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Giant Robot – Canary Wharf’s new Street food Venue

Giant Robot – Canary Wharf’s new Street food Venue

Posted on 21 April 2017 by Chris Ford

So last night we headed down to Giant Robot in Canary Wharf to check things out. Giant Robot is a Street Feast’s brand new, seven-day-a-week eating and drinking mecca in the heart of Canary Wharf at Crossrail Place.

First of all it wasn’t entirely what I had expected,  I thought Id be walking into essentially an indoor street food market place type deal and it really isn’t that, what I found is a series of permanent food kiosks (three of them as far as I could tell ) and then lots of seating and two bars.

Now I confess I didn’t try the food on this visit but I saw on the next table some city workers tucking into their bucket of fried chicken and I have to say it looked decent and yes the prices were not cheap as Ive noted a few reviews state but they also were not out of this world and we have to remember that we are in London, this is Canary Wharf it’s not going to be KFC prices.

Food on offer is currently Little Jose Spanish tapas , Thunderbird fried chicken and  Bobs Lobster.

What I did try is the bar, in fact the reason of my visit was to check out the much touted 38 tap bar and the beers they had on offer.  The thing is they may well have 38 taps (I counted 20 odd) but at the time of my visit only 12 beers were on, I’m not complaining though they were really nice beers I particular loved the Blue Point Toasted Lager and the Goose Island IPA was as great as it always is, also service was friendly and quick.


The space is a cool one and on a nicer day I could see many an hour spent in the outside area of Giant Robot drinking a cool beer in the sun, maybe next time I go I will try that fried chicken!


Giant Robot , Crossrail Place

Nearest Tube – Canary Wharf




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Review – St Barts – Smithfield

Review – St Barts – Smithfield

Posted on 19 April 2017 by Chris Ford

Last week I popped along to a dinner for bloggers at St Bart’s Brewery in Farringdon so they could showcase their new menu, as well as their drinks offerings.

Overlooking Smithfield’s famous meat market, St Bart’s is part of the Hush Heath Estate group (with another London location by Liverpool Street). Their new ‘barbecue soul food’ menu offers fresh and sustainably sourced British meat, fish and vegetables, smoked using apple wood from their Hush Heath Estate in Kent.

We began with a selection of small plates from the menu to share. The highlight for me was the most amazing Scotch Egg made with a duck’s egg. The yolk was rich and gooey and it was worlds away from the M&S picnic eggs I confess I’m used to eating. Sadly I had to share this with the table as I would have gladly eaten it all there and then!
For the main I decided to look beyond my go-to choice of steak (although the person sitting next to me had it and it looked amazing!) The ribs sounded like a tempting option and made the shortlist too. But in the end I had to go for the smoked brisket. And I’m so glad I did. It was absolutely melt-in-the-mouth and some of the best meat I have tasted in a long while. This is no doubt down to the care that has been taken to source good quality British beef, combined with the apple wood smoking.

Our host for the evening Laurence Bowes, operations director of the Hush Heath Estate group explained: ‘We’re not trying to reinvent the industry or even to be the very best in London. The industry is already altering people’s perceptions of quality meats and barbecued food – St Bart’s is coming along for the ride. What we are doing is offering real food, cooked well and served in a relaxed environment.’

So the food is good, very good, but what about the drink? First of all the award winning English wines from their Hush Heath Estate are front and a must try when you visit. Not much of a wine drinker myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the fruity sparkling Balfour Brut Rosé. The house IPA Jakes Orchard Session IPA was very drinkable too and while Hush Heath don’t make this themselves Laurence told me they were heavily involved in its development and the results are a great IPA which can stand up with the best of the big names out there (and in some cases beat them).

We finished our meal with a last bit of indulgence in the for of a knickerbocker glory, wow just wow!
One final note I’d like to mention the prices. Several of us noted that most of the plates were only £10 each which, considering the location and quality, is a very welcome surprise.

I would without hesitation recommend St Bart’s to anyone, in fact I already have so that says it all really.
St Barts ,66 West Smithfield, London EC1A 9DY
Nearest Tube – Farringdon or Barbican

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Bumbu rum

Amazing Cocktails with Bumbu Rum

Posted on 13 April 2017 by Chris Ford

Bumbu is a small batch craft rum from the west indies, aged in oak barrels for 15 years creating a smooth flavoursome rum that really kept us going back for more when we tried it last weekend, and with this weekend looking to be another sunny one Bumbu have released these great cocktail how to  videos to really make this long weekend a special one

Bumbu Cocktail 'X Marks The Spot' at Hush Brasserie, London, UK from Bumbu Rum Co. on Vimeo.

Bumbu Cocktail 'Darkest Hour' at 65 & King, London, UK from Bumbu Rum Co. on Vimeo.

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The Son – A new epic drama on BT TV and AMC

The Son – A new epic drama on BT TV and AMC

Posted on 13 April 2017 by Chris Ford

Pierce Brosnan best known for being the 90s James Bond (and a rather good one too) has just made his return to television after a 30year absence and BT Tv with their AMC UK channel have the exclusive on this new western drama The Son and they invited us down to a special preview on the show in the iconic BT tower which was rather cool in itself!

The head of AMC UK in his pre-screen speech described The Son as this generations Dallas and with the first episode fresh in my mind I’m really excited at that prospect if true.

The Son is a  multi-generational telling of the story of America’s birth as a superpower through the bloody rise and fall of one Texas oil empire and while the first episode started off slow setting the scene it gradually built into an epic final scene that I’m sure like me will leave you excited for more.

Brosnan is really strong in this, he’s playing against his usual good guy persona but it’s really unclear in this first episode what he is, is he a good guy trying to protect his family or is he a ruthless man that will stop at nothing to get what he wants?  Or maybe a bit of both and I certainly can’t wait to find out!

The Son will premiere on Tuesday 18th April at 9pm on AMC – BT TV channel 332/381 HD and to BT Sport pack subscribers on Sky channel 192.

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Pop Up Japan @ Proud East

Pop Up Japan @ Proud East

Posted on 07 April 2017 by Chris Ford

Japans a bit far away isn’t it?  Yeah it is, trust me. Well fear not Proud East have teamed up with some of the most talented people involved in Japanese food, drink and general fun to transform their venue into a mini Japan for the next 12 weeks.

With things like Origami tutorials hosted by Alice Sushi Art and sushi making classes from the Sazai cooking school as well as excellent food from masters of noodles Tonkotsu, as well as some excellent Japanese whisky and the really refreshing beer on offer, we really enjoyed ourselves last night. I’d highly recommend you head down over the next few weeks and see for yourself, Proud East’s canal side venue is well worth a visit anyway!

P.s We loved this Japanese beer from Hitachino Nest


Proud East, 2-10 Hertford Road, N1

Nearest Tube – Haggerston OverGround

Pop Up Japan

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