Hair Straighteners for Men

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Now I’m mostly more traditional when it comes to styling products for men and tend to subscribe to the less is more school of thought but occasionally I am tempted to change my mind and this very well could be one of those occasions.

We were very kindly sent the new Cloud Nine Micro Iron hair straighteners and asked to give them a go. While these straighteners can of course be used by both men and women it would seem they have been designed with us men in mind.  Now to give this product a proper review I have enlisted the help of my housemate Don, as I didn’t feel I had adequate hair length to put them to good use, and well he’s a scruffy so and so and could do with a tidy up….

Firstly I asked Don if he had used hair straighteners before which he had so I asked him for his initial thoughts on the look and size of the product.

“the most noticeable thing is the size, I love the fact they are small enough to stick in my wash bag which is great news when I’m travelling as size is a premium”


The irons are actually only 6inches long and according to the instructions use universal high voltage which means they will work flawlessly abroad without losing essential power. Also while reading the instructions I noticed they automatically power off after ten minutes which is a nice safety feature

Well all agree in the house it’s a big improvement but would Don buy them?  “ I do currently have a pair of straighteners but they are massive, I love the fact these are so small and do the job just as well as my full size set so I would definitely consider picking a pair of the New Clouds up purely from the portability point of view”

With the fashion for mens hair becoming more and more styled it would seem there is a real market for these straighteners so a big thumbs up from the Gentlemens Goods office The Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners

are currently available from direct from Cloud Nine at for £45.00

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