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Sponsored video:  Preserve your battery life with Samsung Memory

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Sponsored video: Preserve your battery life with Samsung Memory

Posted on 28 June 2012 by Chris Ford

We are increasingly using and carrying around with us  more and more technology,  mobile phones,  Tablets, laptops , mp3 players they all run on batteries and those batteries can only last a certain amount of time.


There are however things you can do to increase the efficiency of your devices and therefore use less juice from the battery thus increasing the time you can work on the go.

I recently addressed this problem with my MacBook by installing a SSD drive  (solid State Drive). A regular Hard Disc drive spins lots of discs or plates around inside it to access data,  a solid state drive has no moving parts so uses alot less less power and also can access your data alot quicker than a standard HDD helping to increase battery life and increase performance. They also tend to be alot lighter than a HDD so my Mac also weighs less than before. Samsung say by using their memory like I have you could potentially enjoy upto 92 minutes more battery life on your device,  think how useful that would be on a long haul flight?  you could watch another movie on the same charge! Samsung have devolped a range of memory and devices and are optimised for battery efficiency  lasting longer and still performing as and when you need it to, to highlight these products they have developed a series fun videos showing the different ways your battery power can get zapped!

sponsored by Samsung

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Beer Lovers – Fly to Amsterdam with KLM

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Beer Lovers – Fly to Amsterdam with KLM

Posted on 28 June 2012 by Chris Ford

Recently the Dutch airline KLM invited us along to sample some of the great beers Holland has to offer.

I knew Belgium was famous for their small brewery beers but had no idea Holland had anything much beyond the usual Heineken and Amstel I’ve tried before but in fact there were a great variety of beers on offer.

Each beer was paired with a cheese,below is what we sampled on the night along with some tasting notes :


Texels Wit  5%ABV – tasted with Edam cheese
(brewed on the site of an old dairy) – A light, white beer with gentle, subtle flavours and the merest hint of orange.

Witbier 5%ABV- tasted with Mooraise cheese
A rare, flavourful beer made by Emelisse,  Orange and spicy coriander flavours.

Texels Bock 7% ABV- tasted with Gouda (3 yrs old)
A dark beer, think and sweet. A ‘Dunkel’ beer packed full of malt with a fruity taste.


Molenbier 7.5% ABV- tasted with Gouda (2.5 yrs old)

a English style strong ale brewed by De Molen brewery, hoppy yet sweet.

La Trappe Dubbel 7%ABV- tasted with dark chocolate
Belgian style ale – this La Trappe Dubbel is double malted and sweet, at 7%, almost like liquid caramel.



If that little lot has has inspired you to explore Dutch Beer further, here are some of Holland’s best breweries to whet your appetite.


Bavaria Brewery

The second largest brewery in the Netherlands, five million hectolitres of Bavaria is produced every year. Not only do they use naturally pure water from their own source, but they are also one of the few breweries to malt their own barley, making it the finest quality.  And if you have an acquired taste, the brewery also produced malts in apple, caramel, lemon and karkadé flavours.

Address: De Stater 1, NL-5737RV Lieshout


Grolsch Brewery

Grolsch has created one of the most modern and environmentally friendly breweries in the world which opened in 2004. They have adopted unique longer brewing period, hence their slogan ‘We only let you drink when it’s ready’. The brewery also produces alcohol-free versions to a weighty 11.6% beer.

Address: Brouwerijstraat 1, 7523 XC Enschede



Alfa Brewery

This is a family-owned independent brewery located in Schinnen and is the only brewery in the Netherlands that uses an officially certified underground spring. The water is so pure that it does not require any processing before it is entered into the brewing process.

Address: ALFA Brouwerij, Thull 15-19, 6365 AC Schinnen


Budels Brewery

Established in the centre of the Brabant city of Budel, Budels is an independent family brewery. Being independent, they can brew our beers to their own taste and liking. This leaves them with a range of beers that stand out for their wide variety and surprising taste; a feast for every beer lover.

Address: Budelse Brouwerij BV, Nieuwstraat 9, 6021 HP Budel


Gulpener Brewery

Gulpener makes a special kind of lager sold all over the Netherlands. Ingredients, such as Barley and hops, are sourced from local farmers. These farmers produce their products in ecologically friendly ways making it a must try brand.

Address: Gulpener Bierbrouwerij, Postbus 51, 6270 AB Gulpen



Lindeboom Brewery

Lindeboom Bierbrouwerij is a small family brewer from Limburg, the southern most part of the Netherlands. Being headstrong and remaining independent, Lindeboom still brews beers with character and a taste of their own. The Lindeboom name means ‘lime tree’ – and there’s one in the brewery yard!

Address: Engelmanstraat 54, Neer


If you’re heading to Amsterdam, here are seven wondrous watering holes in the city.


  • Amsterhaven – sink into a beanbag or comfy sofa on the vast deck whilst watching the canal boats slope past


  • Café Bern – A cosy brown bar where you can enjoy an extra special cheese fondue!


  • ‘t Arendsnest – Sells only Dutch beer, with 350 standard and 250 seasonal brews


  • Café Soundgarden – Enjoy some classic alternative pop, soak up canal views on the terrace, or challenge fellow drinkers to a game of pool or pinball


  • Vesper Bar – Head to this sophisticated bar for the best cocktails in town


  • Lokaal ‘t LoosjeThis 200 year old cafe is a former tram house and has an extensive choice of beers. It’s conveniently located right next door to a daily market too


  • Café De Pels – Located in the Nine Streets area, this café is a shabby place, but that’s its biggest charm. It draws a mixed and creative crowd.




Fly to Amsterdam with KLM


Of course KLM fly to  Amsterdam and a multitude of world wide destinations from  a choice of 16 UK cities: Aberdeen, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Durham-Tees Valley, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Humberside, Inverness, Leeds-Bradford, London City, London Heathrow, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich and Southampton. KLM now offers up to 69 flights on a daily basis from these airports to Amsterdam.


to book head over to or call 0871 222 7474

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The Ocado Mealtime Masterclass

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The Ocado Mealtime Masterclass

Posted on 27 June 2012 by Chris Ford

Ocado  the online supermarket have come up with the fantastic idea of a live cook-a-long webstream featuring some well know chefs cooking a classic dish with a twist.

I was invited along to the kitchen to try and make the desert on the day which was a Pimms Jelly with Cucumber Sorbet, Chef Josh Eggleton’s desert conversion of the classic summer cocktail.


the whole process was clearly laid out on the recipe card and if you try this at home you can with one click order all the ingredients you need from Ocado directly

It was fun cooking along while you watch the chef do the same thing and if you missed it you can re-watch the video from the after noon below



I really hope Ocado do some more of these cook a long events they are great fun and a chance to learn to cook something a bit different while being shown how by a professional.


You can find all three of the recipes from the day along with videos and other info by clicking here



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UNDERGREEN Black – A Visionary Sense Of Smell…

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UNDERGREEN Black – A Visionary Sense Of Smell…

Posted on 25 June 2012 by Chris Ford

A Visionary Sense Of Smell…

Breaking the rules of traditional perfumery and the boundaries of his craft, Fabrice Olivieri is a maverick known for inventing unconventional perfumes and in deploying new creative fields.  Fabrice has worked for nearly two years to find the precise balance and assembly of natural materials, with the end result worthy of the precious and desirable luxury that embodies UNDERGREEN.


Fabrice Olivieri says of the new perfumes “I am very attached to the overall concept of UNDERGREEN, I like projects born with a strong identity and which do not feel structured – capturing this creativity and translating it into two new unique fragrances using only 100% natural formulations represented an enjoyable challenge that I hope men and women will discover and enjoy.”

UnderGreen BLACK A dark, black composition, mingling rare woods and exotic spices,


Top note: Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger

Middle note: Liquorice, Coffee, Tonka Beans

Base note: Incense, Gaiac Wood, Birch Bark, Oud


BLACK CLASSIC EDITION                         £120

Perfume Black 100ml version Eau de Parfum


BLACK LIMITED EDITION                          £295

Perfume Black 100ml version Elixir de Parfum

Bulb atomizer on/off system


Undergreen  BLACK classic perfume launches exclusively into Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge and is available now.

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Say  no to “plain” packaging for Cigars

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Say no to “plain” packaging for Cigars

Posted on 20 June 2012 by Chris Ford

Join the campaign saying no to “plain” packaging for cigars and pipe tobacco.

we urge you to respond to the Government’s Consultation
on plain packaging for cigars and pipe tobaccos in the UK. Consultation ends 10th July!

Fill in the online form and say NO TO PLAIN PACKAGING!




Sign the petition here

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Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

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Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

Posted on 19 June 2012 by Chris Ford

like alot of people  I cant live without my morning Coffee , I favour a Latte in the morning which I usually pick up from Starbucks on the way to the office, but you know what they aren’t cheap!   in fact at £3.20 a pop in a week I will have spent £16 and in a month a wallet busting £64.00!  that equates to over £700 a year and Im sure we could all think of something we would love to buy with that.


So with that in mind for a while now I have been looking at various home brewed alternatives to my daily fix.

The main problem I found was in the morning I don’t have a hell of a lot of time to hang around and make the coffee and to make my Latte I would need to boil up some milk, and brew some coffee which when you are a reluctant riser like me eats into lots of my valuable duvet time!


Introducing the Dolce Gusto system……

Dolce Gusto by Nescafe is a coffee pod system with a difference.  Not only can you brew your favourite espresso but you can also make a wide variety of coffees and even hot chocolates! but most importantly I can easily and quickly make my morning Latte!

For the past few weeks I have been trailing  the DeLonghi Genio machine and I must say I am very impressed.

The great thing about Dolce Gusto is you have a pod for both the Coffee and the milk part of the drink and with the Genio in perfectly measures the amount of water needed when the capsule is inserted so it really is idiot proof.

Infact due to what they call a thermoblock heating system from the moment i switch the machine on in the morning its almost instantly ready to make my latte which itself only take just over a minute.

The DeLonghi Genio machine is £129.00 from John Lewis but really it pays for itself in no time, infact thats just over two months of my morning Starbucks money and its paid for itself.  Yes you have to  buy the capsules but they really are super cheap,  for example a box of 16 of  my favourite the Latte Macchiato is only £5.99 from Amazon but you can also pick them up in most supermarkets too with your regular shop.


I love my new Genio,  it takes up hardly any space in my kitchen and I can wake up everyday to a lovely latte to start my day.  I highly recommend you check them out.


here’s a  great video I found on You Tube showing how a Latte is made with the Genio




For a chance to win your very own Dolce Gusto Genio and for more information head over to






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Sponsored video: Do Clothes maketh the man?

Sponsored video: Do Clothes maketh the man?

Posted on 14 June 2012 by Chris Ford

Is it true that ‘clothes maketh the man’ ? It is not just the clothes that you wear but the shoes that you team it them with, that define how you are perceived to the opposite sex. Shoes add to the enchantment of any kind of clothing that you don. And the appropriate shoes are important to carry off a particular look. Trainers never look great with a suit, not even Paul McCartney can get away with it (not for the want of trying!) so what makes you think you can?

Why am I talking about shoes?  Well about the only bit of style advise I ever remember is being told that Women always look at your shoes first,  I guess that makes sense,  most women I know are obsessed with shoes so it stands to reason they would be taking a look at what’s on our feet as well as theirs doesn’t it?


As you can probably tell Im not the best person to dish out style advise but thankfully you don’t need me when you have experts like James Charm with his latest Seduction lesson focusing on clothing Im sure he will point you ( and me!) in the right direction.

James tells us that what we wear will unconsciously send signals to men and women about who we are, and will create the appeal that is the beginning of seduction. So you’d better learn a few practical tips about clothing, and a few things to avoid as well

This post was Sponsored by Joop!



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Suntory Japanese Whisky

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Suntory Japanese Whisky

Posted on 12 June 2012 by Chris Ford

Recently I was invited to a Whisky tasting in London by  Suntory the  Japanese Whisky distiller.

I’m by no means an expert when it comes to Whisky but I was excited to see what Japan has to offer to the Whisky world.

While you may not of heard of or known Japan makes Whisky they have infact been doing so since 1899 and more recently Suntory has won several International Spirits Challenge awards here in the UK for their 12 year old Yamazaki line.

The techniques used to create Suntory are  of  Scottish  tradition but like a fine wine or hand rolled cigar climate and other conditions native to the orgin make a huge difference to the finished product , Suntory has a very distinctive refreshing taste unlike other whisky I have had the pleasure to try. This is no doubt due to Suntory’s Hakushu distillery being built amidst the deepest forests of Mt. Kaikomagatake in the Japanese Southern Alps, the Hakushu distillery is without question one of the highest in the world. With a very particular microclimate, luxurious forests, and water offering a rare softness and purity, only made possible by filtration of rain and snow through thousand-year-old granite rocks.

Each whisky was paired with a food course,  I wasn’t convinced this could be done that successfully if I’m honest but was pleasantly surprised how well the Whisky paired with the Dim Sum on offer provided by the excellent Hakkasan restaurant.

Suntory really have created something special, for me this is something to bring out after a dinner party, or to make that occasion a bit more special I certainly will be picking up a bottle of the Yamazaki 18year old which was my favourite from the range.

Suntory comes in five varieties



Hakushu 12 – RRP £50

Hakushu 18 – RRP £105




Yamazaki 12 – RRP £42
Yamazaki 18 – RRP £105

Hibiki 21 – Will be available from June RRP TBC aprox. £150 (not available in Selfridges)


oh and i had to add this from the movie Lost in Translation

For more information on Suntory head over to

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WIN ! [3D]MENSION from Schwarzkopf Professional

Posted on 08 June 2012 by Chris Ford

Increasingly us Men care more about the products we use and don’t just grab the cheapest easiest thing on the supermarket shelf,  we are looking for quality products designed for Men and our needs and thats exactly what Schwarzkopf  have done with their new [3D]MENSION range, aiming to cover the three hair care essentials [1] care, [2] styling and [3] colour.



Schwarzkopf  have developed a comprehensive range of products in all three categories and have been kind enough to offer three lucky  readers a goodie bag with the following products from their [3D]MENSION range:


Deep Cleansing Shampoo worth £9.25  – for scrupulously clean hair, this deep cleanser removes styling residues thoroughly and reliably.

Texturising Cream  worth £9.25   – for short, medium length hair, this styling cream creates texture and definition without a trace of a greasy shine

Strong Hold Gel worth £9.45     – extreme hold for razor-sharp styles.

So want to win these fantastic products?   Well you have three chances, one winner will be chosen from each of the following:

1. Mailing List –  Sign up to our mailing list

2. Leave a comment on this post

3. Follow us on Twitter at @GentlemensGoods  and look out for our special Tweet,  retweet that and you could win

The Competition closes on Sunday 17th June when we will randomly select three winners who will recieve the awesome products above.

for more information on [3D]MENSION and to see the full range head over to


Well done to the winners Steve Kennedy, Tim Chamberlain and Steve Phillips your 3D Mension goodies will be in the post to you shortly

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