TOMS Shoes – One for One

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Over the weekend I was catching up with the various blogs I read as part of my struggle to keep my finger on the pulse  of what’s going on in the world.  It may come as surprise, a shock even, to discover that one of my regular reads is City Girl Style.  However when you think about it, a truly modern man should be au fait with what’s going on with the fairer sex.  After all, what man doesn’t care what a lady thinks when she casts her, sometimes overly, critical eye over him?

Saturday’s feature was on TOMS shoes and it jogged my memory, no easy task let me assure you!  However, as a fan of the Dave Matthews Band I recalled that last year Dave, of the aforementioned band, designed a limited edition pair of vegan friendly TOMS shoes based on the bands popular Fire Dancer design.

You can buy TOMS shoes online in the UK from Office Shoes and Schuh however the Fire Dancer ones are only available from the Dave Matthews US on-line store.  So what better way to show you’re one step ahead of the pack than by not only being seen sporting this Summer’s coolest footwear but by wearing a design that very few people will be aware exists.  Rest assured, girls in the city will take one look at your casual footwear and know you’re no slouch when it comes to ethical fashion!

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  1. Im a leather man myself so obviously the Vegan aspect of these shoes does not really appeal, however the do look rather comfy, almost like slippers!

  2. Yes guys, buy your TOMS! Thank you for the mention!! *blushes* I feel like some kind of muse haha!