Devilishly Good Duvel Beer

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I was first introduced to Duvel while on holiday in Brussels,  the hotel had a big promotion on at the time and were really pushing the stuff.  Well I’m easily led so I tried a glass, mainly curious as to what a beer of 8.5% would taste like.

It was a surprise indeed, the strength while most definitely there is not over powering.  The beer is poured in such a way that you are meant to be left with a large head, I’m told this helps the beer breathe which is great but what does it taste of?

Well there is a strong fruity aroma with pleasant tones of alcohol. Very easy drinking. Refreshingly good taste of fruits, some citrus over run every so slightly by mild spices.  Fruity after taste with almost no bitterness

Duvel is perfect for that relaxed afternoon in the pub chilling with friends and when served correctly in the special Duvel glass  certainly stands out from the crowd as all us modern men like to!

Duvel is available from most major supermarkets and also by the case from places like The Drink Shop.

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