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Le Col Announces Brand New Winter Collection

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Le Col Announces Brand New Winter Collection

Posted on 16 September 2014 by Chris Ford

Cycling brand Le Col has expanded its winter collection with the release of the latest clothing innovations for 2014. The British cycling apparel brand, founded by professional cyclist Yanto Barker, has continued its pursuit of road perfection with each new garment offering the latest clothing technology and technical expertise.


The new winter range has been meticulously road-tested to give riders the edge on the road. The latest releases for both men and women include jackets, winter tights and a range of accessories that are guaranteed to enhance your cycling performance. Each product has been designed with the rider in mind with no expense spared. Each garment is windproof, waterproof and developed with an extra breathable fabric to keep the rider as comfortable as possible.

Le Col founder Yanto has shared his knowledge and expertise to ensure each Le Col rider is comfortable and efficient during winter conditions, he strives to help cyclists push their physical limits throughout the more challenging months with appropriate kit.

Yanto Barker, found of Le Col said: “In cycling the small details make the difference. That is why I created Le Col, to develop a kit so good, so fit for purpose it is one less detail to think about. Our dedication to making the best kit possible means we won’t settle for second best and don’t think you should either.”

Le Col is branded with the ‘Made in Italy’ label once again, prominent on each garment to remind the wearer of its authenticity and dedication to quality as the most technical cycling apparel available.

B5 Winter Jacket:

RRP £250.00


The B5 Winter Jacket has been developed with wind stopper thermal, water resistant front panels as well water resistant rear panels to ensure every rider is fully protected from both the wind and rain this winter. The jacket also comes with three large pockets and an additional fourth waterproof security pocket to ensure all valuables are kept dry and safe.

Each jacket comes with a full length zip, high soft lined collar and reflective thermal panels. The use of the reflective thermal panels ensures riders will be as safe as possible when riding on dark nights this winter, as well as ensuring the rider looks as stylish as possible.

B5 Winter Tights

RRP £180.00


The new B5 winter tights have been made using aqua zero material, ensuring all riders are kept as dry as possible. The tights have also been created with visibility panels that can be seen from front and rear angles, giving added safety during the shorter days and longer nights.

The winter tights come with ankle zips and comfortable bibs straps, ensuring riders are as comfortable as possible this winter.

Le Col Leg and Arm Warmers

RRP £43.00


Smart black roubaix arm and leg warmers are carefully fitted to ensure maximum comfort and warmth to those who enjoy wearing short sleeve jerseys and shorts throughout winter.

The leg warmers are fitted with high visibility white strips at the ankles for safety in poor light as well as silicone gripper to hold up and keep them firmly in place during rides.

The Le Col range is available to buy at http://lecol.net/ or via selected stockists.

Cycling enthusiasts can stay up-to-date with Le Col news on Twitter @OfficialLeCol and on Facebook @LeColClothing.


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Wrap Up Warm the British Way with Barbour

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Wrap Up Warm the British Way with Barbour

Posted on 22 November 2013 by Chris Ford

With the winter weather setting in and days getting colder and colder I have been looking around for a new winter coat, all the usual places on the high street have been a little uninspiring this year so I went searching online and have just done something I never thought I would do, I’ve bought my first Barbour Jacket!

Barbour jackets were founded by Scot John Barbour in South Shields England so its a thoroughly British company with the jackets still made in South Shields you are also supporting British manufacturing which is a nice Bonus.

I think my aversion to buying a Barbour in the past has mainly been they always seemed a bit too grownup or something farmers would wear but things change, a quilted Barbour jacket is now worn by both young and old and no one will mistake you for a farmer!

Ive opted for this model from online men’s fashion store Cockney Rebel Fashions


The Barbour Quilted Lutz jacket is a lovely tailored fit jacket and at £149.00 I think quite reasonable priced, I can’t wait for it to arrive!

While not a British company I couldn’t help while browsing the range from Diesel Jeans online also picking up this great Shawl neck wool blazer also from Cockney Rebel to help layer up! and currently at £79.99 not bad value at all.

What are your winter pickups? let us know on our Twitter @GentlemensGoods we would love to hear from you

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Flat Caps Galore!

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Flat Caps Galore!

Posted on 31 January 2013 by Guest Post

As the cold weather  returns with its usual bite, it’s time to break out the winter wardrobe, pack away summer’s light shades and flimsy materials and replace with rustic hues and warm wool. Now’s the time freshen up your look with some stylish and toasty headgear – well you may as well look sharp scraping the ice off the car at 6am as you trudge to work!

Recently we were sent  me some wonderful flat caps to review, perfect timing as the floods in Yorkshire recede to be replaced with icy blasts.  The first three are from Bailey of Hollywood (regular readers will remember my review of their summer range here) and another from A Hume.  First up is the collection from Bailey:

These offerings from the Bailey winter range deliver the impeccable standards of workmanship that Bailey are renowned for. Gone are the outlandishly daring fabric choices of the summer range, replaced with beautiful winter tweeds and understated muted tones.  The quality of the outer fabric is thick and luxurious, the design patterns well defined, and the winter nature highlighted by thick padding for warmth.  I’ve waxed lyrical in the past about how well made items bearing the Bailey name are, these being no different.

The inner liner is a work of art.  On some items (even expensive items that charge only for the name) you can quickly identify where shortcuts have been taken to reduce manufacturing costs.  For example, on a flat cap of lesser quality, the inner liner would be a single piece of fabric stitched to the rim, with a button in the middle and maybe a few stitches to hold it to the outer. The inner liner on all of the Baileys demonstrates an eye for tailoring-esque detail and a stout refusal to compromise on quality.  The lining is made of 5 individual panels of Bailey monogrammed material, each stitched with perfect alignment to the outer material panels, something I’ve never seen before.


Traditional doesn’t mean boring. There are design touches in abundance that make these caps standout.  My personal favourite of this brace is the Golf model. With its traditional tweed outer this cap could be dismissed as run of the mill, but Bailey have given it a modern twist. The foam insert in the peak makes the shape of the cap very defined and consistent, resulting in a stylish modern flat cap.  I haven’t stopped wearing it since it arrived and I even met up with the editor of this blog at cigar function with it atop of my noggin to many admiring comments. The others sent continued the restrained choice of fabric; the Varden sporting a single coloured dark cloth and the plain mono-chrome Lord, almost a classic houndtooth design, are both perfect for when tweed doesn’t suit your mood. The cut of the pair gives a tight, head hugging sharp look.

The A Hume offering, made in the UK exclusively for A Hume of Kelso from 100% Wool, steps away from conformity in its choice of fabric and construction.  A truly traditional green herringbone outer is given a modern feel by the use of a very large check of pastel blue.  The method of construction is unique, the whole cap made from a single piece of fabric with the back panel formed by razor-sharp relief cuts and stitching.  This method ensures the cap fits tightly around the head resulting in a very modern, tailored look.

Many thanks to both Bailey and AHume for supplying us the hats to review






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Ginger Joe – The New Alcoholic Ginger Beer

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Ginger Joe – The New Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Posted on 05 December 2011 by Chris Ford

As a child on occasion my dad would give me a ginger beer as a treat, I felt all grown up thinking I was having a beer , now I’m all grown up but I still love ginger beer which is why I’m excited about Stones new Ginger Joe alcoholic Ginger beer.


Light and refreshing, with subtle yet spicy ginger notes,  Ginger Joe offers a thirst-quenching alternative to the usual offerings in the bar. The alcoholic ginger beer really tingles the taste-buds; providing the perfect tipple on a cold winters night.


For more information visit www.gingerjoe.co.uk or join the fan site at www.facebook.com/gingerjoeuk and check out the new tache-tastic Facebook app.

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