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Button Up with Ben Sherman

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Button Up with Ben Sherman

Posted on 26 September 2014 by Chris Ford

KJ9V1773 copy

The original ‘button up’ is breaking new ground for Ben Sherman as they return to their roots with their AW14 collection. they say buttoning up is a deliberate style that exudes ‘Britishness’ and personal pride, like the original 1963 shirts

KJ9V1794 copy


our writer Eddie jumped at the chance to get involved as you can see!, I think someone has aspirations as a model ? All the

photos in this post feature him modeling a shirt from the new collection.

KJ9V1730 copy

To celebrate the new collection Ben Sherman are asking you to ‘Button up’ for a chance to win your very own shirt from the collection.

To enter all you have to do is:
1. Follow @aheritageofmodernism on Instagram (Ben Sherman’s handle)
2. Upload a photo and tag @aheritageofmodernism in it using #buttonup
3. Answer the question ‘Why do you button up?’

The new collection is available now :

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A Suit That Fits for an Ethical Bespoke Suit

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A Suit That Fits for an Ethical Bespoke Suit

Posted on 26 October 2010 by Marc

Now, A Suit That Fits isn’t just another online tailor that takes your measurements, punches them into a computer which then cuts and stiches the material. The company was founded in 2006 after the owner was travelling in Nepal and became friendly with a family of tailors. After returning to the UK with a few suits that he had purchased he decided, after receiving high praise on their quality from friends and strangers, to form an ethical partnership with the family run business.

The cutters each have on average 30 years of experience whilst the stitchers have over 4 years of experience and both cutters and stitchers are paid 50% above the national average and receive work-related bonuses. In addition, 5% of all profits are donated to the local HPV School; by paying well and providing excellent working conditions A Suit That Fits ensures that the high standards that you would expect from a bespoke suit are not only met, but exceeded.

Ordering is done in one of 2 ways, you can enter your measurements and design your suit online or if, like me, the idea of ordering a suit online scares you, you can book an appointment at one of their 25 fitting centres throughout the UK and get not only an exact fitting but the chance to see and touch the wide variety of cloths that you can choose from. A fitting costs £25 but all customers who are measured in-store receive a fit guarantee and a second fitting for any tweaks that are required. If you order online with your own measurements there is a £40 fee for alterations.

It would seem that, if at all possible, you opt for an in-store fitting as you’ll then get to design your suit from a range of fabrics ranging from the best quality wools, from winter cashmere to summer mohair with materials like silk and linen.  What’s more there will be a style adviser to help guide you through the process of choosing fabric, linings and style whilst taking great care to ensure perfect measurements are taken.

Once the measurements are known your specifications are then wired over to the family-run workshop in Kathmandu to be expertly cut and stitched, checked by a quality support team and then checked again before being shipped to the UK ready for you to wear within 3 to 8 weeks.

At A Suit That Fits.com a bespoke two-piece suits start at £200, tailored overcoats at £300, shirts start at £50 if you buy 5 or as singles from £70.  They will also tailor trousers, jackets, waistcoats and dinner suits.

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Cut the Cost of a Bespoke Suit with Keynoir

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Cut the Cost of a Bespoke Suit with Keynoir

Posted on 20 October 2010 by Marc

Every now and then an offer comes along that you can’t afford to miss and today is one of those days. In case you haven’t heard, Keynoir is undoubtedly THE leading luxury lifestyle members’ club which handpicks only the finest experiences in and around London for its members.

Given that membership is free there really is no excuse for missing out on offers such as 70% off an evening of whiskey tasting at London’s Albannach or 61% off dinner at Soho’s Quo Vadis Restaurant and today they have a fantastic offer of a £160 voucher towards a bespoke suit from King & Allen for only £80, that’s a 50% saving!

With King & Allen there are no online forms to fill in and quite possibly get wrong.  You can only get a suit by being measured in person at one of their nationwide fitting locations.  Once there you can inspect the range of over 2,000 fabrics while a King & Allen expert measures you and creates a blueprint of your body.

This blueprint and the measurements will be used to tailor your suit by hand from a roll of bespoke cloth within 6 to 8 weeks. You’ll want to experience the renowned King & Allen’s full bespoke fitting service, including their Fit Guarantee when you discover that a bespoke tailored suit can be yours for far less than you imagined.

Ladies and gents suits are priced from £249 however with the Keynoir offer you’ll save £80 just by claiming 1 of 140 half price vouchers, even better is the fact that you have until 19 April 2011 to redeem the voucher so you don’t have to feel rushed into ordering Having said that you could end up with a new bespoke suit in time for Christmas.

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Bivolino.com – Bespoke Shirts

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Bivolino.com – Bespoke Shirts

Posted on 01 October 2010 by Chris Ford

Over the past couple of years several online custom shirt sites have popped up offering Savile Row style custom shirts at high street prices. The idea excites someone like me that has always been not quite one size or another thereby making off the rack shirts either too big in places or too small in others, the question is of course are they any good?

I have now tried 3 or 4 of these online sites over the last year, all of which I’ve had various problems with so much so I was starting to think maybe I was asking too much from a custom shirt priced under £100 well it turns out I was right to expect more!

Having been a huge hit in Europe, Bivolino.com have now decided to launch in the UK bringing their custom shirt service to us Brits. What makes the Bivolino online design service so brilliant is their patented biometric sizing and fit system. By keying in your measurements and selecting from Comfort, Regular or Slim Fit Bivolino work their magic and expertise to produce a shirt which fits perfectly to your size.

Now, I was a little concerned by the lack of measurements needed to order my shirt; on all the other sites I’ve used they require quite literally every part of your torso to be measured which, unless you have someone on hand to help, can be quite difficult to be honest  so while Bivolino’s system sounded fantastic I was curious as to how well it would work.  After I entered my style and cloth choices, my neck size, age and height I let the site do it’s biometric magic and well, crossed my fingers it would turn out okay.

It turns out I had no need to worry, the shirt arrived 18 days after I ordered it (they promise a turnaround of 21 days) and the fit is fantastic, not too tight, not too loose and I’m very impressed with the quality; in fact I wore the shirt yesterday and I’ve lost count of the number of compliments I received so in my mind it’s a winner.

So what if I wasn’t happy?   Well, the shirt comes with a pre-paid return label to a UK address and a check list so you can list any problems you may have with the fit e.g. whether you would like the sleeves slightly shorter or the chest taken in, this is very reassuring. In short I’m very happy with my shirt and as soon as pay day arrives I plan to order another.

For more info on Bivolino head over to Bivolino.com where custom shirts start from a rather reasonable £49.00


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Richard James designs new collection for Austin Reed

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Richard James designs new collection for Austin Reed

Posted on 24 March 2010 by Chris Ford

The suit is no passing trend – it’s an essential wardrobe piece. While some suit styles, cuts and fits may move in and out every season, Richard James knows how to give the classic-style suit some modern flair.

Which is why I was very excited to hear the Savile Row legend had designed a range for premium high street chain Austin Reed.

While in Austin Reeds Regent Street store I tried on the Navy Sharkskin suit from the range, mainly out of curiosity with no intention to buy but was amazed how well the suit hung and at £500 a bargain compared to what you would pay for James’ own off the rack range which to be honest I don’t feel are any better than what is on offer here.

The suits are exquisitely cut in luxurious lightweight mohair’s and wool silk mixes in subtle summer colours which combined with James’ signature sharp tailoring finished to create a strong British tailored look this collection really is something special.

There are also a range of shirts and ties,  the ties were fairly standard but the shirts again I was impressed with the attention to detail, a very nice touch are the mother of pearl buttons which you really don’t see on the high street so well done Austin Reed I’m impressed although my wallet is less so!

Austin Reeds ‘Cut’ Range is available now from selected Austin Reeds stores and online at www.AustinReed.co.uk Suits start at £500, Shirts £70 and ties £45

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Jermyn Street Shirt Makers

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Jermyn Street Shirt Makers

Posted on 22 February 2010 by Chris Ford

If you live in London or intend visiting, Jermyn Street just off Piccadilly is the place to go if you are looking for some new shirts. It is well known as a street where the shops are almost exclusively aimed at the gentleman’s market and is famous for its resident shirt makers.

Much as Savile Row is associated with fine suits, Jermyn Street is where a gentleman goes to purchase his shirts. Now, these shirt makers vary in quality and price so here I have assembled a quick guide to the main players, who all have online stores in case you can’t get to Jermyn Street:

Turnbull & Asser: Top of it all. Most expensive of them all and in my opinion the best off the rack shirts money can buy. Collectibles, as eBay prices show. Worn by aristocrats and show-biz people; by people who don’t care what others think or who DO.  Turnbull & Asser are famous for being both Winston Churchill’s and Prince Charles’ shirt maker of choice, during the Second World War they even made custom overalls for Mr Churchill to wear on his visits to the front line. Why not visit the Turnbull & Asser website and see what we mean.

Harvie & Hudson: A true 1960’s feeling, with neon-lit shops and prescription-glasses salesmen. Worn by older gentlemen who would not be seen dead in “trendy” clothing. Thus they offer cream shirts, pleated denim trousers, washed cotton sports jackets and the like. Ahhh and let’s not forget terry towelling robes.  Think retro in an inherited from your uncle kind of way. The Harvie and Hudson website.

Hilditch & Key: Understated, Italianesque elegance. No fancy kaleidoscope patterns here. Very Continental European style.  If you are looking for the traditional English cut look elsewhere. Why not peruse the Hilditch & Key website?

T.M. Lewin: We are entering middle-class territory here, not that that’s a bad thing! No, Lewin’s  good quality shirts can be picked up for a very reasonable price in one of their ongoing sales, I guess you could consider them the DFS of the shirt game!  You can also shop from the T.M.Lewin Website

Charles Tyrwhitt: Very similar to T.M Lewin except, in my opinion, slightly better quality and a little bit more expensive too! Again, their shirts and accessories can also bought online from the Charles Tyrwhitt website.



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