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Turn: Washington’s Spies DVD giveaway!

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Turn: Washington’s Spies DVD giveaway!

Posted on 26 April 2015 by Chris Ford

Turn: Washington’s Spies is a period drama documenting Americas first spy ring, set amoungts the war between us British and George Washingtons army its an interesting look at our history and something we ( or certainly I ) didn’t learn about in British schools but we were very much involved in, something I found extremely interesting to learn more about.


Brought to you by AMC Turn is now just starting its second season in the US and the first season has just been released on DVD over here and to celebrate we have been kindly given two boxsets to giveaway.

To win one simply tell us what musical film British star Jamie Bell first got his big break in?

answers to  by May 10th 2015

If you arent of of the lucky winners of our competition Turn: Washington’s Spies is available to buy now.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 -The Review

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Samsung Galaxy S6 -The Review

Posted on 24 April 2015 by Chris Ford


Since smart phone came about I have always pretty much been an Iphone user, don’t get me wrong I feel no loyalty to Apple products I just like the way they flawlessly work and in a simple way that just work.
The first Samsung Galaxy poped up in 2009 as an instant Iphone rival, it looked similar but was a lot cheaper and did unthinkable things like allowed you to remove the battery and expand the memory both things Apple would never allow you to do, and of course it was a lot cheaper.
So we fast forward to 2015, we have had yearly updates of the Samsung Galaxy getting more and more advanced as the years past and more and they are surpassing the Iphone feature wise… which brings us to the latest Samsung Galaxy the S6.
I have been using the S6 for just under two weeks now so feel I can give an honest opinion on the device.
First off as stated above I am coming from the Iphone which uses their IOS operating system, Samsung uses Android which is a little different and took me a few days to adjust to.


The Samsung S6 looks amazing, I think their best yet, smooth sleak lines, and a simple design they have taken their cues from Apple on this one, especially with the now very Apple like sealed in battery, no longer can you carry around with you multiple batteries which was an appeal to power users. As a Iphone user however I see this as a very small issue, with the advent of cheap small rechargeable power sticks it’s really a non-issue to me. They have also dropped the memory expansion slot which I think is a real shame, with the abundance of cheap memory available now it would be nice to have kept this feature in this latest generation of the phone.


How has using the Galaxy S6 been? Well its been a mixed bag, battery like is fantastic, much better than my Iphone 5, again the screen is big, bright and clear with vivid colours which I can’t fault.
The camera on the S6 takes some stunning phones (a few examples I took below), as you can see the photos show rich detail and true colours, coming from an Iphone 5 I was blown away by their quality.




The not so good parts? Well the worst thing for me was messages, every time (and I mean every time) someone sent me a text message the message app would crash when I tried to read it, same goes for if I would try to send a text, as you can imagine this proved very annoying over the two week period! My other issue was the fingerprint scanner, it constantly failed, this became so annoying to the point is just disabled it figuring whats the point?

I’m not used to using Android , and of the two problems I outlined I could only find one documented online (finger print scanner issue) and to be honest Im confident both these issues will be fixed with software updates.

Overall if these two issues were fixed I would gladly buy the Galaxy S6 it’s a sleek responsive phone that looks good and lasts a day of moderate use without recharge and no doubt will be a very popular addition to the Galaxy family.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was provided my Three Mobile for this review, for more info on the handset please head over to their site here.


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Wingman Grooming

Posted on 14 April 2015 by Chris Ford

Onto the once sparse now quite crowded men’s grooming market steps WingMan, so whats different? Well Created with a leading chemist who has worked across several innovative products, he creators say its anti-aging and free from parabens.
What are parabens I hear you ask? Well they have been widely used for decades to prevent bacteria growth in products, recent studies though have suggested a possible link to cancer so its probably something we should try and avoid so I was happy to hear Wingman were free of parabens.


The Skin Fuel range is five products strong and available in compact sizes making them perfect for men on the move. The range has been developed in a three step system (1) scrub, 2) wash and 3) moisturise), designed to be simple yet effective.
Skin Fuel Original Moisturiser, £5.99:: a hydrating gel/cream enhanced with Ginseng that gives a cooling energy boost to revive and brighten tired skin. It helps moisturise, providing 24 hour hydration whilst working to repair and mattify skin with a non-greasy finish.

Skin Fuel Original Face Wash, £3.99: a foaming gel that cleanses, nourishes and conditions skin without drying it out. Enhanced with stimulating ginseng to counteract dryness and restore PH balance for clear and energised skin.

Skin Fuel Original Face Scrub, £4.49: a purifying cream scrub that exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores and removes impurities like oil and dirt.

Skin Fuel Sensitive Moisturiser, £5.99: works the same way as the original moisturiser however, the ginseng is replaced with aloe vera to help soothe and cool dry and irritated skin, aloe vera works to actively support natural defences whilst moisturising and protecting skin.

Skin Fuel Sensitive Face Wash, £3.99: a foaming gel that cleanses, nourishes and conditions skin without drying it out, made with soothing Aloe Vera to help reinforce natural defences, skin will be nourished and refreshed.

Where to buy? Currently Wingman is stocked at the following outlets :

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The Red Road DVD release

Posted on 07 April 2015 by Chris Ford

The Red Road Is a gripping thriller that explores what happens when two opposing visions of the American dream collide. When tragedy forces a mesmerising ex-con, Phillip (Jason Momoa) directly into the path of embattled local cop Harold (Martin Henderson), both men must face their past and confront their most jealously guarded secrets. As the ghosts of the past start to emerge the consequences are terrible for both men and those around them.


I had the pleasure of binge watching The Red Road this weekend and was totally blown away by the series, the acting is top notch and the story gripping from the outset.


If you also would like to check out The Red Road I have two boxsets to giveaway, to win one just tell me what is the colour of the road?

Answers to by April 30th 2015, competition is open to UK residents only and the decision of Gentlemens Goods in final in all cases.

If you don’t win or just cant wait then THE RED ROAD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES is out now on DVD , courtesy of Entertainment One.

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