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I love my coffee and have recently become a bit obsessed with different brewing methods and bean types, to be honest I love the smell of a good coffee as much as the taste which is why I was quite excited to find out that Douwe Egberts has partnered with luxury candle maker Jonathan Ward London, to develop a limited edition coffee inspired candle.  This comes as part of the £1m relaunch of the Douwe Egberts ground coffee range and major category re-vamp.

The re-launch has seen Douwe Egberts embrace its heritage, dating back to 1753, when Egbert Douwes and his wife Akke Thijsses opened their first coffee shop in Joure, Netherlands.  It is this distinctive heritage that has formed the unifying concept  – ‘the story behind each and every scent’ – bringing together the candle maker’s interest in rich flavours and the blending process for each Douwe Egberts ground coffee.

I was recently  given the opportunity to visit Jonathan Wards warehouse and see how the Douwe Egberts candles are made for myself.


What struck me was the care and attention to detail that went into the process, there is certainly not a traditional production line , all the candles are hand made using quality materials and this really is noticeable when you have a look at the finished product, in fact the moment you open the box of the candle a waft of scent hits you, that’s without even lighting it up!

Jonathan Ward explored the humble beginnings of the Douwe Egberts coffee shop, looking to capture the nostalgic and seductive aroma of the shelves from the very first store.  Jonathan explains:  “When creating the evocative scent I imagined years of spilled coffee grains and tobacco notes infused into the hand crafted woods.

The Douwe Egberts inspired candle captures a fragrant rich coffee aroma of roasted coffee beans, infused with sweet scents of syrupy molasses, dried fruits and the woody fragrances of cinnamon, sandalwood and tobacco.

I think Jonathan Ward really nailed it too, the coffee smell isn’t the overpowering scent I thought it would be, its much more subtle than that.

The limited edition candle is contained in the finest Italian cut glass crystal and packaged in a rich espresso brown and gold embossed box, highlighting the luxury offering.  Adding a further touch of opulence and heritage, each box has been sealed with the original Douwe Egberts wax seal.  Dating back to 1925, when the seal was first incorporated into Douwe Egberts packaging design, the stamp has been brought out of the archives and now finds itself included in another piece of fundamental Douwe Egberts history. In fact watching Jonathan and his assistant create these wax seals summed up the care and detail that goes into the candles, with each seal made by hand its a tricky and delicate process requiring two people to achieve, I cant imagine many other companies going to this much effort on the packaging of their product and this is what sets Jonahan Ward candles apart, the quality.


Corrine Hopwood, UK Marketing Director at Douwe Egberts comments:  “We wanted to bring to life and celebrate the unique heritage of the Douwe Egberts brand but with a modern twist and the partnership with Jonathan Ward London is a natural fit.  Not only do we have a new product that represents the brand in a distinctive way, drawing on our heritage, but it allows us to operate in a new luxury consumer market.”

Jonathan Ward adds:  “It has been extremely exciting to work with a brand, which like mine, represents quality. I was completely inspired when looking at the history of Douwe Egberts and am excited to be launching a unique coffee aroma candle that is completely different to anything else currently on the market.”


The limited edition Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts candle will be available to purchase from the Jonathan Ward online store from April , rrp £25.00


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  1. this sounds right up my street, never heard of Jonathan Ward to be honest but will certainly take a look , great site btw