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Are you a Twin Peaks fan? Then this could be the event of the year for you!
THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM inspired by the world of Twin Peaks and David Lynch has extended their dates so more ticket buyers who couldn’t make the first round can enjoy the amazing experience and some DAMN FINE COFFEE…
I experienced the show? Is that the right word? Or immersive experience last week and while I cant really say much as to give away things from the moment you walk in the door you are in the world the actors have created, you walk into the diner for a Damn Fine Coffee and the entertainment begins! The food is strange but authentic American diner kind of, the coffee and booze filed and the night is bizzare!

To book tickets head over to the run has been extended until November 21st

The Owls Are Not What They Seem photo 1 by Paul Choy

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