Pilsner Urquell Brew Off – The Results

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So a few weeks back I told you about the amazing day we had with Pilsner Urquell brewing our own take on a Pilsner.

Alot of effort was put into the brew by all teams, and expectations were high when we arrived at the White Horse in Parsons Green for the tasting.


All the beers were of a high standard and Id be happy to drink any of them, some I enjoyed more than others our beer was the only one that was very un Pilsner like, on the day I think it was a case of two many cooks but we all had ideas and the decisions made all seemed valid, what we ended up with was a sweet dark beer that was lovely and a massive hit with the pubs patrons as well as our team but sadly wasn’t very Pilsner like, yes we had missed the point and not made a pilsner as judge and beer expert Mark Dredge explained to me after the results. But hey I like being a rebel and we still managed a very respectable third place which Im more than happy with….

Would I do things differently given the chance? well yes but I think on the day the best pilsner won and that was ‘Soundbite’ by The Strong Room bar team, welldone lads it was a cracker.


Welldone team ‘Another Fine Mash’ and a BIG thank you to Pilsner Urquell for giving us the oppertunity, sadly you wont be able to try our beer but you can try the excellent ‘Soundbite’ which will be part of the White Horses beer festival later in the year.

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