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Whisky Tasting at Milroys of Soho with The Quarry

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Whisky Tasting at Milroys of Soho with The Quarry

Posted on 22 February 2017 by Chris Ford

In the office here we love whisky and we love pretty much anything HBO does.
From the Sopranos to Game of Thrones and The Wire they know how to put together a drama so we of course said a big YES PLEASE when HBO invited us down to whisky bar Milroy’s of Soho for a evening of whisky tasting to celebrate the DVD / Blu-Ray release of HBO’s latest show Quarry.

You may ask what does this have to do with the show? Well the main character, a Vietnam vet, is rather partial to a drop hence the theme of the evening.
Milroy’s of Soho was founded over fifty years ago by John ‘Jack’ Milroy in 1964. Now it’s owned and run by whisky lover Martyn Simpson, who would be our guide for the evening ahead.
I confess I’m no expert in whisky. I like what I like and am constantly learning, So I think what I liked most about Martyn’s approach to the tasting was he made clear there was no right or wrong answer for what makes a great whisky – it’s all down to personal taste.
He for example said he doesn’t get on with the Jack Daniels range which I have always quite liked, especially the Single Barrel, our tastes are constantly developing and changing. Martyn himself started off drinking Bells in his youth.

So here’s everything we tried:
Kavalan, a port cask finished single malt from Taiwan (the closest Martyn could get to Vietnam explaining that while Vietnam do make whisky it really isn’t very good!)
Next we moved on to Kentucky USA via Blanton’s single barrel bourbon, notable by the model horse on the bottle cap, because the distillery is next to a racecourse.
Then to the familiar grounds of Scotland we tried the Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Gran Reserva – a notable change of pace from the bourbon and most enjoyable it was too. I think this was my second favourite of the evening.
European Bourbon Rye Association – cask strength, single barrel bourbon rye, this one was a bit too strong for me, maybe one day I will grow to appreciate it but I think most of the room was in agreement with me.
We finished back in Kentucky with a with a sour mash from Michter’s called, possibly my favourite of the evening. In fact I think I shall be seeking out a bottle of this one!

If you are looking to experience something like this yourself Milroy’s have regular tastings in their shop upstairs and also the excellent basement bar where this tasting took place. The staff are all very knowledgeable and have a passion for what they do, a rare thing indeed.

Milroys of Soho can be found at 3 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4NX
A bit about Quarry

Quarry stars Logan Marshall-Green as Max Conway is a disillusioned Vietnam War veteran who returns home to Memphis in 1972, only to find rejection by his loved ones and demonised by the public. With whisky only friend he is approached by a mysterious man known only as The Broker, he is drawn into a network of killing and corruption that spans the length of the Mississippi River.

Quarry is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray and having watched it this weekend I can thoroughly recommend it.

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Posted on 23 March 2015 by Chris Ford

From creator the  of Beavis and Butt-Head  and Office Space  Mike Judge brings this comedic look at the crazy world of Silicon Valley and the explosion of new tech start ups happening there right now.


Inspired by Judge’s own experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the 80’s, the show follows the trials and tribulations of awkward computer programmer Richard (Thomas Middleditch – The Wolf of Wall Street), who lives in a “Hacker Hostel” along with his friends Big Head (Josh Brener – The Big Bang Theory), Gilfoyle (Martin Starr – This Is The End), and Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani – Sex Tape).

Under the watchful eye of Erlich (T.J. Miller – Transformers: Age of Extinction), a dotcom millionaire who lets them stay in his house for free (as long as he gets a 10% stake in their projects), the friends struggle to break into the elusive and lucrative market. Richard is stuck in a part-time job at tech company Hooli, and his obscure website, Pied Piper, is going nowhere fast. But when a colleague realises just how valuable the site’s compression algorithm is, Richard finds himself caught in the middle of an extreme bidding war between Hooli founder Gavin Belson (Matt Ross – American Horror Story) and independent billionaire venture capitalist Peter Gregory (Christopher Evan Welch – The Master).


SILICON VALLEY: THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES is out on blu-ray and DVD from today and to celebrate HBO have kindly given us three copies of the boxset to giveaway,  for a chance to win just answer the following question :


What is the name of the cartoon Mike Judge created featuring two dysfunctional Metal Heads ?


Answers to be emailed  ‘enterthecomp@gmail.com by 1st April, uk entries only and the decision of Gentlemen’s Goods in final.

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Looking – Blu Ray Review

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Looking – Blu Ray Review

Posted on 07 January 2015 by Chris Ford

So over the Christmas period I sat down to watch new HBO drama Looking.

Looking is set in modern day San Francisco focusing on the lives of a group of gay friends and their trials and tribulations ‘looking’ for love, think of a gay world version of HBOs hit ‘Girls’ and you will be on the right track.
Being straight I wasn’t sure how much Id enjoy this show, and yes some of the sex scenes are pretty full on but with a great cast (including a surprise appearance from Quantum Leaps Scott Bakula) the story is compelling and in a way I wonder if its more enjoyable watching as a straight man, it feels like a looking glass into the gay world, something I otherwise wouldn’t really know much about.
The cinematography is spot on too, I watched the Blu ray version and the HD scenes of San Francisco were stunning and really show off what a beautiful city it is.
All in all the show is very watchable, it does have a bit of a slow start but the drama builds and is well worth sticking with, I’m ‘Looking’ forward to Season two!


Season one of Looking is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from the 12th January and can be pre-ordered at Amazon now.

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True Blood: The Final Season – Competition

Posted on 05 November 2014 by Chris Ford


Following six thrilling years of  TRUE BLOOD, HBO releases TRUE BLOOD: THE FINAL SEASON on Blu-ray and DVD on 10th November 2014. To mark this HBO have kindly given us 3 copies of the Season 7 Boxset on DVD to giveaway

to be in a chance of winning just answer the following question and email to enterthecomp@gmail.com

Question :  What is the name of the author whos books True Blood is based on?

answers must be emailed by 21st November when three winners will drawn at random.


SO have you read this far and thought well I havent actually seen True Blood or know what it is?  well theres good news there too also being released is the  COMPLETE SEASONS 1-7 BOXSET. The complete final season and individual episodes are also available to own and watch instantly on Amazon Instant Video, blinkbox, Google Play and iTunes.

True Blood: The Complete Seasons 1-7 is available on Blu-ray & DVD 10th November”.


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Posted on 11 August 2014 by Chris Ford


I have personally been waiting for this set for years, The Sopranos a iconic groundbreaking show that tackled everything from cheating, armed robbery to depression I love this show and its fantastic new that the series is finally being given the full HD Blu Ray treatment it deserves.

The Sopranos: The Complete Series Blu-ray is also loaded with more than 5 hours of bonus material including a new and exclusive feature exploring how The Sopranos came to be and how it transformed the television landscape. “Defining a Television Landmark”, which runs approximately 45 minutes, features all-new interviews with the cast and crew – including series creator David Chase, the late James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano), Academy Award® winning director Steven Soderbergh, Emmy® Award winner Jeff Daniels and Golden Globe winner Steve Buscemi — discussing the impact and influence of the groundbreaking series, with brand new archival footage. Additional bonus material includes lost scenes, two round table dinners with cast and crew, 25 audio commentaries and much more as seen on the DVD collection.

So far this is what we know about what the boxset will contain :



Release Date: 8th September 2014

Credit: HBO Home Entertainment

Certificate: 15

Genre: Crime drama series

Price: £129.99

No. of Discs 28 (86 episodes)

SPECIAL FEATURES (All TBC at present):


• New Content: Defining A Television Landmark (45:29)

• Supper with The Sopranos Part I (36:50)

• Supper with The Sopranos Part II (38:02)

• Lost Scenes (12 in total)

• Alec Baldwin Interviews David Chase: “Cut to the Chase” (21:13)

• Alec Baldwin Interviews David Chase: “Anatomy of the Mob” (22:02)

• Returning Content: 77 minute interview with David Chase

All I can say is wow roll on the 8th September when this is released Ive preordered mine allready get over to Amazon and do the same here.


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