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Having the right glass for your drink

Posted on 18 April 2018 by Chris Ford


There is nothing quite as off-putting when you’re enjoying being at an event when refreshments are served in plastic or cardboard cups; and grabbing a quick coffee packaged in cardboard on the way to work might have become a habit, however, it has more to do with helping you wake up than matters of taste. Hot drinks such as tea and coffee always seem to taste better when served in a china cup, or at least decent crockery of some kind, while cold drinks benefit from being served in the right glass for your particular beverage. Here are a few tips to help you use the correct glasses for different drinks.


Whiskey glasses

Most whiskey glasses are of substantial weight and are shaped like squat tumblers. They are used for serving whiskey with or without ice or water. Beautiful contemporary versions come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, some of which are colored and decorated by hand. If you like your whiskey in a cocktail, perhaps to celebrate World Whisky Day for instance, you can also opt for a highball glass or a Martini glass, depending on your preferred recipe. Each year, World Whisky Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May – an essential note for your social calendar, perhaps.


Gin glasses

The recent surge in the popularity of gin has resulted in debates about appropriate glassware. For example, traditionally, gin and tonic have been served as a long drink, in a highball glass. Connoisseurs argue, however, that a more appropriate option is to use a Copa glass –  stemmed drinkware topped with a glass bowl, rather like a cross between a tall brandy glass, or snifter, and a fat red wine glass. Developed by the Spanish, who are fervent gin drinkers, the Copa de Balon is said to be favored by gin experts. You can get a wide range of drinkware, including both highball and Copa gin glasses, from


Other glassware


Lovers of champagne flutes are also in for a disappointment. Experts say they are too narrow to allow you to fully enjoy the aroma of your fizz, whether prosecco, cava or champagne is your preferred tipple. Instead, try moving to a tulip shaped glass or a narrow white wine glass instead. If you’re a beer drinker, of course, you have lots of choices. Tankards and dimpled glasses with handles are ideal for most pints, while tall glasses with curved sides are said to be better for pale ales as they release the fizz. Snifter glasses for brandy are often also used for stout, while goblets suit strong ales and IPAs. If you like to travel, take some pictures of glasses used around the world as part of your online journal and educate your friends at home on the subject.


If you haven’t tried some of these alternatives before, why not get together with some likeminded people and select some different glassware for your preferred refreshments. Then you can make an informed choice about the correct glass for each type of drink.

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5 ways to luxe up the London experience

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5 ways to luxe up the London experience

Posted on 18 April 2018 by Chris Ford

Life can’t all be about penny-pinching and everyone deserves to live like a VIP sometimes. So we’ve taken these five quintessentially London experiences and shown you how to do them in style rather than slumming it with the hoi polloi.


Hospitality at Twickenham rugby game

Going to a football or rugby game in London is always great, with an amazing atmosphere but experiencing a game in a hospitality suite is something else entirely! Twickenham is the historical home of England rugby and Twickenham hospitality packages have a great mix to suit all tastes and budgets with dining options ranging from street food to a sit down four course meal as well as prime seats for the big game.

Private box at The Globe Theatre 

A reconstruction of the Elizabethan playhouse most famous for its links to Shakespeare sits on London’s Southbank. If there’s a gang of you, consider living it up Elizabethan style by renting out a Gentlemen’s Room – exclusive seating for up to ten guests. First you’ll dine in the Swan Restaurant before watching a performance in the Globe, along with complimentary programmes, cushions and blankets. There are more treats in the interval and you can chat about the play afterwards, enjoying a nightcap at a reserved area in the bar. Bravo!

Luxury limo tour of the sights 

If it’s London itself you want to see how about a private limo tour of the city?

Take in all the sites in the comfort of your own private car, 24-7 Limos say they can cover most of the major London sites within an hour all while sitting back with a chilled glass of champagne! Beats a blustery open top bus!

Private pod on the London Eye

A relatively new addition to the London skyline but already an iconic one, the London Eye is a giant ferris wheel sitting just off the river Thames.  From your private pod you can take in a panoramic view of the immense London cityscape. With fully customisable packages from birthdays, team building to weddings, the people from The London eye can even arrange a proposal capsule complete with photographer to capture the moment!


Luxury sleepover at London Zoo

Fancy sleeping with the lions?  Well you can sleep metres away from them if you take up London Zoos luxury sleepover experience. Included in the experience is a private guided afterhours tour of the zoo as well as amazing animal feeding experiences. Also included with your stay is a two course dinner and even breakfast in the morning!




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