Photographic Delight

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To me there is always something about a black and white photo, its like a moment of time frozen, so much more so than a colour shot.

If you are looking to give your home a cool new look why not blow up a few classic shots from your photo album, put them in a nice frame and you have yourself a great talking point. Oh course you don’t have to use your own photos,  you never know what interesting pictures you can find on eBay or maybe a picture you like from an old magazine, simply scan it to your computer, tidy it up a bit in paint (or if you are cleverer than me, photo shop) you could find your self with some unique artwork that will make a great talking point when you have people round. 

Of course colour is fine too, you just have to use whatever picture you choose creatively .A few years ago I bought this photo off ebay,  what makes it interesting is  the photo is from a bands album shoot, the band decided to scratch the name of the album into the actual photo.  I bought this fairly cheaply off eBay, put it in a nice frame and now I have some stunning artwork that is not only a talking point but also a collectors item!

Another cool decoration can be old cinema posters,  I had an old Long Good Friday poster  that I had framed, its a very striking image which is always the first thing  people mention when they come over to my place.

So next time you are looking for some art for your home why not make your own instead of buying someone else’s vision you can be part of creating your own!

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