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Breville 4 Slice Sandwich Toaster

Breville 4 Slice Sandwich Toaster

Posted on 29 January 2014 by Chris Ford


When I was younger we had an old Breville Sandwich toaster which produced amazing sealed toasted cheese sandwiches that were perfect comfort food and quick and easy to prepare. What wasn’t so quick and easy though was the mess made when cheese melted from all sides of the toaster!
Now I admit on reflection I made the mistake of putting too much cheese into my sandwiches but it was still a pain to clean, so when I received this new up to date version of the classic Breville toaster I was excited but not so excited at the thought of having to clean it!


The awesome thing about this newer model is the removal dishwasher friendly plates, once you are done toasting just unclip the plates, give them a wipe and throw them in the dishwasher DONE!
So I don’t need to tell you how awesome the sandwiches are this toaster makes I’m sure you will know, but if you don’t trust me, if you like Sandwiches invest in a Breville you will be amazed!

Making the toastie is pretty simple, butter the outside of the bread, put your fillings inside then stick them in the toaster.

Butter Alternative
Don’t get me wrong butter does add something taste wise to the sandwich but if you want a bit of a healthier alternative trying buying one of those healthy spray cooking oils and spray the cooking places instead of buttering the bread, I found it works just as well as the butter.

The Cheese Issue
Over the last few weeks I have over and over again made that classic mistake of putting too much cheese in my sandwich ( Resulting in the above mentioned cheese leakage ) now let me save you some time (and probably cheese!) go to the supermarket and buy a pack of that pre-sliced cheese (or if you are a good slicer just cut a square around about that size and thickness) and you will have the perfect amount of cheese with no leakage.
Fillings ?
You would be surprised how many great fillings work in the Breville, my go to is cheese and ham, a classic because it works and so comforting.

But here’s a few other suggestions that I’ve tried:
Brie and Bacon
Baked beans and Cheese (one heaped teaspoon of beans per triangle to avoid leakage)
Tuna mayo and Cheese
Egg – It may sound wrong but it works, just push the bread down a bit into the triangles then crack a egg trying to spread the yoke between the two triangles, toast for 4-5mins and you have a toasted egg sandwich!
Or if you want to get really eggie check out what this guy who made a omelette in his sandwich toaster :

The four slice version (it does come in two slice but trust me two isn’t enough!) is Available in Argos and Amazon with a RRP of £44.99

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Lenovo Tablets and Ultrabooks

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Lenovo Tablets and Ultrabooks

Posted on 23 January 2014 by Chris Ford

If you are a regular reader you will know I have been a Apple convert for some time now, everything in my life is Apple, home computer is a Mini, the laptop I’m typing this on now is a MacBook pro my phone is a IPhone and my tablet is usually a Ipad2 but as you know in my recent post I have discovered there are some great Ipad alternatives out there and Android is actually a very good platform for tablets which I maybe foolishly dismissed in the past.


My next step is to take another look at some of these great Windows based tablets / ultra books which look truly amazing giving you both a tablet and light weight laptop in one device.
I’m especially impressed with the Lenovo Helix Think Pad, no it’s not cheap but specs wise it sure looks impressive, in fact the entire range of Lenovo tablets does and I hope I can bring you a proper review of one in the near future, in the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts on these combined tablet ultra books.

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Dryathlon – Mr Motivator – Cancer Research UK

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Dryathlon – Mr Motivator – Cancer Research UK

Posted on 08 January 2014 by Chris Ford

Have you over indulged this Christmas and New Year? there’s probably not many of us that haven’t and a lot of you might be taking a bit of a break from the booze this month if so why not support a great charity like Cancer Research UK in the process?

check out the video below

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The Acer A1 Tablet

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The Acer A1 Tablet

Posted on 01 January 2014 by Chris Ford


The Acer A1 my first ever experience with a Android tablet and its been a while since I have used Android at all, being a Apple convert I am a IPhone and Ipad man and really couldn’t see myself changing if I’m honest but took this tablet in to review purely out of curiosity and I’m so glad I did!


First of all the price point, its more towards to the budget end at $149 and the dimensions are the same as the Ipad in a 4:3 as opposed to most Android tablets that are a widescreen shape coming from a Ipad though it felt very familiar and I think this shape suits a tablet.


The tablet itself is quite thick compared to the most modern alternatives but at this price point its hardly worth complaining about and if anything adds a feeling a sturdiness to the tablet that feels good in the hand especially when reading kindle books.

The screen is very responsive and totally on a par with my Ipad2 in fact I really have little to complain about with the A1 I think its fantastic value for money, if I were to really stretch for something to pick holes in I guess it would be the built in speaker which isn’t up to much but in reality how often do any of us use them anyway?

All in all if you are looking for a 7” tablet I would seriously give the Acer A1 a look it offers fantastic value without compromising on performance and features.

You can buy the Acer A1 now from Amazon here or check out more independent Acer Iconia A1 reviews here.

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