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Put to the Test: OSKIA Renaissance Face Mask

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Put to the Test: OSKIA Renaissance Face Mask

Posted on 29 November 2010 by Marc

As more and more men discover the benefits of skincare and beauty treatments one can’t help but think that some manufacturers are taking advantage of this new target audience by packaging up their regular female product in a grey bottle or tube and adding the words For Men and premium to the price.

Quite why it is felt that men would prefer to buy their lotions and potions in grey containers is beyond me but you only have to take a look at the male grooming section of most retailers to know who the culprits are.

Contrary to what a lot of manufacturers will admit to telling you, the products that women have been using for decades are as suitable for men as they are women; so just because it doesn’t say For Men on the outside, doesn’t mean we men can’t use them too.

OSKIA produce a range of products that are as good for men as they are for women and even better for your skin. Their range is nutritionally-designed by a team of nutritionists and cosmetic scientists to provide the essential cell nutrients your skin requires to function properly and rebuild cell health and they believe that ingredients should only be used if they are scientifically proven to work and not simply for their organic or natural status.

OSKIA Renaissance Mask is part of their Skinsense range which is aimed at men and women in their mid-twenties to late forties. It contains a host of natural ingredients however the key ingredient is MSM-Regen Complex™ – the most bio-available form of sulphur which provides your body with the natural materials it needs to make collagen and elastin itself – aiding cell regeneration and giving you healthy, supple skin.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open it is the smell, it’s fruity, very fruity! So fruity in fact that the first thing I did was stick my finger in and tasted it, not something I’d recommend you do but I couldn’t help myself!

Application is straight forward enough, apply a thin layer to clean skin and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off with warm water.  The mask is a peachy pink colour but once you’ve massaged it onto your face it turns white, this allows you to check that you’ve not missed a spot. I’ve been using the mask once a week however it’s suggested that you use it no more than twice a week, more than this and I doubt your skin will absorb the nutrients contained.

Even after just one application the first thing you notice is how smooth it leaves your skin feeling and after just a few uses I actually noticed myself how bright my skin was becoming, this was reinforced by friends and colleagues who also commented on how good my complexion has become since I started using it. Priced at £48.50 the OSKIA Renaissance Mask may seem expensive but a little goes a long way and anything that provokes unsolicited compliments has got to be value for money in my book.

OSKIA also offer, in partnership with Blossom & Jasmine, a range of beauty treatments in your own home or office which include The Gentlemen’s Face Saver, a 45 minute treatment with emphasis on the eye area. Currently only available within London it’s priced at a very reasonable £65.

You can purchase OSKIA products directly from www.oskiaskincare.com or exclusively from Liberty in the UK or worldwide from Quintessentially

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Work Harder with Sanex for Men


Work Harder with Sanex for Men

Posted on 25 November 2010 by Marc

Like most men reading this, one of the first things I do after showering is to apply anti-perspirant. For some people anti-perspirant is just the first product they find on offer at Boots or Superdrug but those boffins at Sanex know there’s more to it than that.

It’s accepted as fact that the average male has a higher muscle mass and metabolism so it is natural that our sweat glands tend to be more active and because we’re special our sweat has some specific components responsible for odour which comes not from the perspiration itself but from its reaction to armpit bacteria.

Sanex Men’s Dermo Extra Cool is alcohol free and has been formulated to maintain the skins natural pH level of around 5, quite simply this means it’s less likely to cause irritation to the skin. Sanex have even chosen deodorising fragrances that avoid skin allergens, while they call it a masculine fragrance, I’d say it was a fairly neutral fresh scent, which I guess is what you want at the end of the day.

Talking of the end of the day; that is what you still smell, the same neutral scent that you started the day with. Sanex put this down to the unique cooling agents in the Dermo Extra Cool range which really do seem to provide a long lasting, fresh feeling on the skin without the use of skin-drying alcohol or menthol; exactly what you’ll need for the office Christmas party!

So, next time you’re shopping for antiperspirant, consider trying something from Sanex Men’s Dermo Extra Cool range as you’ll be taking care of not just underarm odour and wetness but more importantly, your skin too.

Sanex Men’s Dermo Extra Cool is available in 150ml aerosol and 50ml roll-on with a RRP of £2.09 and £1.69 respectively. You can buy it exclusively from Tesco until the New Year after which it will be available Nationwide.


We have one of each to giveaway just leave a comment below before noon on Sunday 12 December 2010 stating whether you’d prefer the roll-on or the aerosol. Winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. Sorry, only open to those with a UK postal address.

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Fish Therapy For Feet

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Fish Therapy For Feet

Posted on 16 November 2010 by Marc

The Christmas countdown has begun and panic has already struck a number of people I know so I can only imagine how many people reading are facing that age old dilemma of what to buy the loved one or friend who has everything. There was a time when giving someone a gift voucher was the dull option but I’m inclined to think an Aqua Sheko voucher from London’s first ever fish therapy concept spa is an altogether different gift that is both unique, novel and bound to be appreciated.

Fish therapy is a unique beauty treatment using Garra Rufa fish, a form of carp. Clients submerge their feet into a tank of finned therapists for an exotic exfoliation by a team of tiny mouths. The fish have no teeth and use a sucking motion to painlessly nibble away the dead skin without damaging the healthy cells underneath, leaving you with a pleasant tingling sensation similar to a light massage.

It is believed that Garra Rufa fish secrete an enzyme, diathanol, which improves skin regeneration. The treatment is finished off with a relaxing massage leaving the recipient with feet soft, smooth and renewed.

There are a 4 gift voucher packages  available so you can ensure the perfect pairing:

  • The Aqua Sheko Energiser (25 mins: fish therapy and choice of foot or head and shoulder massage) £30
  • The Aqua Sheko Deluxe (50 mins: fish therapy with hand and arm massage and choice of foot or head and shoulder massage) £45
  • The Aqua Sheko Reviver (60 mins: fish therapy with foot, arm, shoulder and hand massage) £65
  • The Aqua Sheko Double Indulgence (Reviver package for two) £115

With so many options, these vouchers are for everyone – mums, dads, colleagues and friends. Ordering is fast and easy, simply visit www.aquasheko.co.uk or call 020 3489 8336 to make your booking.

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Try A 4 Blade Drive Next Time You Shave

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Try A 4 Blade Drive Next Time You Shave

Posted on 14 November 2010 by Marc

When it comes to shaving I freely admit I am very much old school in my preference of using a shaving brush and soap over canned foam and a single blade razor rather than one of the numerous multi bladed cartridges that are now available. That is not to say I don’t try them, I just find myself returning to that which I am used to.

While a wet shave is always preferable, there are times when it’s just not practical and for that reason I also have an electric razor, it doesn’t give me as close a shave as I would like but I’m not sure anyone would notice. I don’t feel I’m alone there, a lot of men I know say the same thing and it seems manufacturers are starting to listen, or at least Panasonic are.

Panasonic have recently launched two new 4-blade wet and dry shavers for men. They claim the new models, the ES-RF41 and the ES-RF31, are certain to put smiles on men’s faces thanks to a revolutionary 4-blade cutting system unique to Panasonic. The secret seemingly lies in an additional, extra-thin, finishing foil thereby expanding the shaving surface and enhancing results.

By increasing the number of blades the shave should be both faster (more blades cut down shaving time) and smoother (four blades achieve closer skin contact with lighter shaving strokes) resulting in a closer shave, even if you have tough stubble. Interestingly the average male facial hair, when dry, is as tough as a copper wire of the same thickness. This may explain why most women are not so keen on stubble when it’s pressed against their face!

As with the majority of Panasonic’s men’s shavers, the RF-series are 100% waterproof so can be used dry or in the shower with gel, foam or soap to further protect and soften the skin.  The outer foils feature a revolutionary curved shape that fits uniformly against the skin, even under the chin and the multi-directional pivoting head in both models adapts up, down, left and right to fit the contours of the face for irritation free results.

Combine all that with nano-polished blades that have been sharpened to a 30° knife’s edge and Panasonic claim it will give you the sharpest, closest, smoothest shave they have ever offered.  The extra-long battery in both models will give around 65 minutes shaving when used cordlessly and as far as I can make out the only difference between the two models are that the ES-RF41 comes with a charging stand and has five LED charge indicators, while the ES-RF31 has three LED charging indicators.

The retail price of the ES-RF41 is £169.99 and the ES-RF31 £149.99. Both models are available from John Lewis, www.amazon.co.uk, www.shavers.co.uk and Comet

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Enjoy a 60 Second Massage with Clarisonic

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Enjoy a 60 Second Massage with Clarisonic

Posted on 15 October 2010 by Marc

If the shelves groaning with skin care products aimed at men are anything to go by it would appear that today’s modern man is finally less inhibited than his forefathers when it comes to looking after his skin.  I have to say it’s about time too!  When you consider that the average chap scrapes the hair and skin from his face 2-3 times a week it’s no wonder that the majority have suffered from skin irritation caused by shaving at some point or another.

Now, I’m sure I speak for a lot of men out there when I admit that I like gadgets.  In the bathroom I have not only a Sonicare toothbrush but a Waterpik water jet and I may well have to splash out on the latest gizmo, a Clarisonic Skin Cleaning System.

Now, if you think that sounds like the toothbrush it’s probably because it was developed by the inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush and uses a similar sonic micro-massage technology.  Just like the toothbrush, you simply apply a cleanser or balm to the skin care brush, and switch on. The brush head oscillates at a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second (faster than the eye can see) and works with the skin’s natural elasticity to clean the face, neck and body by gently massaging dirt and impurities from the surface and deep within the pores.

Best of all you can do the whole process in just 60 seconds!  Yes, in one minute you can fully massage and cleanse your face.  There’s a nifty little electronic timer which lets you know when to clean the next area of the face and you can even change gears, moving through multiple different speed and duration settings.  As it is waterproof, it can be used in the shower and there is a Plus model which comes with a second replaceable head which specifically targets the body, perfect for tackling sweat and trapped dirt after a sports game or workout.

Now, you’re probably asking, “Where can I get one of these beauties?”  Well, you can order direct from www.clarisonic.com and get free  shipping or if you are in London you could wait until Monday and head over to Knightsbridge where a special edition Clarisonic with a Charcoal Grey power handle is being launched exclusively in Harrods to coincide with the opening its new Gentleman’s Lounge.

Yes, from Monday 18 October Harrods will have a dedicated department which is testament to the rise of the modern day male groomer.  The Harrods Gentlemen’s Lounge will allow men to escape from the rigours of shopping and enjoy reviving treatments, watch films, log on to computers or even have a refreshing snifter!  Of course you will also be able to find out about the latest fragrances; skincare and grooming products but admit it, who doesn’t fancy the idea of having a cheeky wee dram while the other half is shopping till she drops?

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Mu for Men – Organic Skincare

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Mu for Men – Organic Skincare

Posted on 29 September 2010 by Marc

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered over the years, it’s that not all skincare products are the same.  You’ve probably realised that too if you’ve ever used one product for a period of time and then tried something different, something that appears to be the same.  What makes a £2 moisturiser any different from a £30 moisturiser?  It’s the same thing that makes a £2 bottle of wine different from a £30 bottle; the quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing process.

Until recently neither Mr Black nor I had heard of organic skincare products but for the last few months I’ve been using a variety of products from the Mu for Men range by Essentially Yours (Mu is the far Eastern term for nothing). For a start all the items in the Mu for Men range are not only 100% organic they’re approved by both the Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society.  In addition, as they contain no animal ingredients or alcohol they are suitable for those following Halal.

Why is organic better for you and your skin?  Well, if you look at the ingredients in Gillette shave gel you’ll discover they include Polytetrafluoroethylene, this is the stuff that reduces the friction between blade and skin.  It’s also known as Teflon, that’s right, the stuff that coats your frying pan.  What about innocent sounding BHT? It’s better known as Butylated Hydroxytoluene and is used in jet fuels and embalming fluid. Those are just 2 of the ingredients found in a wide variety of popular products but how many of us have ever bothered to research what we’re putting on our skin?

Suddenly organic skincare products make perfect sense.  Take Mu for Men’s shave oil for instance, it only contains Sweet Almond Oil, Tea Tree oil, Cedarwood, Limonene and Linalool. Not much good for frying an egg but excellent for shaving your face!

The Mu for Men range is quite extensive so whether you’re looking for shave oil, a moisturiser, face scrub, face mask, face wash or eye firming serum you’ll find they have a 100% organic replacement for your current chemical product. Doesn’t your skin deserve chemical free?

I should also mention the Eucalyptus & Juniper Bath/Shower Gel from the Love Your Body range.  A little bit more expensive that your typical shower gel but for once I really did feel invigorated after using, it’s highly effective if you have a cold or flu as it’s decongestant properties will clear your airways in a jiffy.

You can purchase the entire Mu for Men range directly from the Essentially Yours website where you’ll also discover products for both children and women.


If you would like to win 75ml bottles of Mu for Men’s Pre-Shave Toner, Shave Oil and Facial Scrub (worth almost £40) just leave your answer to the following question as a comment before midnight (GMT) Sunday 17 October 2010.

Question: What is Mu the far Eastern term for?

A winner will be chosen at random from all the correct entries on Monday 18 October 2010. (Sorry, only open to entrants from within the UK)


The first name from the super computer was Mike. Congratulations Mike, we’ve emailed you…

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