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Royal Mail Launch British Auto Legends collection

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Royal Mail Launch British Auto Legends collection

Posted on 23 August 2013 by Chris Ford


Royal Mail’s latest stamp collection is themed on classic British Auto legends, how do I know this?  because they hand delivered me the new stamp collection is this beauty a 1961 Jaguar E-Type  !


Needless to say its a step up from the way my postie usually delivers his mail !


The collection comprises of six classic British carsthe Jaguar E-Type, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Aston Martin DB5, MG MGB, Morgan Plus 8 and the Lotus Esprit. My favorite car of all time the Aston Martin DB5 as featured in James Bond classic ‘Gold Finger’ so this is pretty cool.

to pick up this great collection you can go to your local post office  or head over to Royal Mail Stamps special web page here.



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British Gymnastics launch new gymnastics activity ‘FreeG’

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British Gymnastics launch new gymnastics activity ‘FreeG’

Posted on 22 August 2013 by Chris Ford

British Gymnastics has announced the launch of the new exciting freestyle gymnastics activity, FreeG.


The indoor activity combines traditional gymnastics and acrobatic tricks, with kicks and leaps inspired by martial arts and stunts.

British Gymnastics has developed the new club-based activity in-light of the increased popularity of adrenaline fueled freestyle sports, providing participants with the opportunity to express themselves through an incredible range of tricks and movements in a safe environment.

The governing body has also partnered with Continental Sport to design a range of bespoke freestyle-specific equipment which can be used during sessions by qualified FreeG coaches across the country.

David MarshallHead of Development at British Gymnastics, said: “With the increasing appeal of freestyle sports in the UK we see FreeG as an opportunity for budding freestylers to learn a range of dynamic and exciting tricks in a safe environment.


“We hope the launch of FreeG will encourage those who have never taken part in gymnastics to go to a BG affiliated club or leisure centre offering FreeG and give this exciting new style of gymnastics a go.”


Included as part of a wider range of participation opportunities offered by BG affiliated clubs, FreeG is set to get participants moving in ways they never thought possible, getting their hearts racing and developing a heightened sense of spatial awareness that can be put to good use in a variety of other sports.

You can have a look at the videos below to give you some idea of what you could learn :

Tornado Kick –

Palm Spin –

Butterfly –

Wall Flip –

L-Kick –

Kip-Up –

To find out more about this exciting new activity and to release your inner freedom, visit:


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V Festival 2013 – The Louder Lounge Experience!

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V Festival 2013 – The Louder Lounge Experience!

Posted on 21 August 2013 by Chris Ford


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited by Pioneer to this years V Festival, not only that they also invited us to the super exclusive Louder Lounge which is where all the press and celebrities chill in between the awesome acts.


Pioneer were in the lounge where they were Hosting their Music Challenge for all the Press and Celebrities in attendance.

Amelia Lily Pictured Taking Part in the Pioneer Music Challenge at Virgi...

The Challenge involved listening to two tracks mixed together  and identifying the two artists, this stumped more than a few people while we were there but thankfully we were some of the lucky ones that guessed right and scored an awesome pair of Pioneer headphones a few celebitries had a go too including singer Amelia Lily pictured here having a go.

Louise Thompson Pictured Taking Part in the Pioneer Music Challenge at V...

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson also knew her stuff and walked away with a pair of headphones.


As well as the challenge Pioneer had some staff on hand demoing their range of DJ products , I particularly loved the WeGo which is a compact mixing setup that can me hooked up to any Mac or PC to hone your bedroom DJing skills.


This years V Festival lineup was pretty spectacular highlights for me were Beyonce, Kings of Leon and The Stereophonics but also as guests of Pioneer we had access to a number of small intimate sets in the Louder Lounge including Labyrinth , Paloma Faith and the highlight for me the amazing Leah Weller (daughter of Mod Father Paul)  Leah not only has the looks she has a stunning voice, that girl will go far, its in the genes!

Leah Weller

I had an amazing weekend seeing some amazing bands, meeting some fantastic people and being totally spoilt in the Louder Lounge, so much so I really don’t think another Festival will be up to scratch after this!

Big thanks to Pioneer, you can check out their fantastic range of DJ products over at







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Shelina Permalloo discusses passion for food

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Shelina Permalloo discusses passion for food

Posted on 20 August 2013 by Chris Ford

Continuing the fantastic Stella Artois Connoisseurs Series is Shelina Permalloo the 2012 winner of MasterChef.

Shelina is the first female face of the Connoisseurs Series, which offers a unique look into the world of renowned quality craftspeople, from Oscar nominated directors to stars of the sporting world, highlighting their individual craft, capturing their passion and vision. Each film explores the role of rituals in their profession and how this has helped their success, allowing them to meet the highest standards in their field.

In the film Shelina discusses her recipe inspirations and the experiences she wants to give people through her food.

The recipe being prepared in the film is Shelinas take on Lobster Salad, specially created to pair with Stella Artois Cidre, if you would like to give it ago yourself here it is below, I know I will take any excuse to drink a bottle of Cidre!!

Lobster Salad 1115

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 10 minutes

You will need
600g freshly picked lobster meat (white meat only)
2 whole apples, thinly sliced
1/4 grapefruit, segmented
28g coriander stalks, finely chopped and leaves coarsely chopped
10 mint leaves, finely chopped
3 tbsp. rapeseed oil
1 tbsp. fish sauce
1 tbsp. unrefined light muscavado sugar
1 whole mild red chilli seeds
Juice of 2 limes
500g mixed salad leaves

1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the fish sauce, lime juice, unrefined sugar, chilli and coriander stalk until emulsified.

2. Add to this dressing the mixed leaves, grapefruit, apples, coriander and mint until completely dressed.

3. Scatter over the crab meat, and serve.

4. Enjoy with a cool chalice of Stella Artois Cidre

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What do you do with 100 Sony Xperia Phones?

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What do you do with 100 Sony Xperia Phones?

Posted on 16 August 2013 by Chris Ford

So What do you do with 1oo of Sony’s new Xperia smart phones?

Build a giant light show extravaganza of course! Sony has collaborated with designer Christopher Raeburn to create this unique campaign in the run up to London Fashion week.

Sony have somehow managed to sync all these phones together to flash on command in time to the models movements in a really cleaver way. I could go on explaining it but why don’t you just watch the video below?   very cool.

Sponsored by Spreaditfast

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Posted on 15 August 2013 by Chris Ford

Last week I sampled a  couple of things from Proactiv Cleansing, they are great quality products I think you will really enjoy, heres the run down:

PROACTIV Cleansing Bar


Boast skin that’s clear and radiant with this effective exfoliating cleansing bar

Packed with skin clearing, hydrating and exfoliating actives it will remove dirt and excess oil, and unclog pores to leave the face and body radiant, and glowing.

Proactiv Cleansing Bar with 1% Salicylic Acid whisks away excess oil, dead skin cells and impurities as it unclogs pores – working to clear blemishes and preventing future outbreaks. This cleansing treatment combines micro-beads with a proprietary blend of ingredients to boost exfoliation, keeping pores free from debris and skin smooth and refined.

This amazing bar produces a high foaming lather, derived from coconut oil to leave the skin squeaky clean without the unnecessary pore-clogging residue that other soaps can leave behind.

Soap-free, surfactant-free and free of any harsh detergents, use morning (and night) for clearer skin.

£14.99  from

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Body Wash 


Combines up-to-the-minute technology that like the Cleansing bar also contains Salicylic Acid to help unclog your pores.

The body wash has been formulated to help clear blemishes and soothe inflammation on the back, neck, shoulders and upper arms.

This highly effective treatment will also help with shaving rash, an irritating and uncomfortable challenge for most of us men!

Co-developed by leading US dermatologists Katie Rodan MD and Kathy Fields MD this fabulous triple-

action body wash will work hard to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells, and impurities, helping to

prevent future breakouts. Salicylic Acid will help to unclog, purify and refine pores, clearing blemishes and

preventing whiteheads and blackheads. Gentle exfoliating beads will help to remove dead skin cells, dirt

and grime to reveal fresh healthy skin and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice will hydrate and soothe the skin so

that it never feels tight or dry.

Non-irritating and dermatologist tested, this fabulous body wash is perfect for all skin types, is unisex and

is effective against adult and teen breakouts. Apply to dampened skin and gently massage; then rinse

with warm water.

Available from for £19.99

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A Mini Vison of the future?

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A Mini Vison of the future?

Posted on 09 August 2013 by Chris Ford

Our first family car was a Mini so I have a bit of a soft spot for them, so I was excited to hear news today that there are plans for a brand new British made Mini to be released in November its great news for Mini lovers and the British car industry.


There arent any details of the new Mini yet but I wonder if they will be taking any style points from this recent concept design Mini are showcasing


I’m a sucker for blue LED lighting and this concept has it in spades! , in fact you can customize the lighting to suit your mood!

By far the most outrageous feature though is the disco style led floor which I can’t imagine ever actually being made but if it did, well wow!


I hope to bring you more news and info on the new Mini as November approaches.


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booq Boa squeeze Back Pack

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booq Boa squeeze Back Pack

Posted on 08 August 2013 by Chris Ford

For what seems like years ever since I started commuting to work on the London Underground I have been looking for a decent bag that can accommodate my Ipad, gym gear , water bottle and various other things I like to have with me for work.

I thought this would be fair simple, all I needed to do was buy myself backpack online with a padded compartment and I would be good to go… well 4-5 bags later I can tell you its really not as simple as that!

The thing is on the tube space is tight, leg room is limited and if you are tall like me even more so.  Most backpacks are too fat and bulky, if I put them on the floor there’s not much space for my feet to go and its uncomfortable, if I put the bag on my lap again its uncomfortable so then I thought I would try a leather satchel type bag but it wasn’t big enough for all my stuff and I again had the problem with it being uncomfortable.

Ive been in this circle of bag or unsuitable bags for a while now and I will be honest when I was offered this next bag for review I figured it would most likely be too small for my needs and awkward to use but I can honestly say I am blown away by how awesome the Booq Boa squeeze bag is.


The first thing you notice is the shape, its a little different from most backpacks, then you notice the size, it does look quite small compared to most day packs I’ve tried but this for me worked really well its the perfect size to slip between my feet on the train, and I mean perfect!


When you open up the bag its obvious its well made, nothing seems cheap about the materials and the construction seems really solid.

The pouch inside for the laptop is designed to take upto a 15″ Macbook but I have been using it for my Ipad and works really well, the way the bag is designed it hugs the Ipad even though its much smaller than the designed for Macbook leaving me confident it will stay in there safe.


Another cool feature (although admittedly relies on peoples honesty and good will)  is this plate on the back of the bag, if you leave your bag on the train say, and someone finds it, they go to the mentioned website type in the bags unique number and Booq Bags will reunite you with your bag!


So in conclusion I’m really happy with the Booq Boa Squeeze,  I can get my Ipad, gym gear, water bottle, supplements, keys, face towel  and more all in here with what seems like plenty of room and pockets to spare, let its so small!

A massive thumbs up from me go get one now!!!

Boa squeeze is now available for £113.95 at

About booq:

Booq strives to create high-end laptop bags while providing excellent customer service to the next generation of ambitious creative professionals. It is no accident that this privately-held family company was started, and is still run, by a small team of highly motivated creative individuals who are committed to providing the highest level of product performance and service to some of the world’s most demanding customers for many years to come.



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Luna Cinema Screenings with Stella Artois

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Luna Cinema Screenings with Stella Artois

Posted on 06 August 2013 by Chris Ford

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Luna Cinema screening of the latest James Bond film ‘SkyFall’  in the grounds of London’s Kensington Palace and Id like to share with you what a fantastic experience it was.


I’m a big Bond fan so when I received the invitation from Stella Artois I was really excited, Ive never been to one of these outdoors screenings before.


When we arrived we were greeted by the Stella Artois Ambassador who promptly took us to the front of the line into the screening area  to our waiting blanket cushion and picnic, from that moment I knew we were in for a fantastic night. As the event is sponsored by Stella Artois there was of course a full bar service with Stella Artois on draught  which if you can imagine drinking a chilled chalice of Stella Artois as the sun sets watching a fantastic film was a unforgettable experience.



Whoever chose SkyFall to be screened in London thank you it really was an inspired choice, if you have seen the movie you will know a major part of it is set in central London and there really was something magical watching the film in a London park, with the occasional Police siren blazing past and helicopter in the sky, at some points it because unclear which sounds were real life and which were part of the movie, as you can imagine this just added to the magic of it all.



For more information the Luna Cinema and upcoming events head over to


As the Official Beer and Cider Partner of The Luna Cinema, Stella Artois will serve film-goers perfectly poured Chalices of Stella Artois under the summer evening skies. The premium beer brand will also be giving away free Chalice glasses at selected events, as well as a chance to win VIP tickets on the Stella Artois UK Facebook page.






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