Cigar Tasting Event

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I recently attended the first of this year’s Cigar evenings hosted by the UK Cuban Cigar supplier Hunters and Frankau.  It was held on the wonderful new heated smoking terrace at 10 Manchester street in London’s Marylebone.

First of all the hotel is stunning, very high end, the sort of place I would love to stay but seldom do when on holiday, often opting for the cheaper option with the logic that I’m only looking for somewhere to sleep… a nice hotel is fun sometimes though!

Anyway the cigar terrace has been expertly put together, it seems like you are indoors with gas heaters blasting out warm air so there is no danger of getting cold, comfy leather sofas to sink into and everything you could possibly need to get your cigar going. The service while we were there was excellent, coats were taken, and drinks were poured. All those present seemed to agree this is the best place in London to smoke a cigar!

The night usually cost £25.00 which includes a limited edition cigar, refreshments and a talk from cigar expert Simon Chase and are held on a monthly basis with different cigars and drinks every month.

The Cigar Terrence is open everyday from 11.00am to 11.00pm and free to use, you can find out much more by visiting the Ten Manchester Street Hotel website

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