Fudge Matte Hed Extra Hair Wax

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I have always been a fan of Fudge hair products so when they annouced they were bringing a new product to the market I was interested to try it out.


Matte Hed Extra is the big brother of the original massively successful Matte Hed and in relation to the original, offers a much stronger hold that lasts longer, is significantly drier and more matte than original Matte Hed. So your hair stays styled but you don’t look like half a tub of product has been emptied upon your head! Also a added bonus is the fragrance, I find most hair products smell off putting and a chemically but the Fudge Matte Hed Extra actually smells awesome and is a pleasure to apply in the morning.


Fudge Matte Hed Extra Wax is out now and has a RRP of £11.95


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