The ultimate beer and curry recommendations

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National Curry Week (12th-18th October) is upon us and to celebrate There’s A Beer That are recommending some of the best beers to enjoy with your Saturday night vindaloo! There’s A Beer For That’s expert beer sommelier, Steve Livens, has looked beyond the usual curry and lager pairing and has composed a few alternative beer styles to go with the nation’s favourite curry dishes. From ales to wheat beers, these diverse beers will conquer the heat, refresh the palette and enhance the flavours of your curry.


The There’s A Beer For That Beer Club, which runs every Wednesday at 8pm on Twitter will be championing curry for National Curry Week, with an expert on hand to answer any burning beer and curry questions.


Additionally, There’s A Beer For That’s Beer Match Tool has also been spiced up to suggest a beer to match any curry dish you desire. Tweet your chosen curry using #BeerMatch and you will get a beer suggestion in reply. So why not join There’s A Beer For That in celebrating National Curry Week and tuck into a delicious curry perfectly paired with beer.


Chicken Tikka Masala with Hoegaarden

 Hoegaarden image

Available from:


RRP: £2.49

ABV: 5.00%


This beer takes precedent in Hoegaarden history as the oldest and most sought after of the range. It’s soft creamy texture paired with its fusion of orange peel, coriander and spice creates a flavoursome and memorable experience. This unique brew creates a sweet and sour sensation coupled with a citrus finish, complimenting a tikka masala beautifully.



Korma with St Austell Clouded Yellow

 Clouded yellow image

 Available from:

 RRP: £2.15

 ABV: 4.8%


Yellow in colour and made with hops of coriander and cloves, this wheat beer is deliciously sweet with a slightly bitter edge coming through. Boasting flavours of banana, vanilla and spice, the sweet notes of both the curry and the beer will play together nicely, making this a perfect pairing.



Chicken Madras with Thornbridge Chiron

 Thornbridge Chiron

Available from:

RRP: £2.49

ABV: 5.00%


This Native American pale ale is known for its infusion of juicy malts and tangy fruits helping to create a golden colour. This collaboration of taste leaves hints of apricots and tangerine, then finishes off with biscuit malt to cool the fiery taste of a madras.


Lamb Rogan Josh with Doom Bar

 Doom Bar

Available from:

RRP: £1.79

ABV: 4.3%


Amber in colour, this British born beer infuses the flavors of orange, tobacco and caramel to create a lasting taste sensation. The sweetness of the caramel and oranges contrasts well with the strength of its tobacco hint, helping to create a light tasting beer. Paired with the lamb rogan josh, this beer will ignite the sweetness of the curry.


Chicken Jalfrezi with Dark Star, Hophead


Available from:

RRP: £2.00

ABV: 3.8%


Hophead is the perfect example of an extremely clean drinking pale ale, expect strong floral aromas and notes of elderflower from its hoppiness. Light and bouncy, this beer pairs perfectly with white meats such as chicken or fish, whilst contrasting the warm spices of this classic curry dish.


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