


The watch is comfy too – and waterproof so you can leave it on and forget about it even when sleeping or showering. Or even when going for a swim.

There are only two areas for me where there’s room for improvement. Firstly, it’s not super accurate tracking sleep, and often estimates that I’ve fallen asleep much earlier than I have (though this is usually when I’m flaked out on the sofa binging Netflix, so maybe that’s understandable…). Also, I’d love to see the watch working with third-party apps, such as Whats-App. Maybe this is something that Nokia can offer in the future?


Overall I’m so impressed with the Nokia Steel HR and have had lots of compliments and enquiries from friends and colleagues. It’s the perfect device for someone like me. Not a fitness freak or techy nerd. Just someone who wants to simply track their fitness and stay connected – without sacrificing style.


The Nokia Steel HR is available now for £169.99 from Amazon by clicking here.

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Top Christmas Gifts for the Gentlemen in your Life 2017

Top Christmas Gifts for the Gentlemen in your Life 2017

Posted on 05 December 2017 by Chris Ford

There’s not long to go now but if like us you have left things to the last minute then heres our pick of the awesome products we have seen over the last 12 months that most guys would love in their Christmas stocking this year…


The spirit of choice in the GG’s office is whiskey, and here are two of our faves from this year:

Woodford Reserve

first introduced to the market in 1996 its a relatively new player on the scene but still a firm favourite in our office and with whiskey lovers alike, you will seriously impress if you select Woodford for your loved one this Christmas.  £20.99 here

Loch Lomond Gift Pack

Gift a journey through Loch Lomond with this specially created Loch Lomond Highland Single Malt Taster Pack.

Whisky lovers can discover a selection of Loch Lomond whiskies with this collection of 3 x 5cl miniature bottles of Loch Lomond Original, Loch Lomond 12 Year Old and Loch Lomond 18 Year Old, presented in an eye-catching gift box.

This gift pack showcases some of Loch Lomond’s very best single malt whiskies from the Scottish Highlands region.  £22.99  here



The Bluebeards Revenge Beard grooming kit

Untangle knots and transform your beard into a masculine masterpiece with The Bluebeards Revenge Beard Grooming Kit.

The kit consists of a pocket-friendly travel beard grooming kit comprising of a travel beard brush and travel beard oil, perfect for those weekend breaks you are already planning for 2018!  £23.99 from



Nokia Steel HR

With classic watch stylings and all the health related options you would expect from most smart watches now (including a heart rate monitor) the Nokia HR has been a real winner for me for the week I’ve had it so far. The best thing about it for me though is its packing a whopping 20 day battery so there isn’t the need to add another device to the pile you end up sticking on charge each night.

The software is easy to use and links up with the My Fitness Pal app which I was already using to calculate calories burned and match up with food entered etc.  A more extensive review will follow but I had to include this, consider me impressed.  £169.95  from Amazon

Propel Star Wars Drones

We went to the launch of these a few months ago see the post here.  These are true big boys toys for the Star Wars fan in your life, with organised meetups alleady going on to battle with strangers you don’t even need to know someone else with one. Imagine piloting your own xwing and battling with a tie fighter?  Well now you can get yours for £139.99 now.


Turnbull & Asser – I’m not fashion icon, but I’ve always been drawn to good quality and Turnbull & Asser are certainly that.  Specializing in formal mens shirts of outstanding quality that are built to last,  and while you may end up spending upwards of £90 on a shirt you will have that shirt for a long time.  I’ve still got some of my Turnbull & Asser shirts I bought near 15 years ago and once washed and pressed they look as good as they day I bought them … Invest in quality.


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