Stickerbomb Skulls – Book Review

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Stickerbomb Skulls is the latest book in the Stickerbomb series, featuring peelable art illustrations of skulls by a mix of international artists. Skulls are a highly stylised and extremely popular visual icon that are used extensively in the worlds of fashion, jewellery, graphic design, music, street art and tattoos.

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When I was asked to review this book I couldn’t believe my luck. I collect skulls and love street art, so reviewing a book about skull stickers done by some great artists was a gift

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From the cover to the stickers, this book oozes quality. Top quality production and materials make this a sure fire collectors item. The stickers can be removed from the sheets , or actually pushed out keeping the back intact enabling you to take them with you to tag or bomb

Stickerbomb Skulls_Spread_3

Some of the images are pure works of art ,some comedic others quite serious studies. Skulls are used in modern culture extensively today so this book will appeal to not only skull and sticker collectors , but to followers of design , especially those interested in street and contemporary art

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With sticker collecting being at a high , this book can really do no wrong

From it’s perfect size and format , to it’s high quality production , I implore anyone interested in this culture to buy this book

Stickerbomb Skulls is available now from Amazon currently at £11.16

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