The Pen – The Classic Status Symbol

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I go through an awful lot of pens. Why? Brazen theft, that’s why!
Every day, my workmates will come over to my desk, pick up my pen, and walk off with it. They say it’s unintentional – after all, who can distinguish one disposable Bic from another? But accidental or not, I needed a solution to stop my pens vanishing, and opted for something classier than getting on of those chains they use in banks.
With my birthday coming up, I decided to treat myself to a decent pen. And not only a good pen but one with my name on it to try to curtail those klepto pen fairies roaming about my office.

I ended up at Pen Heaven. It was started in 2008 by owner Keith Cole who says he’s always had a passion for pens and the experience of a hand written note. I must say Pen Heaven really has something for everyone, from those on a budget to those really looking to splash out.
As mentioned I wanted to personalise my pen to try and stop it going walkies and the whole process was very simple. Select the engraved pens section (which narrows down the pens that are able to be engraved) then it’s just a matter of choosing your pen and typing in your desired text.

After much deliberation I selected a sterling silver roller ball from Otto Hut, a German pen manufacturer I hadn’t heard of before, but really like their simple elegant designs.
So I ordered my engraved pen about 3pm and to my surprise a courier arrived with it the very next day. Now that’s service.

The Otto Hut pen is reassuringly solid and feels extremely well made. I have been using the pen for about a week now. It’s a pleasure to write with and the subtle engraving is very impressive. I must also add that so far no-one has pilfered my pen or at least if they have they have seen my name on it and returned it to its rightful owner.
Pen Heaven have been a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. The website is cleanly laid out and it was very easy to customise my purchase which then arrived with superfast delivery. So if you are on the looking for a special pen you can’t go wrong with Pen Heaven!

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