The Day we took down a Drug Cartel – With Sicario

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Sicario is the new movie starring Emily Blunt as an FBI agent enlisted by a U.S government task force to aid in the escalating war against drugs at the border with Mexico. The film features the team raiding a drug den. So to celebrate the release of Sicario on DVD and blu-ray a few of us were invited to experience a similar raid for ourselves…

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Elliott Gill, Eg Photography,

Hosted by the team at Stirling Airsoft we first were dressed in the proper gear to look the part, boiler suits, mock bullet proof vests and helmets, once all the gear was on it certainly started to feel real!
We were then given a briefing on the day by the team of dedicated ex-special forces instructors, explaining what we were about to experience would be a realistic scenario that would challenge us both physically and mentally.

Elliott Gill, Eg Photography,

Now briefed and kitted up we were taken to an old disused factory where we spent the next few hours being shown how to safely enter a building as a team covering all angles and not getting shot by the bad guys. To me this was the most interesting aspect of the day, it’s not a case of just running in like a cowboy and actually takes quite a lot of concentration and teamwork is key. It’s also a tonne of fun!

Elliott Gill, Eg Photography,

After a brief lunch we were then shown how the airsoft weapons worked, shooting small white balls. I’d love to spend more time playing with these; they do sting a bit if one hits you though!
Then came the actual raid, some of the instructors would be somewhere in the building to play members of the Mexican drug cartel and it was our job to enter the building, clearing the rooms as we went in search of the main man top drug dealer, his friends might try and stop us though….

Elliott Gill, Eg Photography,
Elliott Gill, Eg Photography,

We approached the building in style, we all loaded up into a armoured personnel carrier which honestly was like a roller coaster inside, I don’t know how the professionals do it on a regular basis!
We all piled out and entered the building as we were trained, most remembered the training, some turned into Rambo, and others like me just forgetting half of what we were told but it honestly felt so realistic and my heart was pumping as I went against all I was told and just fired blindly down the hallway at the baddies, but hey, it was amazing fun.

Elliott Gill, Eg Photography,
Elliott Gill, Eg Photography,

After all that we debriefed and then had a chat about the day, I also realised how truly unfit I am, I think I’m still aching from the events of that day. Kudos to Emily Blunt!
For more info on Stirling Airsoft our hosts for the day head over to
SICARIO is out now Blu-ray, DVD, and digital platforms courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

TM & © 2016 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

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