Netatmo Weather Station

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Do you remember the weather stations of old? all wood and brass large grand affairs… well welcome to the next generation of weather station, The Netatmo Weather Station.

This rather fantastic piece of kit measures the Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, indoor CO2 concentration and also has a inbuilt Sound Meter. All of this information available on your smartphone or tablets screen, logged so you can even look back and see for example what the humidity was this time last year.

You may wonder why would you want to know all these things? well for lots of reasons, one maybe not so obvious one I can relate to due to family suffering are people with breathing difficulties who need to monitor air quality, temperature, humidity etc in several rooms, and outside for that is product is ideal with cold air and humidity being asthma triggers this product can help manage the condition greatly.

Also well some people just like to know !

I myself this last week have been using mine to measure the temperature and humidity in my tower cigar humidor, both things are terribly important to make sure your cigars are stored correctly the same is true if you collect wine.


The software is very simple to use and can be used for both Apple and Android Devices.

I suppose my one only gripe is the outside sensor appears not to be waterproof which I find bizarre, I created a makeshift cover for it with a plant pot which seems to do the trick.

Netatmo’s Personal Weather Station is now available online from or for £139

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