The Vapers Have Taken Over!

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Vaping. Everyone is doing it but not everyone gets it. It is almost as mysterious as the vanilla custard puff of smoke that surrounds one. There is one thing we do know, however. It is very 21st century and it is here to stay.leo Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp love a vape or two and numerous other famous faces are regularly seen in the press holding onto something suspiciously long and silvery. There is no denying that a vape is an interesting little gadget, too. How does it work? What are the mechanics? If you visit luxury new vaping stores such as Vapelux you will see a vast array of different colours, designs, mods, tanks and starter kits, all reasonably priced, too. It is like your very own online vape sweet shop! On YouTube there is a whole community of vapers from around the world showing off the latest vape in various tutorials and reviews. It is like a whole other world out there. But is it really better for you than smoking? Some say it is a safer alternative and urge smokers to make the switch. Who knows, only time will tell, but for now, I think they are pretty darn cool and smell like incense or something – that has got to be better than a cigarette, right?


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