Sponsored video: Do Clothes maketh the man?

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Is it true that ‘clothes maketh the man’ ? It is not just the clothes that you wear but the shoes that you team it them with, that define how you are perceived to the opposite sex. Shoes add to the enchantment of any kind of clothing that you don. And the appropriate shoes are important to carry off a particular look. Trainers never look great with a suit, not even Paul McCartney can get away with it (not for the want of trying!) so what makes you think you can?

Why am I talking about shoes?  Well about the only bit of style advise I ever remember is being told that Women always look at your shoes first,  I guess that makes sense,  most women I know are obsessed with shoes so it stands to reason they would be taking a look at what’s on our feet as well as theirs doesn’t it?


As you can probably tell Im not the best person to dish out style advise but thankfully you don’t need me when you have experts like James Charm with his latest Seduction lesson focusing on clothing Im sure he will point you ( and me!) in the right direction.

James tells us that what we wear will unconsciously send signals to men and women about who we are, and will create the appeal that is the beginning of seduction. So you’d better learn a few practical tips about clothing, and a few things to avoid as well

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