Three top Christmas cocktail to keep you warm

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Its nearly that time of the year,   if you are looking to do something with all those bottles of Gin , Rum and Whisky  you will (hopefully) end up with as gifts heres three top cocktails to try :

Gin – The Red Nosed BULLDOG


Im guilty of always having gin with tonic but with maple syrup and cranberry juice its a real festive winner

Ingredients :

50ml BULLDOG Gin

4 Cranberries

1 Spring of Rosemary

20ml Maple Syrup

20ml Cranberry Juice

10ml Campari

Muddle the cranberries, rosemary and maple syrup in a shaker and add BULLDOG Gin and cranberry juice. Shake with cudbed ice and serve straight up in a chilled coup glass garnished with a rosemary spring placed through a marshmallow with cloves for ears and a cranberry for the nose.




This one is dead simple , Im really getting into Rum lately just mix the following together in a glass:

25 ml Santa Teresa 1796 Rum 

25 ml MARTINI Riserva Speciale Bitter

25 ml MARTINI Riserva Speciale Rubino


Whisky – Wolfburn Triple Toddy

This one should really warm you up, a great spin on a classic hot toddy

50ml Wolfburn Northland Whisky
15ml Spiced honey
10ml Lemon juice
10ml Grapefruit juice
Dash Angostura bitters
Pinch salt
200ml Hot water
Large orange wedge, studded with 6 cloves to garnish

1. Fill you mug with boiling water to warm the glass and allow to warm thoroughly
2. Once glass is warmed through, pour out water and add the Wolfburn Northland
Whisky, Spiced honey, citrus juices, Angostura bitters and salt
and stir briefly
3. Top with approx 200ml boiling water (don’t fill right to the top)
4. Squeeze the orange wedge into the toddy, and drop into the drink


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