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Sponsored Video – Joop! Homme  Wild

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Sponsored Video – Joop! Homme Wild

Posted on 05 December 2012 by Chris Ford

I have posted about the Joop! Homme fragrance before and I think you will agree with me if I convinced you to try it that its a real winner, in fact I wear it everyday. Well Joop! built on the success of the original fragrance and have recently introduced the new Joop! Homme Wild line,  which still has elements of what made the original great but has taken things up a notch, this should be your partying fragrance!

With that idea in mind Joop! have released a series of videos exploring the wild spots of various cities, the first being my home town London and having just watched it I can say without a doubt I will be checking out a few of these spots!  I find London is one of those cities you can live in all your life and yet still be totally unaware of an abundance of amazing things going on right on your doorstep, most tourists only see the famous landmarks like Big Ben and the Tower of London but I always urge visitors to look a little deeper and see the real London and meet the real Londoners.


So whether you live in London or are planning a visit I urge you to take a look at the video below and discover a few of the alternative places to visit in London  from the wild Bars, tattoo parlours, to the vintage clothes stores theres something for everyone who like to explore their Wild side once in a while, all of course while wearing the new Joop! Homme Wild

This post was Sponsored by Joop! Homme Wild

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Sponsored video: Learn how to seduce with Expert James Charm

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Sponsored video: Learn how to seduce with Expert James Charm

Posted on 15 February 2012 by Chris Ford

This week we had the single Gentleman’s  nemesis – Valentines Day.  Although does any man really enjoy Valentines Day?

If you are single you may feel alone and  unfulfilled, hearing the plans of all your colleagues and friends for their special night,  if you are with someone you have all the stress of curating a perfect evening to please your loved one and show you care.

The thing is though ultimately we all want to find that special someone and as they say first impressions count!

But fear not men’s fragrance Joop! Homme have sponsored a series of videos presented by seduction expert James Charm who will guide you onto the right  path to woo the object of your desire.

Take a look at the latest video here


Joop Homme itself  has  marvellous  rich citrus scent and since I started wearing it this week in place of my normal scent I have been getting constant remarks from both men and women asking what I was wearing, a definite winner and looks destined to replace my 5 year love affair with Issey Miyake!



sponsored by Joop


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