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Pioneer FreeMe Bluetooth Speaker

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Pioneer FreeMe Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 05 September 2014 by Chris Ford


Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, in fact the market is flooded with them right now, and quite rightly they are amazing bits of kit you can take anywhere with you and listen to your music.. gone are those boombox days when you (if you dared) had to carry this massive box around with you.

The Pioneer FreeMe stands out in that it looks classy, it doesn’t look like a toy, in fact it looks like something that would fit quite comfortable on a CEO’s desk with its black leather finish on top it really is rather classy.


The Speaker itself isnt massive, footprint wise its a bit bigger than my Iphone so its not taking up much desk space either but that doesnt mean there is a compromise on sound, in fact I love the way the FreeMe seems to turn my enitre desk into a bass speaker, as Im typing this I can feel the drums vibrations through the wood of the desk, to me yes this is a good thing.

Vocals and instrumentation is all very clear, none of that muddy sound you tend to find on some of these small speakers and for such a small speaker it can go VERY loud, in fact Im sure it would put to shame some of the mini hifis Ive had in my past.



The FreeMe has bluetooh and NFC connectivity as well as a AUX in which I found very handy as my work computer doesn’t have a decent speaker, using the supplied cable I was able to upgrade my office tunes with ease so now have Spotify running through the FreeMe.

The Speaker can be powered either by USB (power brick included) or the built in rechargeable battery gives you 7 hrs of playback.

Flaws? to be honest Im very impressed with the FreeMe, the only one I can think of is price, there are lots of cheaper options out there, although I doubt they sound or are designed anywhere near as good as the FreeMe

as the say you get what you pay for.

The leather edition of the Pioneer XW-LF3-K FreeMe is out now with a RRP of £169.99

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Pioneer XW-SMA3 Airplay Speaker

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Pioneer XW-SMA3 Airplay Speaker

Posted on 26 September 2013 by Chris Ford


There seems to be alot of these portable speakers hitting the market recently the idea being a wireless speaker that you can stream music from your phone or tablet device. I have reviewed a few of these speakers on the site, but up until now they have been smaller quite basic affairs, so when I was offered the XW-SMA3 from Pioneer to play with I was excited to see what it had to offer.

First impressions the Pioneer is a stylish well presented bit of kit with slick touch sensitive buttons and a large speaker grill dominating the box.

Connection options on offer are Airplay (for Apple devices)  DLNA ( alot of Android and quite afew of other devices support this)  and finally HTC connect which is basically HTC’s version of airplay although sadly limited to a small number of phones at the moment such as the HTC ONE.


So being a Apple man I went about trying to pair the speaker with my Ipad,  this is where I hit a bit of a stumbling block, the included instructions arent great or at least confused the hell out of me and just didn’t work!  in the end after an hour or so of hopeless fiddling I made a call to Pioneer who to be fair were very helpful and  sorted the problem out straight away.

Once the IPad was successfully paired the two devices communicated seamlessly.


The Sound quality?  well this is where I’m torn, the speaker has a lot of power especially for its size and the music is loud and vocals clear, for dance and rap tracks the speaker sounds amazing but with more rock or guitar based music the instrument seperation isnt quite there so I would say its certainly not a speaker for the audiophile but then Im not sure you expect sound perfection with a product like this, in fact I think the Pioneer XW-SMA3 is perfect for BBQs and parties where you need music portability and in that field this speaker really comes up trumps with a excellent lithium Ion battery that will last you five hours worth of party tunes.

Overall if you are looking for a decent portable speaker to take in the garden or parties this is ideal and I would thoroughly recommend it.You can currently pick up the Pioneer XW-SMA3 Airplay Speaker at Amazon for £169.99 in either White or Black.

For more info on the XW-SMA3 and other great Pioneer Products head over to www.pioneer.eu/uk





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V Festival 2013 – The Louder Lounge Experience!

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V Festival 2013 – The Louder Lounge Experience!

Posted on 21 August 2013 by Chris Ford


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited by Pioneer to this years V Festival, not only that they also invited us to the super exclusive Louder Lounge which is where all the press and celebrities chill in between the awesome acts.


Pioneer were in the lounge where they were Hosting their Music Challenge for all the Press and Celebrities in attendance.

Amelia Lily Pictured Taking Part in the Pioneer Music Challenge at Virgi...

The Challenge involved listening to two tracks mixed together  and identifying the two artists, this stumped more than a few people while we were there but thankfully we were some of the lucky ones that guessed right and scored an awesome pair of Pioneer headphones a few celebitries had a go too including singer Amelia Lily pictured here having a go.

Louise Thompson Pictured Taking Part in the Pioneer Music Challenge at V...

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson also knew her stuff and walked away with a pair of headphones.


As well as the challenge Pioneer had some staff on hand demoing their range of DJ products , I particularly loved the WeGo which is a compact mixing setup that can me hooked up to any Mac or PC to hone your bedroom DJing skills.


This years V Festival lineup was pretty spectacular highlights for me were Beyonce, Kings of Leon and The Stereophonics but also as guests of Pioneer we had access to a number of small intimate sets in the Louder Lounge including Labyrinth , Paloma Faith and the highlight for me the amazing Leah Weller (daughter of Mod Father Paul)  Leah not only has the looks she has a stunning voice, that girl will go far, its in the genes!

Leah Weller

I had an amazing weekend seeing some amazing bands, meeting some fantastic people and being totally spoilt in the Louder Lounge, so much so I really don’t think another Festival will be up to scratch after this!

Big thanks to Pioneer, you can check out their fantastic range of DJ products over at Pioneer.co.uk







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Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E headphones

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Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E headphones

Posted on 08 April 2013 by Chris Ford

I have recently started going to the gym and I have to tell you its an effort to motivate myself to get down there but one thing that makes things a little more bearable is listening to my Ipod while working out and getting lost in the music for 45mins.

The thing is if you have ever tried to do anything active while using ear buds you will know they are prone to falling out your ear and this can be really annoying as not only it interrupts the music but if you are on something like the tread mill it can be really difficult to put them back in your ear without interrupting your workout.


So with this in mind I was quite excited to try the new Pioneer Steez SE-D10E headphones which they say are designed to be used while be active whether it be down the gym, running in the street or dancing!

First of all they have a great hook that goes behind the ears which ensures they feel really secure on your ears, yes you may have seen this before but what you wont have seen before is their uniquely designed ball joint earbud which allows a snug fit and mostly importantly accommodates any moving about without any danger of the buds coming loose.

Sound quality wise I was really impressed, dance high beat music sounds crisp and clear with excellent bass ,  the more guitar based tunes also sound great with good instrument separation, for the price point of £59.99 these headphones are seriously impressive.

The SE-D10Es come in black and Gold  or  White and silver  and can be purchased directly from www.pioneer.co.uk for £59.99



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