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The Iconic Zippo Brand

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The Iconic Zippo Brand

Posted on 28 March 2018 by Chris Ford

Zippo is a brand you probably associate  with their classic clink and ding sound, this iconic look and sound of the flip and ding  made famous in countless classic movies was certainly something even the non-smoking teenager in me wanted so badly when I first saw Vincent Vega light Mia Wallace’s cigarette in Pulp Fiction.

Since then I’ve of course managed to pick up my own Zippo lighter but Zippo now are much more than just a lighter company, here we take a look at what they currently offer.


The 12 Hour Hand Warmer

Let’s face it it’s been really cold lately here in the uk!  And there’s nothing worse than cold hands. Zippo’s hand warmer is pretty simple but effective you fill the cup, Light the burner then enjoy warm hands for up to 12 hours.


The Flask

Zippo’s stainless steel flask would make an excellent gift for the best man at your wedding or gift for a friend. With the classic Zippo branding this stainless steel 3-ounce flask comes with a secured lid (m so no loosing that screw top lid!) If the hand warmer doesn’t keep the cold out a short nip of Whisky from this certainly will!


The Card Holder

In this increasingly cashless world the Card holder is a welcome answer to many a gentlemen’s prayers.  Made from leather with five card slots with a transparent pocket for photo ID this is a great way to keep those suit pockets slender and keep you looking sharp.


The Money Clip Wallet

Of course if you want or need to carry cash as well as cards you will need a wallet, Zippo have come up with this nifty money clip wallet, the leather wallet features an internal money clip to hold your notes as well as six slots for your cards.

For more info on Zippos range of products and to browse their quite frankly massive collection of lighters head over to







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Abd el Wahab bring their Lebanese delights to  London

Abd el Wahab bring their Lebanese delights to London

Posted on 15 March 2018 by Chris Ford

A few weeks ago on an extremely cold snowy evening we were invited to the London opening of upscale Lebanese restaurant Abd el Wahab in Belgravia.

Abd el Wahab is named after the street in Beirut where their original restaurant still stands, and now has 45 locations in the Middle East. But this London opening marks their first European venture. , With a strong reputation for both their food and service, we were eager to try their famed dishes for ourselves.

Upon entering Abd el Wahab we were greeted with a bright modern clean relaxed space which while feeling extremely high end was welcoming at the same time.

The five course feast that followed was nothing short of amazing.  Having never really experienced Lebanese cuisine before I wasn’t really sure what to expect other than of course the hummus (which was amazing) but the sheer variety of flavours and dishes on offer was a real treat. Each course was brought to our table family style (which I’m a big fan of) enabling us to try a wide variety of what’s on offer.

Hummus with Chickpeas

Highlights were of course the previously mentioned hummus but we really enjoyed the platter of grilled meats including their amazing mixed grill platter featuring grilled lamb koftas and cubed chicken as well as the extremely moreish cheese pastries which I had stop myself from eating the whole plate of! We finished with final course of desert consisting of some wonderfully palate cleansing fresh fruit as well as their decadent pistachio baklawa stuffed with ashta (pictured) to finish.

pistachio baklawa stuffed with ashta

A big surprise for us though was the fantastic wine on offer. Not previously knowing the Lebanese even made wine we thoroughly enjoyed the Lebanese wine on offer from Abd el Wahab’s cellar which they are rightly very proud of. As well as the Lebanese wines Abd el Wahab of course offer wines from around the world to cater for all tastes.

Abd el Wahab is a very welcome addition to the London food scene which really would recommend you go and try for yourself, speaking to the manager they have big plans for the building including in the coming months a cigar lounge in the basement with a fully stocked humidor, what a better way to end your meal that a cigar afterwards? I know I will be returning to do just that!


Abd el Wahab , 1-3 Pont St, Belgravia, London SW1X 9EJ

Abd El Wahab

Nearest Tube : Sloane Square


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