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The Moretti Gran Tour

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The Moretti Gran Tour

Posted on 18 November 2014 by Chris Ford

Moretti Gran Tour

Last week I popped down to the Moretti Gran Tour, a Italian food festival organised by Italys favourite beer Morerri.
Each and every vendor at the event was specially selected for their philosophy of using traditional and authentic Italian ingredients, techniques and recipes from different corners of the country.

Birra Moretti is a smooth refreshing lager type beer which doesn’t overwhelm the palte  while still  maintaining a good flavour profile and one of my favourite lagers so an ideal choice really to showcase the foods on offer, here are the foods I enjoyed the most


Cooking Cooks
The Cooking Cooks bring their dream of fresh pasta and Italian home-style cooking to events using traditional recipies whilst giving them a hint of a update, for the Gran Tour they produced a stunning Chocalate flavoured tortalini stuff with venison and beetroot finished in a butter and brandy sauce, this was absolutely amazing! … to top it all off they are lovely people too! Cooking Cooks do not currently have a regular pitch or restaurant but tell me they are looking for opportunities so watch this space.




Pasta E Basta
After 8 years in Londons busiest kitchens Fabrizio started Pasta e Basta to bring authentic Italian food to the streets of London.
Fabrizio made us some gorgous Gnocchi two ways, one with red wine and beef brasato and the other with pumpkin and a crema di taleggio and cavolo nero.





Gelupo produces authentic Italian gelato using ingrediants mainly sourced from Italy, and every batch is churned out in traditional cattabriga machines.
Gelupo served us up fresh Panetone with a choice of 8 flavours of gelato! , it was very hard to pick !




Pizza Pilgrims
Thom and James Elliot gained the knowledge of Italian food by touring different regions of Italy, they now serve what I think are the best pizzas in London and I’m a regular vistor to their soho branch.
The pizza they served up though was new to me, Mushroom and trufle oil … and it was simply divine!




Generations of Giacomo Bias family have been involved in authentic Italian food, with their famous charcuterie being from La Corte dei Neri, a small farm outside Parma.
Gurmetti made us Torta Fritta which I think was the most interesting in terms of something new, they put what seems a regular looking piece of pastry into the fryer and it comes out a fluffy pillow of delight, topped with a fresh shaving of a fatty ( but delicious ) meat… this was was unexpectedly good.





Mortari Brothers, Edoardo and Michelle, moved to the UK in 2005 to create a new way for people to eat and drink by creating a half restaurant half coffee shop environment.
On the evening Arancina served us what I can only describe as like a ball of rice molded around a filling then deep fried, two varieties were on offer Chicken and a Ricotta and spinach both were great Yes I had both :-)




Many thanks to Moretti for inviting us along and I hope some of you took my advise on a earlier post and went along, lets hope the next Grand Tour from Moretti isn’t far off Cheers!


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Shelina Permalloo discusses passion for food

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Shelina Permalloo discusses passion for food

Posted on 20 August 2013 by Chris Ford

Continuing the fantastic Stella Artois Connoisseurs Series is Shelina Permalloo the 2012 winner of MasterChef.

Shelina is the first female face of the Connoisseurs Series, which offers a unique look into the world of renowned quality craftspeople, from Oscar nominated directors to stars of the sporting world, highlighting their individual craft, capturing their passion and vision. Each film explores the role of rituals in their profession and how this has helped their success, allowing them to meet the highest standards in their field.

In the film Shelina discusses her recipe inspirations and the experiences she wants to give people through her food.

The recipe being prepared in the film is Shelinas take on Lobster Salad, specially created to pair with Stella Artois Cidre, if you would like to give it ago yourself here it is below, I know I will take any excuse to drink a bottle of Cidre!!

Lobster Salad 1115

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 10 minutes

You will need
600g freshly picked lobster meat (white meat only)
2 whole apples, thinly sliced
1/4 grapefruit, segmented
28g coriander stalks, finely chopped and leaves coarsely chopped
10 mint leaves, finely chopped
3 tbsp. rapeseed oil
1 tbsp. fish sauce
1 tbsp. unrefined light muscavado sugar
1 whole mild red chilli seeds
Juice of 2 limes
500g mixed salad leaves

1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the fish sauce, lime juice, unrefined sugar, chilli and coriander stalk until emulsified.

2. Add to this dressing the mixed leaves, grapefruit, apples, coriander and mint until completely dressed.

3. Scatter over the crab meat, and serve.

4. Enjoy with a cool chalice of Stella Artois Cidre

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John Torode creates the ultimate Club Sandwich

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John Torode creates the ultimate Club Sandwich

Posted on 11 May 2012 by Chris Ford

This week chef, restaurateur and TV presenter John Torode has joined forces with Hotels.com to reveal how to perfect the world’s favourite hotel dish – The Club Sandwich.

During the Masterclass  the star chef  gives a step-by-step guide and his secret tips to viewers on how to transform chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled eggs, dijonnaise and toast into a delicious culinary creation.

The video has been created to mark the launch of the Hotels.com Club Sandwich Index which uses the most common dish on a hotel menu as a measure of affordability, to give holiday-makers an indication of the costs associated with their holiday destination.

In the Index, Paris was found to be the most expensive city in the world to order a Club with the average cost coming in at £20.43, while in the second most expensive city, Geneva, the sandwich costs an average of £20.10, followed closely by £18.83 for a Club in Oslo.

John Torode said: “For me the Club Sandwich tells you all you need to know about a great hotel. Hotels.com has surveyed 750 hotels in more than 25 countries to give you an indication of the price point of a great Club Sandwich.”


John Torode’s top tips:

1.       Stacking is important so when you go to eat it, it doesn’t falls apart

2.       Don’t butter your Club Sandwich, use mayo, and lots of it

3.       The most important thing is, it’s got to be cold. A Club Sandwich should be a cold dish and served with hot chips

4.       Don’t squash down the middle of the sandwich or the filling will fall out. Push down on the edge of the sandwich to hold it in place


Ingredients (cold):

Bacon, poached chicken, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard



1.       Thinly sliced the chicken, egg, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce

2.       Toast the bread and mix the mayonnaise and mustard to create Dijonnaise and spread the Dijonnaise on one side of each slice

3.       Add the bacon on top of the first slice, followed by the chicken, layered in opposite directions

4.       Add the second slice of toast Dijonnaise side down and top with another spreading of Dijonnaise before topping with the lettuce, tomatoes and egg

5.       Add the final slice on top, Dijonnaise side down

6.       Press down the edges of the sandwich to hold the ingredients together. Place four toothpicks to hold the sandwich together, one in each corner

7.       Cut away the sides of the sandwich and serve with hot chips


Well now you can make your own perfect club sandwich heres the Hotels.com list of Club Sandwich prices around the world

The Hotels.com Club Sandwich Index (CSI):


Country / City

Average Club Sandwich Price (£)

France – Paris


Switzerland – Geneva


Norway – Oslo


Japan – Tokyo


Italy – Rome


Finland – Helsinki


Sweden – Stockholm


Australia – Canberra


Denmark – Copenhagen


UK – London


Hong Kong


South Korea – Seoul


Germany – Berlin


Brazil – Brasília


USA – New York


Holland – Amsterdam


Russia – Moscow


Spain – Madrid


Canada – Toronto


Ireland – Dublin




China – Beijing


Colombia – Bogota


Argentina – Buenos Aires


Mexico – Mexico City


India – New Delhi



Follow Hotels.com on Facebook at facebook.com/hotelsdotcomuk, on Twitter at @HotelsdotcomUK and download the mobile app at www.hotels.com/deals/mobile








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Pot Noodle GTI – On Tour

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Pot Noodle GTI – On Tour

Posted on 09 June 2011 by Chris Ford

Pot Noodles are and have been a staple in every single mans cupboard for years, maybe because they are quick require no preparation or cooking skills other than boiling the kettle or maybe because they are just damn tasty either way my cupboard always has a few and I’m sure yours does whether you admit it or not!

Up until now Pot Noodles have been meat free, but that’s all about to change with the launch of Pot Noodle GTI. Each pot has real meat in the pot and now doesn’t even require the boil of a kettle! simply peel back the lid, nuke, stir and scoff! ….. Its just the right amount of food before a night out.

There are four flavours – if you’re a smooth Italian on the road then Spaghetti Bolognese is for you. If you like it hot and spicy and wheel spins are your thing, then grab the Tikka Masala. If it’s all about the spoiler and exhausts then get stuck into the Mexican mayhem of Chilli Con Carne, and finally if you like a smooth sweet ride then  Sweet and Sour is the one for you.


To celebrate the launch of Pot Noodle GTi, the Pot Noodle GTi hummer is going on a tour of the country. The Hummer will roll into each city at 1pm on the dates in question, and Pot Noodle GTi fans will participate in a series of challenges, which are all about getting ready for the ultimate night out and the person with the highest score on the day will be crowned the Pot Noodle GTi winner, receiving an Ultimate Night Out worth a grand for them & their mates! The winner & their mates will get fully fuelled up with Pot Noodle GTi, get picked up and taken to a top night club, and receive free entry, reserved seating, and a bar tab to keep partying into the small hours. While you’re down there, you can sample the Pot Noodle GTi, and also jump into the Pot Noodle GTi hummer for a pre-night prep session – a fashion blitz, a brand new haircut, a styling, or to check out your chat up lines! You might even be lucky enough to get a pair of the limited edition Pot Noodle GTi lucky pants… You’ll have to head on down to find out how!

Head over to www.facebook.com/potnoodle for more info and check out the tour dates on the map below, and get down there early and register for the competition as only the first 15 people will qualify to enter which takes place between 3-4pm at each venue.

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Hellmann’s– it’s not just for dipping

Posted on 26 March 2011 by Chris Ford

With an ever increasing urge to cook more healthily without compromising on taste, the need to create tasty dishes  that don’t add to the ever increasing waistline, I’m often searching for inspired new recipes that don’t take hours to prepare. Many of us use mayonnaise as a condiment to accompany a main meal, but Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is brimming with some of the best quality ingredients which make it a deliciously versatile ingredient to cook with too.

At the heart of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise are three simple ingredients – free range eggs, vinegar and rapeseed oil, which naturally contains Omega 3 and mono-and polyunsaturated fats. Combined, this gives Hellmann’s Mayonnaise a smooth creamy taste. Free from preservatives, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is easy to cook with and to proove that Hellmanns have come up with some low calorie recipe’s using their Mayonnaise.

The food experts at Hellmann’s have devised a series of uncomplicated nutritious recipes to inspire people to get creative with their dishes by using Hellmann’s Mayonnaise as a healthy and tasty ingredient, to satisfy even the most discerning eater.


Mash potato is a  favourite dish of mine– it’s easy to prepare and goes with almost everything.  When made with butter however, it has 85% more saturated fat than when it is made with Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise, I made this today and it works exceptionally well  :

LOVED-UP MASH (85% less saturated fat than when made with butter)

Serves 4-6


700g cooked potatoes

25ml milk

6 dollops* Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise

*A dollop is one level tablespoon of Hellmann’s mayonnaise (15ml)



Cook potatoes in boiling water.

When the potatoes are cooked mash them.

Add milk and mayonnaise.

Mix well and serve.


Serving suggestion:

Delicious served with chicken and mixed vegetables.

Heres a few more of Hellmanns recpies :



Serves 4


400g Italian short pasta (rigatoni, penne, farfalle, fusilli)

150g cherry tomatoes

100g tuna in spring water (drained weight)

60g fresh rocket

100g fresh mozzarella

50g green olives

A few basil leaves

7 dollops* Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise

*A dollop is one level tablespoon of Hellmann’s mayonnaise (15ml)



Cook the pasta ‘’al dente’’ in boiling water and cool.

Clean and cut the cherry tomatoes, the fresh rocket and the basil.

Cut fresh mozzarella into cubes and add the green olives.

Mix all the ingredients together with the mayonnaise and tuna and serve.




Serves 2


200g white fish

125ml of your favourite tomato pasta sauce

1 clove of garlic, crushed

1 tbsp chopped parsley

2 dollops* Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise

1 courgette, thinly sliced

*A dollop is one level tablespoon of Hellmann’s mayonnaise (15ml)



Take the tomato sauce and pour into an ovenproof dish.

Scatter over courgettes and place fish on top.

Mix the garlic, parsley and mayonnaise together and spread over the fish.

Bake at 180’C for 20-25 minutes or until fish is cooked.


Serving suggestion:

Delicious with a mixed green salad and penne pasta.


For more inspiration visit www.hellmanns.co.uk.

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