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The World’s Most Expensive Cigar


The World’s Most Expensive Cigar

Posted on 30 April 2010 by Chris Ford

The Cohiba Behike cigar is one of the world’s most expensive cigars named  after the tribal chief of the Taino Indians.
Developed with a secret blend of the best Cuban tobacco from the Pinar del Rio, Vuelto Abajo.

There were only 4000 Cohiba Behikes for sale at 375 Euro (525 USD) each of the original run, with reports of one upscale London establishment charging £1500 a smoke!

 The ‘Behike brand’ cigars are now however to be released as a regular line although one suspects the blend will be somewhat different from the original run of only 4000.

Showcased in February at this year’s Habanos Festival in Havana, the three new Cohiba Behike sizes have been eagerly awaited ever since by cigar enthusiasts around the world. The Cuban cigar industry has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that this new line is special in every way. Not only are all the three sizes entirely new, but there is also a special classification of leaf within the blend of the filler, known as Medio Tiempo, which gives the new line a unique, distinctive taste. The natural scarcity of Medio Tiempo leaves dictates that annual production of these cigars will be restricted. The Behike BHKs are set to become Cohiba’s most exclusive line and to represent the highest grade of cigar in production in Cuba today.

The excellent cgars Ltd have released prices for the range and I eagerly anticipate getting my hands on these legendary smokes!


Cohiba Behike BHK52 singles £28
Cohiba Behike BHK52 box of 10 £269

Cohiba Behike BHK54 singles £36

Cohiba Behike BHK54 box of 10 £355

Cohiba Behike BHK56 singles £42

Cohiba Behike BHK56 box of 10 £399

Cohiba Behike BHKSampler – £103

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Photographic Delight


Photographic Delight

Posted on 19 April 2010 by Chris Ford

To me there is always something about a black and white photo, its like a moment of time frozen, so much more so than a colour shot.

If you are looking to give your home a cool new look why not blow up a few classic shots from your photo album, put them in a nice frame and you have yourself a great talking point. Oh course you don’t have to use your own photos,  you never know what interesting pictures you can find on eBay or maybe a picture you like from an old magazine, simply scan it to your computer, tidy it up a bit in paint (or if you are cleverer than me, photo shop) you could find your self with some unique artwork that will make a great talking point when you have people round. 

Of course colour is fine too, you just have to use whatever picture you choose creatively .A few years ago I bought this photo off ebay,  what makes it interesting is  the photo is from a bands album shoot, the band decided to scratch the name of the album into the actual photo.  I bought this fairly cheaply off eBay, put it in a nice frame and now I have some stunning artwork that is not only a talking point but also a collectors item!

Another cool decoration can be old cinema posters,  I had an old Long Good Friday poster  that I had framed, its a very striking image which is always the first thing  people mention when they come over to my place.

So next time you are looking for some art for your home why not make your own instead of buying someone else’s vision you can be part of creating your own!

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Fantastic Brogues


Fantastic Brogues

Posted on 09 April 2010 by Chris Ford

Church’s was founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons Alfred, William and Thomas Jr., who could count on family experience in the production of handmade men’s shoes dating back to 1675.  Church’s is based in Northampton, not far from London, in a county which has been at the centre of a  flourishing leather and footwear industry since the Middle Ages.

If you ask anyone that knows their men’s fashion they will tell you Church’s produce some of the best English made  men’s shoes you can buy and have a well earned reputation for good quality leather and production, they produce a range of traditional and fashion shoes.

However recently Church’s have become a little less English with the Italian fashion house Prada having bought a controlling stake in the company.  Don’t let this put you off though as the quality and process seem to be unchanged and the shoes are still made in the same factory in Northampton where the techniques haven’t really altered a great deal in well over a hundred years.

I always think when it comes to shoes its best not to go too wacky and stick to something fairly traditional like these fantastic brogue’s in Sandlewood which would look great with a smart pair of jeans and jacket or a nice navy suit for the office?  They are also available in black but if you are like me you will have far too many pairs of black shoes, why not stand out from the crowd while still playing things fairly safe!

The Church Burwood Brogues are available from Herring Shoes for £335.00 as well as other good retailers.

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Cufflinks brighten things up


Cufflinks brighten things up

Posted on 06 April 2010 by Chris Ford

During the reign of Louis XIV shirt sleeves started to be fastened with boutons de manchette, or “sleeve buttons,” typically identical pairs of colored glass buttons joined together by a short, linked chain. Today opinion seems to be divided on the cuff link but to me cufflinks are an ideal way to brighten up a plain shirt to something that can ensure you stand out from the other men in the office.

The one bit of advice I will offer however is please stay away from novelty cufflinks shaped like Water Taps or  that decree that you are indeed the ‘ Number One Dad’ or something similar.

So here to steer you on the right path I have assembled a few of my current favorites

These Mulberry links look fantastic with the outer circle and fastener in plated silver and the elegant face features the Mulberry tree design in a gorgeous summery blue. £70 from John Lewis

The Paul Smith cufflinks feature their signature stripe design with a slight twist, these would be perfect for the office or to wear more casually on a night out, either way you are sure to impress. £60 from House of

Finally  These Full Moon Black Onyx Cufflinks by Aspinal are made from solid steel and flat discs of exquisite   Black Onyx. This beautiful contemporary designed elegant cufflink simply oozes quality, style and distinction.  If you want to smarten up your office look onyx is the way to go.  £45 from Aspinal.

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A Liberty Summer Wardrobe

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A Liberty Summer Wardrobe

Posted on 06 April 2010 by Marc

Now that we’re truly into Summer in the UK, you can tell because it’s raining, it’s time to start thinking about how best to spruce up the wardrobe.  Now, this is a task that, for most men, can be quite daunting, especially if there is no other half to help or decide for you.  One store I enjoy rummaging around in is the beautiful Liberty of London store which is always a joy and as it boasts a Murdock grooming department you can pamper yourself with a traditional wet shave, especially useful if you do have an other half who is busying themselves in the shoe department!  Of course in this day and age the Internet is a boon to those who are not able to make it London as you can shop online.  Yes, you are unable to get a wet shave online but you can still brighten up your wardrobe with a few clicks of your mouse.

Now, I don’t know why but for some reason I can’t help but feel as if I’m on holiday if I’m wearing something stripy and as an avid polo shirt wearer I couldn’t resist this splendid Burkman Brothers Blue Striped Polo Shirt. icon Rain or shine I’ll always feel I’m strolling around Cannes while wearing it, especially if I’m walking around Kensington, where the French expat. community gather.  During the day, if the sun is out or you do happen to be in Cannes, you won’t go wrong pairing it with either a pair of Paul Smith Khaki Swim Shorts icon or these Burkman Brothers Stone Shorts. iconIn the evening a comfortable pair of long legged chinos will see you right.

Last but by no means least is what to put on your feet!  For versatility you can’t go wrong with these Blue Sebago Docksides iconwhich will give you quite a nautical air and if you don’t fancy them in blue they also come in white, navy, purple and orange.  Just remember to leave the socks at home, especially if you opt to wear shorts!

This Summer is certainly not the season to be sticking to safe browns and blacks!

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High Definition TV – are you taking advantage?

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High Definition TV – are you taking advantage?

Posted on 02 April 2010 by Chris Ford

HDTV’s are now becoming the standard televisions sold by retailers, HD  refers to video having resolution substantially higher than traditional television systems.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about HD so here is my quick run-down on how to make your world a Hi Def world!

The Television

Your television is the most important thing to get right here, alot of TV’s will say they are HD ready but look a little bit closer, you will want to go for a set that has a 1080p picture. 1080 is the number of lines used to make up the picture, watch out for crafty wording from some retailers who will sell you a TV that is HD but only 720p or worse in resolution. I have just bought this rather lovely Sony Bravia 40-inch for my bedroom.
The HD Source

You will also need a source of HD content, that HDTV you have just bought will only have a Standard Definition Freeview tuner built in so you will need a separate box to provide HD content, there are several options here:

SKY HD – Expensive but a top quality service, the SKY HD boxes also have a built in PVR which is a hard drive based system that lets you schedule and record tv shows on the box. The Advantage here is that Sky have all the channels you could possibly want,  whether it be Sports , Movies , Documentaries or News Sky have you covered.

FreeSat  basically offers all the free to air SD channels as well as the HD channels currently available from the likes of BBC and ITV, the list of HD channels will increase over the next year or so as HD becomes more popular and with the arrival of Freeview HD.  To receive FreeSat you will need to either  install a Satellite Dish or you can use a old Sky dish if there happens to be one already on the side of your home.  Humax seem to be the market leader in all things FreeSat and this Humax FOXSAT-HDR receiver has received rave reviews.

Freeview HD

Freeview HD will bring HD TV to the masses, all that is required to get this system working is a standard roof top Ariel which most of us already have, and the purchase of the box.  Freeview HD is currently being rolled out, the plan being for most of the country to be covered by the Summer in time for the World Cup. There is currently a limited choice of boxes available but again Humax with the HD-FOX T2 seem to be gearing up to be market leaders.

Blu Ray Players
Of course TV isn’t the only way to watch HD content, Blu Ray is essentially the HD version of a DVD. You will need to buy a Blu Ray player to be able to play these discs but the good news is that player will also play all your old DVD discs with no problems. This Sony BDPS360 is a bit of a bargain at the moment from Amazon.

Since I switched to HD I haven’t looked back, I hope you too can experience the amazing world of Hi Definition soon!

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