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Recipe For Men

Posted on 28 May 2012 by Chris Ford

Recipe for men is a Swedish brand that was founded in 2003. Jonas Wikstrom
who had a background in skincare got together with his friends Jesper Matsch,
Jesper Ronnback and Mikael Snabb – a mix of economists and alpine skiers.
They all met together through sports and this is how they saw the niche for a
men’s skincare brand as they found that other brands did not provide enough
moisture for their skin with their energetic lifestyles. In addition, they were
frequently outdoors, exposed to the sun everyday as well as the harsh climate of
Sweden. Recipe for Men is a highly intuitive, easy to use men’s skincare concept
with excellent moisturising properties and protection properties.
The line has been continuously tested on a focus group consisting of 60 men in
Sweden of different ages and with different lifestyles. The group has had a huge
influence on the product development process, both in terms of function and in
terms of conceptual qualities. The result was a modern, logical men’s skincare
line based on the highest quality ingredients available. Recipe for men is now
sold in 16 countries worldwide.









The range consists of a Facial Cleanser; Facial Scrub; Ultra Sensitive Shaving
Foam; Clear Shaving Gel; Facial Moisturizer; Under Eye Gel; Anti Blemish Cover
Stick; Concealer in Light/Med/Dark; Alcohol free Antiperspirant Deodorant; Super
Smooth Body Cream; Ultra Clean Shower Gel; 3 Way White Gift Bag and the 3
Way Red Gift Bag: Prices range from £15 to £30 for the products and £55 – 65
for the gift sets.









Available exclusively at in the UK

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When Zombies Attack

When Zombies Attack

Posted on 22 May 2012 by Chris Ford

I’ve always loved disaster films those that show people turning into zombies or nuclear disasters and the fallout from them, it’s interesting to ponder what would you do in the event something like that happened? How would you survive? What’s your escape plan? A friend of mine when he’s bored at work plans in his head how he would escape the very room he is in if everyone would suddenly attack! That’s a bit extreme but just a bit of fun (he assures me!!!) Here are my top five suggestions for disaster /Zombie films to keep you entertained

The Walking Dead (TV Series) Based on a comic book series of the same name, the world has been taken over by zombies and the show follows a small group who stick together to try and survive in the zombie infested world. Currently just finished its second series with a third on the way in October this is a must see, it stars English actor Andrew Lincoln and is a very realistic portrait of the flaws of humanity.






Jericho (TV Series) After a series of nuclear attacks leave the US in a state of disaster. A small Kansas town called Jericho must come together to deal with the aftermath and how to survive. Jericho ran for two series and has developed quite a cult following, if you haven’t heard of it get the DVDs now!










28 Days Later (Movie) Animal activists invade a laboratory with the intention of releasing chimpanzees that are undergoing experimentation, infected by a virus -a virus that causes rage. The naive activists ignore the pleas of a scientist to keep the cages locked, with disastrous results.










Zombieland (Movie) A shy student trying to reach his family in Ohio, and a gun-toting tough guy trying to find the Last Twinkie and a pair of sisters trying to get to an amusement park join forces to travel across a zombie-filled America. This is a comedy Zombie movie, but a very well made and funny one, check it out!







Dawn of the Dead (2004 Remake- Movie) A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman, and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall. A great remake of the George A Romero classic , a little tongue in cheek at times but great fun.

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Summer caps from Bailey of Hollywood

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Summer caps from Bailey of Hollywood

Posted on 19 May 2012 by Guest Post

Guest Reviewer: Gentleman in the North

Where’s the best place to review flat caps?  Its got to be Yorkshire.  The land defined by flat caps and whippets, frothy beer and Emmerdale!

So a package was dispatched (not by pigeon) to Yorkshire for a review by our “Gentleman in the North”.  Here’s what he thought.

Bailey of Hollywood, Made in Milan the label says….well that’s a fair few airmiles.  The three flatcaps that arrived were not your usual choice of materials, some very striking patterns and one even had pink stitching; that may be the height of fashion in Milan, but maybe not Mytholmroyd!

In terms of construction, this is where the Bailey shines.  The cap just screams quality, from the heavy gauge liner with the Bailey logo running through, to the perfect stitching and flawless linen outer, this cap is a very well made piece of headwear.  The attention to detail is something I always assess as it can tell you if the price is justified or if someone’s trying it on because of the name.  As you can always tell a made to measure pinstripe suit by the pinstripe lining up at the arm/body boundary, the same attention to detail can be seen on this cap.  My favourite of the bunch has large check pattern made up of multiple lines; these are matched perfectly as the top panel joins the side panel.  There’s also less obvious, but tell-tale signs of quality; the logo on the liner all runs perfectly level, the pattern on the underside of the peak is straight and centralized and the head band join is hidden under the Bailey tag.  All these little things show you this is a quality item that hasn’t been thrown together in a sweat shop!

The caps that were sent were Large and fitted my head perfectly.  The shape of the cap on the head is slightly different to most in my collection due to the slightly larger side panel.  This produces a shape that’s a sort of cross between a Bakers Boy and the traditional Flat Cap.  No bad thing, it’s just different.

The full range of Bailey Hats can be found at and all good fashion retailers

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Good Heavens! Drinking Yoghurt

Posted on 17 May 2012 by Chris Ford

I’m not much of a yoghurt person, I tend to find them quite boring in general and to be truthful haven’t had one for years so when I was sent a selection of Good Heavens! range of drinking Yoghurt to try I wasn’t super excited but in the interests of journalism (or whatever you want to call this! ) I gave one a try.

The first thing I noticed was the explosion of flavours,  they taste very fresh and not artificial at all which was my main bad memory of  drinking yoghurt of my youth, and guess what?  there’s actually real fruit in there!

There are nine different flavours to choose from  including Strawberry (my favourite) as well as some more exotic choices, head over to to see the full range.

I drank my samples as a after dinner desert and really enjoyed them and opened my mind up to yoghurt’s once again.

But are they any good for your waistline?

Well Good heavens! drinking yogurts are completely natural, free from any additives, packed with real fruit and contain over 25% of an adult’s calcium RDA. What’smore amazing is that they’re also probiotic and low-fat.


Good Heavens! Drinking Yoghurt is now available in 230 Tesco Express and Metros – but other stockists include Selfridges; Harrods; Sourced Market (St. Pancras); Whole Foods Market; the Camden Food Company (8 London train stations, plus Birmingham and Leeds) and As Nature Intended.  There are 6 non-organic and 4 organic flavours in all, with RRPs of £1.69/£2.10 respectively.

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HTC Wildfire S

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HTC Wildfire S

Posted on 15 May 2012 by Chris Ford

Recently Dialaphone  sent me the new entry level Android phone from HTC  the Wildfire S to have a play with, its been in use for a few weeks now and here are my thoughts.


I have never used an Android smart phone before being up until now a Iphone man, but I have been tempted when I see others shiny devices.  I think the big draw with Android as opposed to the Iphone is the customisation, Iphones are locked down so there are only limited things you can change in them, all of these have to be approved by Apple. With Android phones just about everything software wise can be customised from the clock face to the music player, I didn’t think I would be that bothered about this but i have to say Im kind of sold on Android now, it feels so bright fresh and new, with the advantage of when you get bored you can just change things up, unlike my Iphone which doesn’t look much different from the day I got it three years ago.


The Wildfire S is very easy to use, I picked up the main functions of the phone within ten minutes or so of turning it on and haven’t looked back, I would say this is a excellent phone for someone new to smart phones both on price point and ease of use.

I think the big winner for me coming from the Iphone has been the battery life, I have been using the phone to listen to music to and from the office on my daily commute, as well as playing games and reading facebook and twitter throughout the day and  it seems no matter how much I use the phone the battery hardly takes a bashing, plus of course you can just swap out the battery for another unlike the Iphone, not that I think you will need to with the Wildfire S.

The 5MP Camera on the Wildfire S is great in daylight resulting in some impressive shots ,  it does struggle in low light conditions,  perfectly fine to capture candid moments while out with friends, less impressive if you want a serious shot, but then if you want that I wouldn’t recommend using phone camera anyway!

Overall I would definitely recommend the HTC Wildfire S  for people that are new to smart phones or if you just want a reliable great featured phone.

My review phone was supplied by Dialaphone who have some excellent deals going on right now with the HTC Wildfire S on pay as you go for £139.89

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Pulp Fiction Cinema Screenings with Stella Artois

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Pulp Fiction Cinema Screenings with Stella Artois

Posted on 14 May 2012 by Chris Ford

In celebration of its official sponsorship of the 65th Cannes Film Festival, Stella Artois has created the Cannes Cinema Club, designed to bring the spirit of Cannes to the UK. The club rewards fans with classic film experiences, including an exclusive partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas, where the Oscar winning and critically acclaimed Pulp Fiction will be brought back to cinema screens nationwide.


Together, Stella Artois and Picturehouse Cinemas will keep the sophistication and beauty of cinema alive through screenings of Quentin Tarantino’s cinematic classic, which is widely agreed to be a ‘must see’. With each Picturehouse cinema’s individual character and atmosphere, they provide the perfect environment to welcome one of the most iconic films of the 90s back to the big screen.

There will be twenty exclusive screenings between 21st to 31st May across ten Picturehouse Cinema locations nationwide: Hackney, Clapham, Brighton, Greenwich, Southampton, Brixton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool and York.

To be in with a chance just visit between 18th May – 31st May and click on the ‘Win Late Release Pulp Fiction Tickets’ tab to be in with a chance of securing one of hundreds of pairs of tickets available for the screenings at Picturehouse Cinemas.


Those lucky enough to secure a pair of tickets to one of the screenings will experience a red carpet arrival and, once inside, will be welcomed by the original Pulp Fiction soundtrack music and projections of iconic imagery from the film. All guests will be served a perfectly poured Chalice of Stella Artois or Stella Artois Black, preciously presented at the bar, before taking their seats to enjoy an evening of exceptional cinema.

For your chance to win tickets and to join the Stella Artois Cannes Cinema Club please visit

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John Torode creates the ultimate Club Sandwich

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John Torode creates the ultimate Club Sandwich

Posted on 11 May 2012 by Chris Ford

This week chef, restaurateur and TV presenter John Torode has joined forces with to reveal how to perfect the world’s favourite hotel dish – The Club Sandwich.

During the Masterclass  the star chef  gives a step-by-step guide and his secret tips to viewers on how to transform chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled eggs, dijonnaise and toast into a delicious culinary creation.

The video has been created to mark the launch of the Club Sandwich Index which uses the most common dish on a hotel menu as a measure of affordability, to give holiday-makers an indication of the costs associated with their holiday destination.

In the Index, Paris was found to be the most expensive city in the world to order a Club with the average cost coming in at £20.43, while in the second most expensive city, Geneva, the sandwich costs an average of £20.10, followed closely by £18.83 for a Club in Oslo.

John Torode said: “For me the Club Sandwich tells you all you need to know about a great hotel. has surveyed 750 hotels in more than 25 countries to give you an indication of the price point of a great Club Sandwich.”


John Torode’s top tips:

1.       Stacking is important so when you go to eat it, it doesn’t falls apart

2.       Don’t butter your Club Sandwich, use mayo, and lots of it

3.       The most important thing is, it’s got to be cold. A Club Sandwich should be a cold dish and served with hot chips

4.       Don’t squash down the middle of the sandwich or the filling will fall out. Push down on the edge of the sandwich to hold it in place


Ingredients (cold):

Bacon, poached chicken, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard



1.       Thinly sliced the chicken, egg, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce

2.       Toast the bread and mix the mayonnaise and mustard to create Dijonnaise and spread the Dijonnaise on one side of each slice

3.       Add the bacon on top of the first slice, followed by the chicken, layered in opposite directions

4.       Add the second slice of toast Dijonnaise side down and top with another spreading of Dijonnaise before topping with the lettuce, tomatoes and egg

5.       Add the final slice on top, Dijonnaise side down

6.       Press down the edges of the sandwich to hold the ingredients together. Place four toothpicks to hold the sandwich together, one in each corner

7.       Cut away the sides of the sandwich and serve with hot chips


Well now you can make your own perfect club sandwich heres the list of Club Sandwich prices around the world

The Club Sandwich Index (CSI):


Country / City

Average Club Sandwich Price (£)

France – Paris


Switzerland – Geneva


Norway – Oslo


Japan – Tokyo


Italy – Rome


Finland – Helsinki


Sweden – Stockholm


Australia – Canberra


Denmark – Copenhagen


UK – London


Hong Kong


South Korea – Seoul


Germany – Berlin


Brazil – Brasília


USA – New York


Holland – Amsterdam


Russia – Moscow


Spain – Madrid


Canada – Toronto


Ireland – Dublin




China – Beijing


Colombia – Bogota


Argentina – Buenos Aires


Mexico – Mexico City


India – New Delhi



Follow on Facebook at, on Twitter at @HotelsdotcomUK and download the mobile app at








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