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Its getting closer to Christmas have you got everything? are you really stuck finding something special to get your loved one? well this rather awesome APP for the Iphone from called Gift King could be just for you.

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If you don’t know they are the perfect place to get something a bit special or customized, lots of cool stuff you wont find as the name suggests on the high street!


The App is really simple to use, utilizing sliding bars after you have answered a few of these bars relating to your loved ones likes and dislikes it then filters down to what the app thinks will best suit that person.

I had a go at the app last week and have to say was really impressed, its very easy to use but to be honest I was more impressed by the great unique gifts on offer, there really is so much selection. I wont say what I bought just in case she reads this but Im really happy with the site and service provided check the app out now on the Iphone app store.

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