Samsung Note 7 Overheating: Still No Answer

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On October 10 2016, Samsung immediately stopped production of its newest release, the Galaxy Note 7. They also asked consumers who had bought the device to return them to the store. This was the second time that the Galaxy Note 7 had been recalled, due to the fact that the phone was unexpectedly heating up and then catching fire. The reason behind it is believed to be that of a flaw in the battery. Today, it would sadly appear that Samsung are no closer to finding out the reasons behind why this is happening and re-releasing the Note 7.

Note 7 Overheating

This failure in the company’s technology, and lack of knowledge as to why it is happening, has also had a knock on effect for the rolling out of their next phone, the Galaxy S8. The Wall Street Journal labelled it as their flagship phone. The engineering work behind the Galaxy 88 has been delayed until the root cause of the overheating is found.

In a press release, Samsung stated that when they originally recalled the Galaxy Note 7, they were unable to give a reason as to why the phone was overheating and, that they are still unable to do so. But, they are firmly committed to finding out why it is happening. They also wanted to assure customers that all of their devices are 100% safe.

Note 7 Overheating

The Galaxy Note 7 hit shelves mid August and was seen by many in the industry as being Samsung’s best phone to date and, the one that would make them globe leaders in the mobile phone world. Sadly, this did not happen. Due to the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, the company are set to lose an estimated $3 billion. What will happen next, and if they will ever get to the bottom of this technical glitch, is yet to be seen.


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