Diamonds a guide for the clueless (like me!)

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Like I imagine the majority of men I really haven’t a clue when it comes to diamonds, but if you are thinking of proposing to that someone special you better start getting clued up! And here with the kind help of Vashi Diamonds we guide you through the basics and what to look for.


Non Certified Diamonds vs Certified Diamonds
Certifying diamonds is not an exact science
There are different bodies and different brands who may grade exactly the same diamond differently
Also, diamonds that have been graded exactly the same, may look quite different!
At Vashi, Vashi Dominguez certifies every single Vashi diamond
Ensure you receive a certificate with any diamond you buy.


The Four C’s

diamonds can then be graded scientifically using the 4Cs…



Carat = 0.2g (standard unit of diamond weight)
Magic Weights and Under Sizes


The greater the weight of the diamond, the greater its value!



The most important factor when determining value
Allows the diamond to handle light well and emit sparkle
Not to be confused with diamond shape e.g. Round or Princess



Diamonds range from D (colourless) to Z (yellow tint)   The whiter the diamond, the greater its value!



Describes how flawless or clear a diamond is Affected by flaws or ‘inclusions’ on or in the stone


Ranges from FL (flawless – the most valuable) to I3 (visible inclusions) ,  only sell diamonds from FL to SI1




One last thing you will need to know is what shape of stone would the lady like?  there are ten to choose from

shape is the result of 15 years becoming a diamond expert; incessantly sourcing the highest quality diamonds at the lowest prices, directly from the mines & cutters themselves.

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