Retro-Futurist iPhone Cover

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I have to be honest and admit something to you dear readers.  I do not own an iPhone.  I was never very impressed with them when they were first released as they didn’t seem to offer much I wanted.  Yes, they look very nice but that’s about it as far as I’m concerned.  That said, I feel my opinion might have been different if I had seen this retro cassette tape cover.

As much as I love the digital format, I miss those endless hours of compiling mix-tapes, calculating the time to ensure the maximum usage of tape without compromising the integrity of my compilation…ahhhh sweet memories!

However, back to 2010 and the iPhone cover.  It looks exactly like those cassette tapes of old and comes complete with a cassette box that doubles as a stand so that you can prop up your iPhone to gaze lovingly at it, or watch videos I suppose!

You’ll find this case over at (who offer International Shipping) for a very reasonable £12.99

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