Egg-ceptional’ Omelette Unveiled at Broadgate

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London’s Broadgate based restaurant  Piccolino has unveiled what they call the most luxurious omelette for City London workers, recently we were invited to try the £35 dish for ourselves.

So we headed down to Piccolino which is located in the Broadgate area of the city, home to some of the worlds biggest corporations, occupying 30 acres in the heart of London’s Square Mile, 30,000 people work here every weekday and they are well catered for with  numerous restaurants, cafes bars and coffee shops in the area.

This was my first time visiting Broadgate and its a stunning modern almost futuristic looking area, I particularly liked the various sculptures and art scattered about the area, they are worth a visit on their own.

From the moment we entered Piccolino the the service was exceptional , I particularity liked the way our waiter explained all the different ingredients that would be in the omelette and their origins.

Created by head chef, Enzo Buscema and costing  £35, the  ‘Eggs-change Square Omelette’  is served with handpicked asparagus and drizzled with Canti prosecco . Having carefully blended hundreds of ingredients over a two month period, including the hero Tartufo truffle, sourced from Abruzzo, Italy and popular amongst the Italian Royal Family, Enzo’s final recipe includes:


  • One duck egg from Sussex
  • Five Porcini mushrooms from the Trentino Alpi
  • Seven shavings of Caciocavallo Podolico from Podolico
  • Five shavings of Tartufo Nero Truffles from Abruzzo
  • Five shavings of Testun Barolo cheese from Piemonte
  • Three stems of wild asparagus from Sicily
  • Three stems of Radicchio from Treviso
  • A drizzle of Colonna olive oil from Tuscany
  • A drizzle of Canti prosecco from Canti


Our verdict?  we both agreed it was delicious and a real indulgent way to start your working day.

You wont find the omelette on the menu though, but when you go ask your waiter and the chef will specially prepare you this delightful feast.

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