Tom Aikens Serves Steamed Mussels for Stella Artois UK

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Belguim is famous for its beer steamed mussels so I thought this was an interesting take on that from chef Tom Aikens, here he uses Stella Artois Cidre Raspberry


For the parsley shallot mix:

350g finely diced shallots
2 bay leaves
8g chopped thyme
8 cloves garlic finely chopped
300ml cider

For the mussels:

2kg of prepared mussels
200ml cider
50g cold Butter diced
4g Chopped parsley
10 turns milled pepper


1.Place the shallot mix into a pan and reduce to nothing so the mix is almost dry

2.Place the mussels into a hot pan then add the cider and the shallot mix

3.Cover with a lid, steam for 2 minutes till they just open and then stir in the butter, parsley, stir this in and serve in a large white bowl, sprinkle with chopped parsley

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes

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