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As a child I always envied it from afar, I saw the flavours in the supermarket, the boy over the road had one, lots of the other kids at school had one but not for me. I always told myself though when I grow up I’m buying myself a Soda Stream!

Now some would argue I’m yet to grow up but today this 29year old finally realised the dream and got my very own Soda Stream machine and of course a tonne of flavours to try!

If you don’t remember or have no idea what Soda Stream is or does then let me explain.

The Soda Stream system enables you to carbonate water and to flavour carbonated beverages at home as an alternative to purchasing pre-packed bottles or cans.  So for a £3.99 bottle of flavour you can make ten litres of fizzy drinks which obviously is saving a fortune on regular shop bought drinks but also masses of fun!

And I I think that’s the real hidden selling point of the Soda Stream, the kids will really love being involved in the process and I have to admit this big kid loved it too!

There are four different models of machine to choose from,  the Stream, Genesis, Pure and finally the Penguin which is the top of the line machine complete with glass mixing bottle.  I went for the cheapest machine in range  the Stream which is £49.00.

For more information on the range of machines and flavours to choose from head over to

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  1. Ah, this does bring back memories and like you I never had one as a child but always dreamed of one.