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Nightkey – The Key To London Nightlife

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Nightkey – The Key To London Nightlife

Posted on 26 November 2014 by Chris Ford

Recently launched is this interesting concept called Nightkey, a members club for London’s cocktail lovers.
Members can enjoy a 30% discount off of some of Londons most uniuqe cocktails bars, and with the cost of living in London increasing at a rapid pace this seems like a great idea.


NightKey has launched with 20 partner bars including the W Hotel, Marks Bar at Hixter, Beach Blanket Babylon and 5CC each bringing multiple locations accross the city.

Co-Founder Phil Jacobs said ” The people we appeal to like trying out cool new places and appreciate well made drinks, they don’t necessarily want to spend £10-£15 on a after work drink”


You can get your very own Nightkey by visting , founding membership closes at the end of 2014.
Founding members receive 3 months free membership to Nightkey with a reduced £39 membership afterwards.



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Pioneer UK Apple Carplay Demo

Pioneer UK Apple Carplay Demo

Posted on 24 November 2014 by Chris Ford

Recently Pioneer invited me down to their UK head offices in West London for a demo of their new Apple CarPlay system which integrates your Iphone with your car stereo and Siri in particular seamlessly as the video demonstrates

For more info on Pioneers Apple CarPlay system head over to :

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Viber Instant Messager App

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Viber Instant Messager App

Posted on 23 November 2014 by Chris Ford


Last week I was invited to the launch of a new product by Viber, they didn’t say what the product was but I figured it would be interesting enough to go along, in agreeing to do so I thought I better actually download Viber and figure it out and I’m really glad I did!


I thought Viber was just another WhatsApp! type service, and it is just that but it offers so much more functionality than WhatsApp! which is the world leader in instant messaging apps, although for me that’s always been the problem with it – all you can do is instant message!


More than another messenger


Being able to instant message over a 3g or wifi connection is great especially for people like me talking to friends in the US and Spain texts would become costly, where as instant messaging is free via your data allowance on your phone or over wifi


BUT – Viber also offers video calling and regular phone calls via their app for free, yes free! This is pretty huge and a service that blows WhatsApp! out of the water so we all should just use Viber now right? Well yes in theory but getting people to change the app they use is a huge task, people feel comfortable with that app they have been using and need to be educated on the benefits of changing which I have been trying to do this week, the problem really is though everyone and I mean everyone is on WhatsApp!


So I guess all the above is why Viber are ramping up the advertising campaign, that and they have recently been bought by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten I’m sure has increased their budgets a tad.


So the other thing Viber are doing is entering the world of social, their idea is to have a liner instant message chat room type deal going with big brands, celebs and well other people you might be interested in, this all sounds great but theres one problem for me, you my friend aren’t invited to the party! …. Well that’s not entirely true, as Viber put it “Vip fans” will be invited to interact, while I understand this is intended to combat trolls it does create a bit of a them and us situation which Im not sure will go down too well but I guess time will tell on that one. I did raise this point with Viber CMO Mark Hardy who understood my concerns but pointed out the service is at a early stage and they are testing the waters.



Well so whats my conclusion on Viber? Having played with it and tried all the features its pretty awesome, now go download it and start the mammoth task of trying to get your friends to do the same!



Viber is availble on all the popular platforms, IOS, Android, Blackberry etc

for more info head to



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The Moretti Gran Tour

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The Moretti Gran Tour

Posted on 18 November 2014 by Chris Ford

Moretti Gran Tour

Last week I popped down to the Moretti Gran Tour, a Italian food festival organised by Italys favourite beer Morerri.
Each and every vendor at the event was specially selected for their philosophy of using traditional and authentic Italian ingredients, techniques and recipes from different corners of the country.

Birra Moretti is a smooth refreshing lager type beer which doesn’t overwhelm the palte  while still  maintaining a good flavour profile and one of my favourite lagers so an ideal choice really to showcase the foods on offer, here are the foods I enjoyed the most


Cooking Cooks
The Cooking Cooks bring their dream of fresh pasta and Italian home-style cooking to events using traditional recipies whilst giving them a hint of a update, for the Gran Tour they produced a stunning Chocalate flavoured tortalini stuff with venison and beetroot finished in a butter and brandy sauce, this was absolutely amazing! … to top it all off they are lovely people too! Cooking Cooks do not currently have a regular pitch or restaurant but tell me they are looking for opportunities so watch this space.



Pasta E Basta
After 8 years in Londons busiest kitchens Fabrizio started Pasta e Basta to bring authentic Italian food to the streets of London.
Fabrizio made us some gorgous Gnocchi two ways, one with red wine and beef brasato and the other with pumpkin and a crema di taleggio and cavolo nero.




Gelupo produces authentic Italian gelato using ingrediants mainly sourced from Italy, and every batch is churned out in traditional cattabriga machines.
Gelupo served us up fresh Panetone with a choice of 8 flavours of gelato! , it was very hard to pick !



Pizza Pilgrims
Thom and James Elliot gained the knowledge of Italian food by touring different regions of Italy, they now serve what I think are the best pizzas in London and I’m a regular vistor to their soho branch.
The pizza they served up though was new to me, Mushroom and trufle oil … and it was simply divine!



Generations of Giacomo Bias family have been involved in authentic Italian food, with their famous charcuterie being from La Corte dei Neri, a small farm outside Parma.
Gurmetti made us Torta Fritta which I think was the most interesting in terms of something new, they put what seems a regular looking piece of pastry into the fryer and it comes out a fluffy pillow of delight, topped with a fresh shaving of a fatty ( but delicious ) meat… this was was unexpectedly good.




Mortari Brothers, Edoardo and Michelle, moved to the UK in 2005 to create a new way for people to eat and drink by creating a half restaurant half coffee shop environment.
On the evening Arancina served us what I can only describe as like a ball of rice molded around a filling then deep fried, two varieties were on offer Chicken and a Ricotta and spinach both were great Yes I had both :-)



Many thanks to Moretti for inviting us along and I hope some of you took my advise on a earlier post and went along, lets hope the next Grand Tour from Moretti isn’t far off Cheers!


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DaDa Underwear

Posted on 17 November 2014 by Eddie


I’ve never knowingly worn anything made from bamboo so I was intrigued more than excited when the opportunity for some bamboo underwear was offered to me.

The big selling point for this brand is its environmental and ethical credentials. They are made from organic cotton and bamboo fibre, and produced in Sri-Lanka where the workers are paid a living wage and fed for free every day, the workers are transported to work for free from their villages making sure that the local society isn’t broken up. They also help train women from disadvantaged backgrounds to sew so that they can be employed to take them out of a vicious circle they may find themselves in.

Onto the pants:

Bamboo is touted as a fantastic materiel for underwear for a number of reasons, these being: Softest fabric for underwear – This really needs to be felt to be believed, but especially our black fabrics are softer than any other fabric. Moisture Wicking – The bamboo fibres naturally absorb sweat and moisture instantly. Anti-bacterial – Bamboo has naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties which means smells do not linger as much as in other fabrics. Breathable – The unique structure of bamboo fabric means it is breathable in hot weather, but also keeps the body warm in colder weather – natural temperature regulation.


My experience of these is all good, they were comfortable and retained the elasticity all day where cheaper brands end up baggy by the end of the day. I didn’t wear them for an extended time to test the anti bacteriel properties, but have no reason to doubt this claim.

DaDa run a subscription service where a new pair of boxers are sent every 3 months. This is a great system if you are anything like me where you buy a load and then once they are worn out all need replacing at the same time. I’d have no problems recomending this service based upon my experience with the company so far.

In conclusion:

These aren’t cheap, but their wear charicteristics twinned with the company’s ethical attitude make them well worth a try and would make a great gift as an alternative to socks at Christmas.

The girlfriend comment: :) that is all.

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Campari Unveil 2015 Calendar starring Eva Green

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Campari Unveil 2015 Calendar starring Eva Green

Posted on 06 November 2014 by Chris Ford

Eva Green - Campari Calendar 2015

Eva Green – Campari Calendar 2015

Yesterday Campari officially unveiled the full imagery for their 2015 Calendar, entitled ‘Mythology Mixology’. This year’s iconic Calendar, which stars the beautiful French born actress Eva Green, is the 16th edition in the collection and is dedicated to celebrating Campari’s unique and intriguing history and the intrinsic stories linked to twelve of its best-loved classic cocktails.

Eva Green - Campari Calendar 2015

Eva Green – Campari Calendar 2015

This year’s imagery imaginatively depicts the beautiful and little-known anecdotes, tales and curiosities behind each iconic recipe. From the classic Negroni cocktail, created by Count Camillo Negroni himself in 1919, to the modern Campari Orange Passion, a contemporary spin on the classic Campari Orange, the Calendar explores and celebrates the recipes that have stood the test of time.

Eva Green -Campari Calendar 2015

Eva Green -Campari Calendar 2015

Eva Green said : “For me, this project was about much more than simply producing a Calendar. It was about telling a series of stories in an imaginative, creative and beautiful way – and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved. This year, those stories are closer to the heart of Campari than ever before and I personally feel very honoured to have been part of that. The 2015 Calendar is a real testament to Campari as a brand and seeing all of the stories together in one collection just proves that no matter how old these recipes may get, there will always be a firm place for Campari within our contemporary world.”

The Campari Calendar, of which only 9,999 copies are printed, will not go on sale but will be internationally distributed to friends of Campari around the world.

Eva Green & photographer  Julia Fullerton-Batten

Eva Green & photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten

Photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten comments: “I was delighted to have the opportunity to shoot the 2015 Campari Calendar with Eva Green as the star. What I loved most about this year’s theme was the flexibility it gave me as a photographer. My own work is all about telling stories so shooting the Calendar felt very close to my heart. With a twist of history, we also made it very contemporary, showing the timelessness of Campari as a brand. I hope others love it as much as I do.”

You can still get involved with the action, as all the imagery will be available to view across the Campari social media feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Using the hashtag #CampariCalendar

For more information on Campari go to:

And check out some of Julia’s other work :

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True Blood: The Final Season – Competition

Posted on 05 November 2014 by Chris Ford


Following six thrilling years of  TRUE BLOOD, HBO releases TRUE BLOOD: THE FINAL SEASON on Blu-ray and DVD on 10th November 2014. To mark this HBO have kindly given us 3 copies of the Season 7 Boxset on DVD to giveaway

to be in a chance of winning just answer the following question and email to

Question :  What is the name of the author whos books True Blood is based on?

answers must be emailed by 21st November when three winners will drawn at random.


SO have you read this far and thought well I havent actually seen True Blood or know what it is?  well theres good news there too also being released is the  COMPLETE SEASONS 1-7 BOXSET. The complete final season and individual episodes are also available to own and watch instantly on Amazon Instant Video, blinkbox, Google Play and iTunes.

True Blood: The Complete Seasons 1-7 is available on Blu-ray & DVD 10th November”.


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Posted on 04 November 2014 by Chris Ford

In the latest of the Stella Artois CONNOSSIEURS SERIES  videos  Actor/Director Jon Favreau talks about how cinematography has changed and the influences this has had on him and the industry as a whole, stating that he always wants “to blow people’s minds”. The screening of Chef was supported by the Stella Artois bursary programme, a scheme which is designed to support stand out film.

Previous videos in the Stella Artois Connoisseurs Series include tennis legend Henri Le Conte, renowned polo player Jamie Morrison, directors Wim Wenders and Shane Meadows and MasterChef winner Shelina Permalloo.


Barber & Parlour , London

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Barber & Parlour , London

Posted on 03 November 2014 by Chris Ford

I don’t know about you but getting my hair cut isn’t something I enjoy, it just always seems a hassle that has to be done but I’d rather it wasn’t as boring and dull.
Barber & Parlour in a way have made that happen, Up until now based in Shorditch house but now they have moved this is stunning three level building at 64-66 Redchurch street in the heart of Shorditch. Barber and Parlour allows you to eat, drink, and socialise while being primped, primed and groomed to perfection.

On the ground level there is the mens barbours , café and small shop, downstairs the Electric Cinema and upstairs the ladies saloon.
While you are downstairs getting your hair trimmed your girlfriend can be upstairs in the ladies salon doing the same, then once you are done meet back downstairs for a drink and a bite to eat, maybe catch a movie in the basement cinema? Yes this place really is somewhere you can spend all day.
Last week I went down for a trim and to take a look around and came away truly impressed.
Prices are at the mid to higher end for men’s barbering but the skill and attention to detail shown by Pappy my barber for the day was second to none and while a little more than I usually pay, the service and environment are top notch, and you can even have a beer while your hair is being cut (yes of course I did!) I will certainly be back for my next trim at Barber & Parlour.



Here’s an example of some of the different services the barbers offer :

The Neville express facial 30 minutes £35.00
Facial cleanse and exfoliation using hot towel. This treatment focuses on using the Neville grooming range to enhance the skins natural appearance when time is of the essence.

Quick beard trim and condition 30 minutes £15.00
A quick tidy using scissors and clippers to get the best out of your beard and moustache. Using their new beard grooming oil and moustache wax to finish.

Wash and style 30 minutes £20.00
To clean, dry and style the hair to feel fresh and look your best.

Quick tidy up 30 minutes £30.00
A quick trim on the back and sides between haircuts to look sharp.


NEVILLE Barber(1)


What Else?
I didn’t have time to try the food but taking a look at the menu the café seems a great place to grab a light bite, have a beer and meet friends before going to the excellent Electric Cinema downstairs in the basement. Being a movie buff I was especially impressed by this, each seat is a armchair and extremely comfy, with straight facing seats costing £18.00 ( about average for central London) the side angled armchairs are a bargain £8 each!! I will certainly be popping down to catch a movie after my next trim.
Barber & Parlour are located at 64-66 Redchurch street very close to Shoreditch Station and are open now, if you would like to see one of the barbers it is advised to book ahead.



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