Sponsored video: Preserve your battery life with Samsung Memory

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We are increasingly using and carrying around with us  more and more technology,  mobile phones,  Tablets, laptops , mp3 players they all run on batteries and those batteries can only last a certain amount of time.


There are however things you can do to increase the efficiency of your devices and therefore use less juice from the battery thus increasing the time you can work on the go.

I recently addressed this problem with my MacBook by installing a SSD drive  (solid State Drive). A regular Hard Disc drive spins lots of discs or plates around inside it to access data,  a solid state drive has no moving parts so uses alot less less power and also can access your data alot quicker than a standard HDD helping to increase battery life and increase performance. They also tend to be alot lighter than a HDD so my Mac also weighs less than before. Samsung say by using their memory like I have you could potentially enjoy upto 92 minutes more battery life on your device,  think how useful that would be on a long haul flight?  you could watch another movie on the same charge! Samsung have devolped a range of memory and devices and are optimised for battery efficiency  lasting longer and still performing as and when you need it to, to highlight these products they have developed a series fun videos showing the different ways your battery power can get zapped!

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