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The Hip flask has been around in its current form since the 18th Century but the evolution of the hip flask is rather interesting.
The first known version of something similar to today’s hip flask dates back to the middle ages where documentation from the time would suggest hollowed out fruits were used to store whisky, Gin and such while travelling.

During the 18th century women were known to fill pigs bladders and hide them under their petticoats to enable them to smuggle gin on board ships where it was otherwise prohibited.

These of course are both quite primitive stages in the evolution of what you will be familiar with in today’s flask and recently The Macallan , a rather fine Scottish Whisky distiller have collaborated with sports and lifestyle brand Oakley to produce a truly beautiful and limited piece they call ‘The Flask’.

Featuring on trend black carbon detailing the fantastic modern almost futuristic design Oakley have come up with is truly stunning.  The flask has been designed to a ridiculously high standard  with durability and quality and the forefront of the design process.

Don’t think they haven’t taken the durability seriously either, in the video below Oakley demonstrate the lengths they have gone to to make this a durable product that will last a lifetime

The Flask is rather exclusive,  only 100 have been made so if you want one you better act quickly and head over to  The Macallan Shop to get yours before they are all gone!


This post has been sponsored by The Macallan & Oakley  but all thoughts are our own

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